Girl behind the curtain

Scorpius Malfoy has charisma. That's really only the accurate way to put it. He has a good sense of humor, good looks, and he's a people person, literally, people love him. He can make anyone, even Professor McGonagall, laugh- which is really saying something as McGonagall rarely ever smiles.

I'm probably the exact opposite. It's easy, coming from such a big family, to blend in. You just don't have to do anything worth yelling at, praising, or laughing at. In fact, I probably have perfected the art of blending in.

It's not that I intended to originally. My family is just so loud. It's easier for me just not take part in anything. No one is yelling at me, no one is constantly fighting with me, no one ever pranks me; life is just simple. I just am. And they just are. And there is nothing wrong with that, we're all fine with me just being there and them just letting me be. But that doesn't stop my cousins from pulling me into their ridiculous arguments.

"Rose agrees with me!" They'll scream and then act like I actually do agree with them, but in reality I'm just another number tally on the scoreboard- just another person who can be counted in on their side of the argument. They never really ask me anyway. They don't really want to know what I think.

But anyway, I was describing Scorpius Malfoy. I've never seen him without a girl hanging off his arm, or discussing something in a lively manner with my cousins. Sometimes I'm even pulled into their discussions, usually having to 'agree' with one of them.

He seems to have the entire world eating out of the palm of his hand. He could say jump and at least half the school would say, "How high?"

It amazes me; really, the kind of hold he has is almost a type of brainwashing. Not that I'm completely immune, but this is just what I've observed.

I try to observe a lot. I think you learn a lot more about a person when they don't realize you're watching. Not that I stalk people. No, I'm doing research. It's a lot easier to write when you have inspiration and sometimes you have to draw inspiration from the people around you.

Which is where most of the population of Hogwarts comes in. Most specifically, Scorpius Malfoy.

I'm honestly not being a creeper. It's just that observing him is one of the most interesting things, ever. He never reacts the way I would expect him to. It's quite entertaining. And he's so funny when he's annoyed!

He gets annoyed by the tiniest things. He hates it when someone chews in his ear. He hates it when people walk too slowly in front of him in the halls. He hates it when Julie McCauley taps her fingers against the desk in History of Magic. And he especially hates it when someone points out that he is wrong.

He thinks that he's always right.

Which is, of course, statistically impossible. No one can ever always be correct. It's just not possible.

Though, he usually is correct, I'll give him that.

He just can't seem to help himself sometimes. He has to let everybody know his opinion about everything. This is usually when he butts heads with one of my cousins. They're all so hot-headed about everything. They all have an opinion that has to be verified a million and one times and everyone must absolutely agree with them.

That's why he usually fights the most with Lily. When Scorpius and Lily start going at it, the whole world stops. They usually pick a very public venue for the arguments and the arguments involve a lot of back and forth with words between the two. One time, Lily got so furious, she hexed him.

Occasionally Scorpius and Albus get into it too, but that's usually not as often. Albus is a pretty chill person in general, a lot more like me than he is the rest of the family, which is probably why we're pretty close. But when you get Albus angry, watch out, because he has a short fuse and he's likely to blow up in your face.

But Albus can't hold a grudge to save his life, so about a half an hour later he forgets anything ever happened.

Me, I'm silent when I'm angry. It may sound juvenile, but the cold shoulder is my form of punishment. It's a lot less messy than the heated arguments in which you spew insults that you wish you could take back the moment you say them. But it takes me a lot to get me angry or really any version of pissed off.

"Hey, Rose."

I quickly swivel my head and see, speak of the devil, Lily flouncing towards me.

"Lily," I acknowledge her.

"So there's a big party in the common room if you want to join in." She smiles at me.

I know about the party. But really, once you've been to one party, you've been to them all. Maybe the girls have different people to gossip about or the boys have different Quidditch teams to root for or the couples on the dance floor are different or the couples off to the side fighting are different each time, but it's basically the same thing.

"I know, Lil." I say to her.

She frowns and her eyes sweep over me, studying. One thing I should mention about Lily is that she's beautiful. She has long, straight red hair down to her waist, and beautiful hazel eyes that really make you wonder if eyes really are the window to the soul.

"Rose, why don't you ever do anything?" she questions.

I have to admit, I'm a little surprised. Mostly my cousins just let me do whatever I want to do and they leave me alone. So if I want to be in the library on a Saturday night, writing, what's it to them?

"I do things!" I counter.

"Sure, you study. Everyone knows that you have the best grades in your year, even better than Scorpius,"

She says that as if that's a compliment.

"But you would never know because you never say anything about it! You're not on the Quidditch team even though I've seen you play at the family games and I know you've got talent. Why don't you push yourself?"

I'd never really thought about it that way. But before I can even open my mouth to say anything, she's off again, explaining more of her opinions.

"And you're gorgeous, Rose! Like you-could-be-a-supermodel gorgeous! You're tall and curvy and you have beautiful auburn hair and navy blue eyes and you don't even look like you try to put yourself together in the morning! And you've been on what, like, two dates?"

This is why I avoid my family regularly. Not only are the opinionated, but they're nosy and even if you agree with them, you'll get a long-winded explanation as to why you should agree with them.

"Oh, leave the poor girl alone, Lily," That charismatic voce chides.

