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I woke up in the middle of the night. Eli was stretched out across the bed and snoring loudly. I guess that never changes. Just for the sake of habit I grabbed his phone from the nightstand and the banner read "Hello Clare." I chuckled to myself and I put the phone down. I have faith in Eli.

I went to the bathroom and then I went down to the kitchen. If I remember correctly, they keep their sweets in the cabinet. I opened it to see a plethora of snack cakes and chips. I started reaching for the rice crispy treats when a hand beat me to them. I looked back to see Eli standing behind shirtless in his pajama bottoms. Well… I did steal his shirt to sleep in.

"Care to share those rice crispies?"

"Nah… I think I'll hang onto them. Did you find what you were looking for in my phone?"

"How did you know?"

"You always go through it."

"I didn't look through it but I did see that pleasant message you left."

"Would you like to look through it?"

"No that's okay I would like a rice crispy though."

"Is that all you can think about?"

"Yes…. Now hand it over or I'm going to hurt you."

"Violence over food."

"I need it more than you."

"Why is that?"

"Because I'm eating for two…"


"I found out around the time you got stabbed."

"Why am I just now finding out?"

"Because I'm just now telling you this."

"So you were fighting tonight and you were pregnant?"

"I'm two months… I can still brawl. I'm not even showing yet."

"Clare! Declan hit you and you're pregnant!"

"Eli calm down. You are upsetting yourself. Please relax."

"I'll try… I can't! Clare you are with child! We are in the family way! Your mom's going to kill us."

"She knows already and she's not going to kill us. I may have used your getting stabbed to get her sympathy and cut down on the anger."

"So what'd she say?"

"She said she's not happy about it but there's nothing we can do about it. She thinks I should keep it."

"Do you want to?"

"Well I don't want to get rid of it if that's what you mean."

"Good…That's good."

Eli handed me the rice crispy treats. I got one and I savored its marshmallow-y sweetness. He stood across the kitchen staring at me while I sat on the counter eating the sweet snack.


"Clare this is huge."

"Eli I can't handle one of your overreactions tonight."

"Please let me overreact. You are having a baby and I'm the last to know…"

"You are not the last to know. You are the first person besides the doctor, my mom and Darcy."

"You have to start speaking up."

"Gosh okay… I will."

He walked over to me and scooped me up in a warm embrace. I let my head fall against his bare chest. I placed my ear against it to try and hear his heart. The scar from his stab wound marked the spot to listen in.

"We should get married."

"Yeah in about ten years that will be nice."

"I was thinking about right now."

"Your dedication is sweet but we are too young for that Eli. We are too young to be having this baby too but… it's something we are going to have to adjust to. We just aren't ready for marriage yet."

"Well promise you'll marry me one day then?"

"I'll sleep on it and tell you what I dream up."

"You are one funny girl."

I let out a sigh of relief. Finally… he knows the secret I've been carrying these past couple of weeks. I've wanted to tell him but the right words never came to my lips and the right moment never presented itself. Who would have known rice crispy treats would be the catalyst for letting Eli know he's going to be a father in eight short months.

As we stood in the kitchen embracing each other in the silence a kind of content happiness washed over me. I have Eli back and I'm in his arms with no guilt and no insecurity. Whatever comes next we can handle.

When the embrace was finally broken Eli took me by the hand and guided me back up to his room where we lay in his bed. His arm around me coupled with the cool darkness and silence was comforting. I went to sleep knowing that I could finally be happy again.

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