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Chapter 1 - Snake Bite

Booth sat cleaning his gun, he could hear the whirr of the choppers around him. Going back to his cleaning, he heard the bustle of voices but they faded as his mind flashed back to the airport.

"One year, the reflecting pool, on the bench," he said, squeezing her hand.
"Near the coffee cart I know," she squeezed back.

A few minutes later, he turned and looked over his shoulder to see her looking at him. Swallowing his heart, he turned his back and left.

How stupid can I be? He thought to himself. I let her leave. He let out a heavy sigh and continued to clean.

"Sarge, you thinking about the bone lady again aren't you?" Private James asked, causing Booth to jerk his head up in surprise.

"You've been cleaning the same piece for ten minutes," James said, making Booth laugh and shake his head.

"You got it bad, Sarge," James pointed out with a smirk.

"Yeah well," Booth muttered. Booth looked up at James and saw the privates jaw drop then heard him let out a low whistle.

"I hope she's a new recruit," James said in a low growling tone. Then Booth heard Angela's voice bellow across the camp.

"Agent Studly, I know you're here somewhere get your butt out here NOW!"

"Angela," he whispered and was on his feet.

If Angela was here, something was wrong. He ran out of the tent, stopping just in front of her, she burst into laughter as he scooped her up into a big hug. James trailed behind him hoping for an introduction. Booth looked up and saw Hodgins running towards them. Hodgins face was pale with worry.

"What happened? Bones, is she okay?" Booth asked in a sudden frantic tone.

Three days earlier:
Dr. Temperance Brennan was squatting down, gently brushing dirty off what looked like it could be a skull. I should be having the time of my life this will be a profound dig. Then why, is all I can think about is Booth? She heard a hiss and felt a searing sharp pain shot up her ankle.

Daisy dropped her brush as she heard a scream ring from the pit next to her. Jumping up, she ran to the pit.

"Dr. Brennan, are you alright?

"Obviously, I am not alright, Ms. Wick. A snake has bitten me, " Brennan said between clenched teeth.

Daisy watched as Brennan made a tourniquet for her leg and watched as Brennan's ankle began to swell. Running to camp, Daisy got the stretcher and the on-site doctor. The doctor looked at the bite and asked Brennan if she knew what bit her.

"I do not know genius and species. But, I know it was a snake," Brennan muttered while shaking her head no.

Putting Brennan on a stretcher, the doctor used a satellite phone to call for a helicopter to take them to Jakarta. They waited and Brennan grumbled about the pain. Grabbing Daisy's hand, Brennan pulled her close.

"Get Booth," Brennan whispered before losing consciousness.

"Who is Booth?" the doctor asked.

"Special Agent Seeley Booth or more specifically Sergeant Major Seeley Booth of the US Army," Daisy replied.

That was something the doctor could do. She did not like feeling this helpless.

"Hand me the phone," she said.

The doctor had worked with Brennan in Rwanda and Peru. She knew that the General had liked Brennan and told her if she ever needed anything to call. It would seem it was time to call in that favor. Picking up the phone, she dialed the number for the Pentagon and spent 40 minutes trying to get through. After waiting another twenty minutes, she heard the chopper landing.

Staying on the line, she helped load Brennan into the helicopter then jumped in. The helicopter lifted into the air and took off on the three-hour flight. Another hour had passed when the phone picked up and she heard a voice.

"General Carter," the voice said in a very professional voice.

"Hi, General Carter, this is Dr. Patrice. I don't know if you remember me," Dr. Patrice said.

"Of course I do. You worked with Dr. Brennan for us identifying bodies in Peru" Carter said immediately.

"Well, do you remember when you told her if she needed anything to call?" Dr. Patrice asked hesitantly.

"Yes, does she need something? Why isn't she calling herself?" Carter asked his tone becoming worried.

"She was bitten by some kind of snake. It looks to be poisonous. She is requesting her Durable Medical Attorney whom you have in the Army. Is there any way we can have him?" Dr. Patrice asked, her teeth worrying her lip.

She looked at Daisy for the name again. Daisy grabbed a pen and scribbled it down along with where he was.

"Sergeant Major Seeley Booth, he is in Afghanistan, Camp Phoenix," Dr. Patrice said after taking the paper from Daisy's hand.

"I'll pull the strings and get his discharge papers ready," Carter promised.

"Thank you, General." with that, Dr. Patrice hung up the phone. Daisy reached in her pocket and reached for the phone. Dialing a number, she heard Angela answer.

"Angela, Dr. Brennan has been bitten by an unidentified snake. We are headed to the hospital in Jakarta."

"We're leaving in ten," Angela replied.

By the time they reached the emergency room, Angela and Hodgins were already there. Daisy filled them in and told her what had happened on the flight. Nodding, Angela picked up the phone and dialed the pentagon. One nice thing about having a rich husband was that when things came down to it they threw that money around. The government liked having donors and investors especially when they are the third richest men in the country.