You know the one I'm talking about, the one that just makes you want to smile when you hear it?

Scorpius sidles up to our conversation and forces his opinion on me too.

"If she wants to be here in the library, let her be here in the library." It's not like anyone is going to miss her at the party anyway.

So he doesn't actually say the last part, but in my imagination, he doesn't like me much. Maybe because I'm not as opinionated as he is.

Well, I am opinionated I just don't feel the need to shout my opinions from the Astronomy Tower.

"Oh shush, Scorpius. You are not helping me!" Lily rolls her eyes and smacks him with her hand casually.

I couldn't even imagine touching him that casually. I think I even shook his hand formally when I first met him.

"Now, Rose. I will lend you something to wear and I'll do your make up and then you'll look mega sexy hot and we'll go to the party and have oodles of fun!"

Like I would ever wear anything Lily owns. It's not that Lily has bad taste in clothing. She really does look cute a great majority of the time. She manages to look beautiful and not slutty at the same time which is a huge feat for any teenage girl at Hogwarts. It's just that everything that Lily wears is very…formfitting. I definitely could not pull it off. No way. No siree. That's not even an option.

"Lils…maybe Rose just doesn't want to go watch people get drunk and make huge arses of themselves. Ever think of that?"

He throws a sly wink in my direction and I can feel my face begin to heat up.

Why is he defending me? Does he think he's being gentlemanly? Does neither of them realize that I have my own opinion about this?

"Scorpius, shut up. Don't make this into another fight. I should think I know what's best for my cousin."

He raises his eyebrows at her. "Do you, really?" He says in that condescending I-know-so-much-more-about-the-world-than-you-do voice.

"Yes, now go away so I can convince Rose that she has to attend this party."

Do either of them realize that I have yet to say anything about this? That I haven't said a word to Lily since I said hello, and I didn't even really say hello. They seem to just want to make this about themselves.

Another thing about Scorpius and Lily is that people are obsessed with their strange relationship. Most people would think what Scorpius and Lily were doing right now ('fake' fighting and 'flirting' with each other) is a sign that they are meant to be together forever and ever. I've heard so many girls around the school gushing about how if they couldn't have him; there isn't anyone else in this whole school who would be more worthy of him than Lily.

But, from what I have observed, they are just too dynamic. It's like a constant fight, fight, fight kind of relationship. And really, who could deal with that constantly? In my opinion, they both need someone who won't fight with them, who will calm them down.

"I don't think I can do that," Scorpius winks at me again, "you see, I am very interested in the turn out of this conversation. I want to know if Rose will come to the party."

I think this is the longest conversation we have ever had. And it's not like he's actually talking with me, it's more like he's directing this conversation at me.

Lily is looking at me expectantly, as if this is a life and death matter. I can already imagine what's going through her mind it'd be something like Am I going to win this argument or is Scorpius?

"I'm not going to the party, Lils," I say as I turn back to the "essay" I'm writing and dip my quill back into the ink bottle.

Lily sighs and shakes her head at me, but surprisingly doesn't argue. I hear her leave the table and glance up to watch her.

Then I realize that Scorpius Malfoy is still sitting next to me. I glance over at him.

"Shame," he says piercing me with his brilliant grey eyes before leaving too.

What the hell does that mean? "Shame."? Does he mean that it's a shame that I'm not going to the party? Alas, I cannot trouble myself with such insignificant matters such as what's going on in Malfoy's head. It might possibly drive me crazy.

I stay in the library for a few more hours, writing until my eyes burn and I feel the practically urgent need to back up to my dormitory to get some rest.

As I make my way down to the common room I decide to stop quickly in one of my favorite rooms in the whole castle. It's a small room, and there's only a bookshelf filled with books on the art of practicing charms and a chair in the room, but it has the greatest view of the lake from the window.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting there, looking out the window.

Suddenly the door opens and two more people enter. They don't look around to see if anyone else is here, they just continue snogging. They're snogging as if their lives depend on it which actually looks a lot more sickening than it sounds (and it sounds pretty sickening).

I dashed behind the curtain the second they entered at first thinking it might have been a professor. However, now it's obviously not a professor and I'm not in danger of getting caught while being out past curfew, but I can't find a plausible excuse as to why I would suddenly just appear from behind the curtain. So I decide to wait until they leave so that I can finally leave. It may not be the most logical thing to do, I probably should have announced my presence initially but I just didn't want to bring up the awkward situation. Now I just have to sit here and pray that they leave quickly.

Just then, I recognize the tall, blond male that has attached himself to this short, curvy dark haired female. It's Scorpius Malfoy.

See there's one little fact that I have forgotten to mention about Scorpius Malfoy: I think I might be in love with him. But unfortunately for me, he'll always be the boy shagging the girls in secret while I'll always be the girl hiding behind the curtain, praying that sometime soon I'll find some way to escape before things get really awkward.

A/N: So this just came to me and I absolutely had to type it up! I think since My Best Mate is Extremely Attractive is ending soon, this story will being my new Rose/ Scor short multi chapter fic. It's a different Rose than what I have been writing previously so I'm really excited about it! :)

Let me know if you think I should even continue the story or if you think it's complete and utter crapola and I should just stop writing stories forever. Eh, I probably won't listen to you anyway, but it's worth a shot ;)

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