Okay guys...this is it...the final chapter of Time Has Passed For Me...but do not cry...there will be a sequal...and me and GD12 are going to work on it every chance we get...or when we remember that we had the idea in mind.

So don't worry we will both start working on a sequal


Joseph had been titled the Archangel of the Omaticaya for over nine months, however he often seemed to avoid most of the clan for a strange reason. The only ones who ever saw him were Sil'Kana, Jake, Neytiri, Norm, Mo'at, and Gaia. Everyone else didn't see him that much, but that was probably a good thing because some of the members of the clan had to be banished for trying to turn Joseph into a mindless weapon.

So Joseph usually stayed out of sight most of the time, but Sil'Kana always knew that there was a Guardian Angel around her at all times. Or in this case, just to be more specific there was an Archangel watching her at all times. And lets just say that he had made some changes in the past months.

Joseph had grown a little taller in height, and his eyes had switched to a darker shade of blue, as well as his muscles starting to show even more then they did before. He was almost always wearing the bone armor to protect himself, it also helped increase his strength and speed after he found out that the armor could weigh as much as he wanted. So he was currently making his armor weigh ten tons of weight, but either way his speed was so fast that nobody could see him move before it was too late. He had also been training himself into the ground to make sure he did not forget what he was supposed to do in life.

He was meant to protect the clan and everyone in it, or more importanly his mate and his unborn child or children. After all there was no telling if there was a chance that Sil'Kana could have twins or not.

But anyway back to his armor, basically he was covered from head to toe in the armor, his helmet had two bone horns protruding from the top while the mask part bore the face of a snarling dragon. His Chestpiece now had a symbol on it, sure he really didn't need the symbol but apparently he thought it would be cool since Norm had introduced him to Comic Books from a hundred years ago. So basically the chest piece had the symbol of Angel Wings attached to a sword that was surrounded by electricity.

The armor for the legs had spikes at the knee caps and the toes so his kicks would do much more damage, his gauntlets and bracers were covered with two large bone blades coming from the wrist part. So it kind of looked like the predator blades from Alien VS Predator.

Other than that his fingers were also covered in a substance that made it look like he had claws that were razor sharp.

All in all, he looked very intimidating, and some would sometimes get him confused for a demon rather than an archangel. They had to admit with the armor he was wearing it was very hard to tell if he was a Na'vi or not.

However a couple of idiotic people had tried to kill him while he was wearing his armor, and basically he had to make sure that they never tried that again. Because not only had they tried to kill him, they tried to go after his unborn child. You wanna hear what their excuse was for that incident?

"Hes a Demon! If that child is born it will just become a demon! Just like its father!" Was what the man had said before Joseph had made sure that he did not repeat that line ever again.

Even though Joseph tried to remain peaceful, he had developed a darker side after his battle with Hades, he didn't know why, but it just happened. However just like before he would never harm a child or a woman. However some of the men of the Omaticaya were not as lucky. Because anyone who had tried to cause harm to Joseph or any of his precious people ended up dead, injured or banished.

Jake had to admit, even he was starting to get a little pissed off at some of the clan members who didn't accept Joseph. Even though that number was very few, but still they claimed that he was a demon who was waiting to ally with the sky people for ultimate destruction. However Jake made sure that those members left to join another clan if that was what they thought.

Sil'Kana however was really the only one who could ever calm Joseph down if he ever got a little angry with anyone. In a way she was kind of like Betty to the Incredible Hulk. You know basically calmed the beast inside and switched back to a regular person. But either way she was glad that Joseph was still protecting her, even though at times it could be a little embarrassing. When he found out she was pregnant, he would not let her out of his sight, and when he did he always grew worried sick whenever she was even a minute late to their meetings.

Although she had to admit it was kind of cute how he acted around her. She just prayed that their children would grow up to be like their father, well in most ways, she wasn't sure if she wanted her children to act over protective at times. That would be a sight to see, a bunch of mini archangel's trying to protect their mother while lightning bolts were raining down from the sky. That would scare the hell out of anyone with a brain in their skull.

