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So this is a new story I decided to do. The characters are kind of out of whack of course. I hope you enjoy it and reviews are greatly appreciated. I like to write more when I actually know people are actually reading….Um well, without further Adieu I present to you: What I don't know won't hurt me


Am I an idiot or the class dunce? Sometimes I feel so stupid. Something I feel weak like a tiny mouse. Sometimes I feel invisible and at times I actually think I am. At least to my boyfriend and he's the one person I want to see me. I want to be seen by him! I want him to listen to me but he doesn't… Instead he only looks at me and hears me but I don't know how much longer I can take that. I don't know how much longer I can endure only being a doll on the shelf in his world.

Eli lay in my bed asleep. This is our normal routine since my mother has started working nights. He will come over and spend a few hours. I don't oppose to it because I like spending time with him. I watched him while he slumbered, snoring softly as he entered REM. His eyes are moving rapidly. I can't sleep. Rest just hasn't come easily lately. I got up from the bed, careful not to wake him. I went through his pockets and I found what I was looking for. His cell phone was blinking with the notice of his full inbox. I broke through his pass code and I read the messages. All two hundred were from girls, none of them were me. Didn't I tell you? Eli's a cheater….

I read the messages. They were offering him sex. I bet he'll take them up on their offers. I guess this is what's keeping me up at night. It burns me up inside that Eli betrays me knowing damn well that I love him. I guess nobody is to blame for that but me though because I've never confronted him about the cheating. I know if I ever do… I will break it off with him and I'm just not ready to let go yet so as far as I'm concerned… what he thinks I don't know won't hurt me…

I lay back down on the bed after viciously going through all of the messages and deleting them. I know they will just resend them but at least I can say I tried. I watched him sleeping. How can somebody so beautiful be so… wrong? He started to murmur in his sleep. I turned my attention back to him.

"Aw come on Hanna I've had my cootie shots…Can you swallow please?"

Hanna? I only know of one Hanna at Degrassi. She's in the Christian prayer group with me at school. She's such a hypocritical bitch if that's her. She looked down her nose at me for dating Eli because he was an atheist and now it seems like she's blowing him. My jealousy started to get the best of me so I got Eli's phone and I called Hanna's number.

"Hey baby I've missed you like crazy! You were like an animal, my ass is still sore. I've been sitting on a gallon of icecream. Baby?"


I hung up the phone and in my fit of rage I threw it down. When it hit my hardwood floor it shattered. I looked back and Eli was still sleeping. I can't believe I just broke his phone! I gathered all the pieces and I tried mending the phone but it was useless. The screen had even broken out of the damn device. I knew there was only one solution.

I went down stairs and out the front door. It was really cold out and snow was on the ground. I only had on sleeping shorts and a tank top but these are desperate times. I went to the back yard and I dropped to my knees. I started digging like a mad women or a dog that'd hidden a treasure. I made sure the hole was deep enough and I buried the phone. My fingers were numb from the cold wind and frozen dirt they had to claw through. I didn't realize I was cold until the sound of my teeth chattering brought me back to the present. I scurried into the house and I went upstairs into the bathroom. I took off the wet pajamas and I took a hot shower to warm myself up. When I got out Eli was still sound asleep. He didn't even know I was gone.

I slipped back into the bed and I held onto him. Why do I try so hard? Why do I love Eli the way I do even though he's so… "Friendly"? I guess those questions will be answered right after hell gets a blizzard.

The next morning when my alarm clock went off I smacked at it frantically trying to shut it off. I rose up, my heart was beating out of my chest and my body was sore. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck or something. Eli rose up too; his shaggy hair was all over his head. He went over to where his pants were and he looked for his phone. I acted natural while Eli hysterically searched for his cell.

"Clare have you seen my phone?"

"No Eli… Um what does it look like?"

"You know what it looks like; it's a black phone, slider, touch screen… You've seen it a million times!"

"I'm oblivious sometimes. Could you have left it at the Dot or at home?"


"What about any other place. Did you go anywhere else after school?"

"Uhhh never mind I will just… I will figure this out."

"I will keep a watch out for it. It can't be far."

"Yeah... you're right. Thanks baby."

Eli walked over to me and kissed me. His hand cruised up and down my thigh, each time inching closer to my panties. I lay back on the bed and he slowly lay down on me. I could feel his morning wood through his boxers.

"Eli we can't do this right now. My mother is in her room sleeping."

"Then you'd better be quiet."

