Hello there my lovelies,

I know that it has been ages, but I have finally decided to start editing this piece. Finally; its about time. I've been taking a little (okay, maybe not so little) hiatus for a bit but have recently begun to find inspiration in writing again, something that I have been searching for for about a year now. As much as this saddens me to say, my inspiration has been pulled from a death of a loved one, who always encouraged my writing and reading every at every opportunity.

I hope to writing becomes as important to me now as it was back then and as I embark on this next portion of my life (coincidentally my birthday is coming up as well, so I figured this must be a sign) I hope to live up to the expectations of those who love me and to continue to pursue something that once gave me such joy, even if I have been slacking of late.

Bear with me, as I am a bit rusty on this whole writing thing. But you lot have always been spectacularly kind to me in the past, and I am so excited for what will come in the future!

Definitely be on the lookout for this story, some minor tweaks will be happening here and there and even perhaps an added chapter or two. I hope that you are all as excited as I am!

Much love after such a long time, hoping I still have people to read my stories,