"Hey Sil!" Joseph said as he snuck up behind Sil'Kana and gave her neck a playful lick. The result was her almost jumping out of her skin.

"Don't scare me!" She said, but she had to admit she was a little excited from that.

"Oh really, because it looks like your excited." Joseph said with a grin as she blushed a bit.

"You are just strange at times...you know that?" She says while checking to make sure that she was not hyperventilating.

"Hey you know you love me like that." Joseph said as his wings surrounded her.

"Yeah, I know I do." She says while she snuggles into him for warmth, she had to admit even though muscles are supposed to be hard, she loved to use his muscles as pillows.

"So...how's mom doing...i haven't see her around for a while." Joseph asked, since Sil'Kana's mother seemed to be somewhere else when he was around.

"She's fine, she has just been all over the place trying to help us with supplies for the baby." She said while she was a little embarrassed by the way her mother was acting when she ran all over Home Tree asking for anything to help the baby.

"Well, One thing you never do is get in the way of an excited grandmother, after all remember how Mo'at reacted when Jake and Neytiri had their kid?" Joseph said as they all remembered how Mo'at was literally skipping around Home Tree for a while after that. As well as going crazy grandmother on almost everything she saw.

"True." She said while she felt the baby kick her.

"Oof...he moved." Sil'Kana said while Joseph soon put his head right next to her belly, and having his helmet retract back into his skull.

"Hey there oh child of mine, you know kicking your mother isn't really a good way to start a relationship." Joseph said as the kicking all of a sudden stopped as if the baby could hear him.

"How come he listens to you whenever you speak to him?" Sil'Kana asked because she still had no idea how he managed to do that.

"I don't know, I am just THAT good with kids." Joseph asked while flashing her a grin that showed off his new animalistic like canines.

"Either way, you sometimes surprise me with how the children around Home Tree follow you like your a prophet." Sil'Kana said since she remembered how the younger children just loved to hear stories on how he defeated the god of the underworld, and the god of war.

"Hey children love stories...what can I say...besides you know that I can never say no to a kid whenever they do the puppy dog eyes." Joseph said as he remembered the only thing that could ever possibly defeat him.

It was a little strange in a weird way, on one hand he had defeated two powerful experiments, both that were supposedly stronger than him. And both of them had enough power to destroy the planet, but yet his greatest enemy was a child who looked at him with puppy dog eyes. Yeah how the hell does that happen to a fearless warrior?

"Yeah, you will be a great father you know that?" She said while she rubbed her belly a bit, while tracing circles around his chest.

"I hope I will be...I'm still a little nervous about the whole thing, I mean what if the baby doesn't like me...what if it ends up like Ares...what if he leaves...what if he doesn't want to be a warrior...what if." He was cut off as Sil'Kana put a finger to his lips since he was talking a mile a minute and was acting a little too nervous for her taste.

"Mawey...Mawey...relax I am sure that the baby will turn out fine, his kicks prove that he is strong just like his father." Sil'Kana said while offering him some comfort.

"Thanks, you always know how to make me feel better." Joseph said while she was massaging his shoulders a bit.

"Well, I wouldn't be your mate if I didn't feel love towards you right?" She said while he seemed to be purring at the contact she was making.

"Right, wow my shoulders feel great now." He said while she just smiled at him again and continued to massage his shoulders while he was acting like a cat that was being pet behind the ears.

"Thanks, I have had a lot of practice lately...you remember when I first tried to massage your shoulders?" She asked while Joseph shivered a bit at the memory.

Because the first time she had tried to massage his shoulders she kept popping joints and such out of place and popping them back into place...on accident of course. Then she had to try to be gentler while doing it, Joseph had to admit she may have not been superhuman like him, but for some reason she could always pop his shoulders out of place without trying. And nobody knew how she managed to do that so easily when most people couldn't. Yeah, I think it was safe to say that when you give someone a shoulder massage without knowing what your doing...some bad results may occur.