He effortlessly unbuttoned my shirt to expose my breasts. He palmed one of my breasts which delivering light nips, flickers of the tongue and soft kisses to the other. He moved lower with his kisses, unbuttoning as he went. When the shirt was completely undone he moved it to the side and he pulled my panties down. His tongue made circles around my clit. Staying quiet was a challenge especially when he started to dart his tongue in and out of me. I went out of my head! I was so close to an orgasm when he started moving his kisses back up to my neck. Then suddenly he stopped completely and went back to getting dressed.

"What are you doing?"

"We don't have any condoms. I just remembered."

"So you are just going to tease me and leave? Guess you don't love me at all."

"Silly girl. I love you more than anything. See you at the prison."

He finished getting dressed and he ninja'd out down to the front door where he escaped smoothly. I watched as he walked to Morty, who was parallel parked on the street some houses down. When he was gone I went into he bathroom and I showered. I let the steam condition my skin and then I rubbed lotion all over. I slipped on the uniform skirt and loud red shirt then I done the normal morning routine. I blow dried my hair and I brushed down my curls which conformed, luckily.

I grabbed my backpack from my room and I got an apple from the fruit and candy bowl in the kitchen and I walked outside to see Morty parked in front of my house. Eli was standing outside the car with a devious half smile on his face.

"How did you get here so fast?"

"I, unlike you, don't have a million things to do to get ready… now get in or we'll be late."

"Okay. Ever find your phone?"

"No… I'll just get another. I'm due for an upgrade anyway."


I don't know why I get the feeling Clare did something to my phone. She's been acting strange lately. Whenever I sleep over lately she tosses and turns. At first I thought she was just having a bad series of nights but now I think it's me. Last night was no different.
I know I probably have an ass load of messages and missed calls. I just have a lot of friends. Most of them are girls. What can I say? I love women… I love all colors, shapes, sizes and all. I mean is it really so wrong to partake in something beautiful with beautiful women? Of course Clare is the only one I really care about really though.

We made it to Degrassi. I opened Clare's door for her and she still seemed really bothered. I started talking to her but she was just mentally gone. I know she's not on her period so I'm going to blame her behavior on her lack of sleep.

When we got to Clare's locker Adam was standing there. My best friend... He unfortunately does know all about my thirst for women and he fusses on me for it every chance he gets. I will tolerate the fussing though, just as long as he doesn't spill the beans to Clare. I couldn't stand to lose her. I know I'm playing a risky game but I refuse to lose.

"What's up bud?"

"Nothing… How are you today Clare?"

"I'm fine Adam."

"Really because you look peaked."

"I'm fine Adam."

"Alright alright Ms. Grouchy pants."

"Um, I will catch up with you two fellas later. I'm going to the ladies room before class."



While Clare walked away Adam looked at me suspiciously. I tried to ignore his strange glare but it was damn near impossible because he was making me so damned uncomfortable and the moment turned awkward. Finally I turned to him. He started his daily fuss and I started my morning-time greetings.

"What did you do to her?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Is she pregnant?"

"No! You know I'd never have sex with Clare without protection."

"Oh right because you don't wanna give her your AIDS."

"Ha ha Adam… you know I don't have AIDS."

"Well… I'm sure you have something else."

"Why are you so sure of that?"

"Hi Eli"

"Hi Candy."

"Because dude… You mess with the wrong kind and on a frequent basis."

"Hi Eli!"

"Sup Lucy? It's not that bad Adam."

"Eli! Do I need to remind you of what happened last month?"

"Gore horror fest?"

"Hi handsome…"

"Miranda, looking good…"

"No! Your syphilis scare!"

"Wanna say that over the PA system? Oh boy…"

"Eli what's with you calling hanging up last night?"

"Hanna, baby… I don't know what you are talking about. I was sleeping last night and I can't even find my phone."

"Well… All is forgiven. Catch you later."

"You know it."

"My point is dude… You are into some risky shit and if you are going to be doing that… you might ought to just leave Clare out of it."'

"Eli how are you feeling today?"

"Better thanks to you nurse Alicia. Adam, dude I know you are right but I don't care… I'm just a selfish guy."

"Grasshopper you will learn that even you can't have your cake and eat it too… in time, like the rest of the world, you're gonna have to choose."

"Well, I'm gonna enjoy the journey to the crossroads I guess."

I hope it didn't get too confusing during Eli and Adam's convo! I was trying to show just how many ladies Eli was "acquainted" with so I wanted to show some of them greeting him during an ordinary moment on a normal morning.

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