Title - Night of Romance

Disclaimer- Arakawa owns all

Rating- PG-13

Characters/Pairing- Roy/Riza

Timeline/Spoilers-set post 108 but few spoilers

Summary- Roy is in a romantic mood

Author's Note- this was written for the Valentine's Day/White Day exchange at – fmagiftexchange for the Prompt- love was made for me and you.


Riza had waited for years to finally feel free to be with the man she loved. Roy and Grumman were cunning creatures and she had to almost admire that trait in them. Being transferred to Grumman's personal staff, Riza was no longer under Roy's command which meant she was free to fraternize with him.

Roy naturally translated the word fraternize to mean have sex on every available surface of his off-base home, not that she was arguing with that. The only time she saw him professionally any more were on official trips out to meet with Miles, Marcoh and Scar who were functioning as spokesmen for the Reformed Ishvalan state. Granted, their last time out there had ended with her boots skittering on loose rock and she ended up in thorny bramble. Luckily there had been no scorpions or snakes but she had so many burrs in her hair it had to be cropped short again. Roy couldn't wait for it to grow back out.

A sex drive as hot as his moniker aside, Riza also liked the nights when Roy felt romantic. He could always find something fun to do, like tonight: a fine dinner then a wine and art stroll through Central's gallery alley. Of course she didn't expect the turn into his mother's new place. It seemed to be a slow night, mostly his 'sisters' waiting on the few customers and the madam talking to Grumman of all people. She knew her grandfather knew the spy, used her services regularly but hadn't expected to see him here.

"Sparkling wine, please, Vanessa," Roy said, escorting Riza over to the ornate fireplace in one corner. It wasn't lit since it was a warm spring night but the seats there were soft and comfortable. Roy pulled one out for Riza. When she sat, he smiled at her then went to his knee. Her breath caught, her pulse rate jumping for the stars.

Roy tugged a velvet box out of his coat pocket and opened it to reveal the most amazing ring, one large diamond with a half moon diamond on either side, more diamonds skittering along the arc of the band and a cloud of emeralds around it, a ring that would sit in his safe most days, too fine to be worn soldiering. She didn't doubt he had a daintier ring back home for every day. Why was her mind even considering such details?

He opened his mouth but nothing came out. His cheeks pinked up as he wet his lips and tried again, his voice no where near even. "Riza, love was made for me and you. We have been through so many horrors together and I know that my feet would have strayed off the path so long ago if not for you. The man I am today, good and bad, are because of you. Without you, there is no me. I can't see future without you. Will you marry me?"

Riza couldn't quite get the yes out legible. Instead she grabbed him around the shoulders, toppling them both onto the rug before the fireplace. She heard the camera click and hoped the hell her dress wasn't up over her garters. "Yes! Of course I will," she said, loud enough to echo before she kissed him. At least two more cameras went off. There were going to be some very interesting pictures in their family albums before this night was through.