"Don't make me think about that, I couldn't use my arms for a while after that." He said while he had to contain a laugh in her mouth.

"Well...at any rate, at least I am-" All of a sudden she was cut off as she felt a pain go through her body, and of course Joseph sensed his distress.

"Sil'Kana...are you okay?" He said while he noticed the look on her face go from happy to a pain filled look.

"J-Joseph...i-i think...the baby...is coming." She said while they noticed that her water broke, and of course Joseph was freaking out a bit.

"W-wait...RIGHT NOW!" He yelled out as his helmet soon appeared over his face again from his emotional outburst.

"YES NOW! GET ME TO MO'AT DAMN IT!" She yelled out as she started to go into labor.

"Oh shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!" He yelled out while he picked her up and tried to run as fast as he could without hurting her.

"GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" She yelled out as the contractions got worse.

It only took them a few minutes to reach Home Tree, and lets just say that Neytiri and Mo'at already knew what was going on so they immediately prepared a hut for Sil'Kana. And when they took her inside, Jake pulled Joseph aside and tried to talk to him.

"Hey Joseph...breath...breath...relax this is a good thing...pretty soon you will have a kid." Jake tried to calm him down but he was interrupted by a voice filled with anger.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU DID THIS TO ME!" Sil'Kana yelled out as Joseph started to shiver at the anger Sil'Kana was yelling out.

"Its okay...she doesn't mean that, she is just in a lot of pain right now." Jake said again but Sil'Kana's voice came back again with even more anger.

"WHEN THIS IS OVER IM GONNA TAKE YOUR GOOD FRIEND AND RIP IT OFF!" She yelled out while most of the males in the surrounding area cringed and covered their manhood.

"Y-you know? I- I think she might kill me after this." Joseph said while he was literally having electricity circle around him in a nervous fit.

"Hey Calm Down...relax its only one b-" All of a sudden he was cut off again by Sil'Kana.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I HAVE TRIPLETS!" She yelled out while Joseph was starting to back away from the hut.

"Huh...i was wrong maybe she will kill you after this." Jake said in hopes of lightening the mood, but all in did was make Joseph even more nervous.


Joseph was finally allowed inside the hut as he walked over to see Sil'Kana holding a baby in her arms, and Neytiri was holding another one, while Mo'at was holding onto the other one.

"Congratulations! You are the father of Two boys and one girl!" Neytiri exclaimed happily while Joseph was grinning from ear to ear.

"C-can I hold my daughter?" He asked as Neytiri just handed him the bundle that was in her arms.

When Joseph took it, he realized that there were two white wings that were covering the baby, it seemed that they developed the wings while in the womb. But he was happy that he wasn't alone on the matter, he was wondering why her wings were white though, after all his were black.

"My Ite...My Ite." He said while the baby just cooed at him and was smiling a toothless smile.

"Joseph...aren't they wonderful?" Sil'Kana asked as she showed him their sons who both had black wings covering them.

"Yes...and it seems they inherited my wing color." He said with a grin on his face.

"Yes...but give them some time before you teach them to fly...maybe when they are three or five you can teach them the basics to flying." She said while Joseph just nodded his head up and down.

"Yeah, but what should we name them?" Joseph asked as she got a grin on her face.

"The boys, i will name them Tsu'Ken and Ke'lik...i will let you name our daughter." She said while Joseph thought for a second but then a smile graced his face.

"Her name...shall be...Athena." He said after he decided that it would be appropriate that he would name his daughter Athena since his codename was Zeus, and if i remember correctly Zeus was the father of Athens in Greek Mythology.

But as for now, they were all happy inside the hut, because at that moment a family was born. And Joseph would die to protect his family.