Twenty minutes later, Hodgins and Angela were on a helicopter on the roof of the hospital. Due to military zones, the flight took almost 48 hours but finally they had arrived at Camp Phoenix.


"Booth, Sweetie, she's been bitten by a snake. The last thing she asked for was you. One of the generals that Bren knows has pulled strings. You are outta here. Pack your bags you're going to Indonesia," Angela said quickly.

"Give me five minutes," Booth replied just as quickly. He ran to his tent, grabbed a duffel, and threw necessities in it. As he was rushing around, James walked in and stood watching.

"You leaving, Sarge?" James asked with a small frown on his face.

"Yes, James, I am. Tell they guys bye and sorry I couldn't tell them myself. Bones has been bitten by a snake and as her Durable Medical Attorney I have to authorize treatment," Booth muttered as he continued to throw items into his duffel.

Zipping his bag closed, he clapped the young man on the shoulder and ran out the door. Angela and Hodgins stood where he left them. The three of them turned around and ran for the helicopter. After they climbed into the helicopter, it took flight. Booth watched as Camp Phoenix disappeared from sight.

Two days later, the helicopter landed on the roof of the hospital in Jakarta. They entered the hospital through the rooftop door. When the three reached the ICU floor, they found Daisy sitting in the waiting room. She looked like she hadn't slept, showered, or ate in four days.

Daisy stood up and hugged Angela. After releasing Angela from the hug, Daisy walked to the nurses' station. Leaning over, she whispered to the nurse. A few moments later, a doctor walked out of one of the rooms and approached the waiting room.

"Seeley Booth?" The doctor asked, looking over at the people in the waiting room.

"Yes, what happened?" Booth asked, walking quickly toward the doctor.

"Dr. Brennan has been bitten by a snake. However, she has been unconscious since her arrival. We have been unable to treat her without your authorization. We have given her the basic emergency medical care to keep her alive. But we are unable to do more without your authorization. There are several types of snakes on the island so we are trying to figure out which one it is," the doctor told Booth as he glanced down at the chart in his hands.

"Hodgins, please help the good doctor," Booth said over his shoulder. The doctor looked at Hodgins who had stepped forward.

"And who is he?" The doctor asked with a frown on his face.

"Dr. Jack Hodgins. Entomologist, Mineralogist and Botanist PHD. I was bored in college so I got a BA in Herpetology," Jack introduced himself as he shook the doctors hand.

"I know all of the poisonous species on the island as well as I have known Dr. Brennan for the last seven years," Hodgins told the doctor.

The doctor shook his head and gestured for Hodgins to follow him. A woman walked out of a room and came towards them.

"Daisy, please tell me that, this is Booth," Dr. Patrice said as she approached Daisy. Daisy nodded in affirmation.

"Hi, Sgt. Booth, I am Dr. Patrice, I've been working with Dr. Brennan on the Maluku project," Dr. Patrice said, extending her hand. Booth shook her hand and nodded, his eyes distant.

"Am I allowed to see her?" Booth asked in a borderline frantic tone.

"They are letting Daisy and I switch off sitting with her so she's not alone. So, yes you will be able to see her. The situation is bad, she has a bad fever and doing a lot of mumbling," Dr. Patrice told him gently.

"Bones and I have no secrets," Booth assured her.

Dr. Patrice grinned, she was sure there was a secret Dr. Brennan was keeping from Booth. Shrugging, Dr. Patrice pointed to the room she had just exited. Booth strode down the hall and opened the door. Gasping, he rushed to Brennan's side.

Her hair was plastered with sweat. Her leg was swollen almost to the point of skin breakage from hip to ankle. Her head tossed and turned as if she were having a bad dream. A jumble of mumbled, incomprehensible words fell from her mouth. He reached out, grabbed her hand, knelt beside the bed, and began to pray as he had never done before.

Angela looked around the waiting room and slipped by the nurses, she stood outside the room window and gasped when she saw Brennan's leg. She saw Booth kneeling with Brennan's hand gripped in his as he prayed.

"Where is the chapel?" She asked after turning around to face the nurses' station.

"Third floor," the nurse told her without looking up.

Angela nodded her thanks and walked to the elevator, pressing the number three, she waited for the doors to close. Getting off the elevator, she walked to the chapel. Leaning over, she lit two candles. One for Booth then one for Brennan.

Walking to the front, she did something she had not done in years. Kneeling in the church, she began to pray for her best friend s life. An hour later, she made her way back to the waiting room. With nothing better to do, she began to pace.

Four hours later, Hodgins walked out to talk to Angela. The look on his face made her sink to her knees and start to cry. Running to Angela, he knelt with her, wrapped his arms around her, and whispered.

"No, Baby, No. We know what it was. We're getting her treatment right now. We just don't know what damage has been done," He whispered as he rocked her back and forth rubbing her back as she sniffled.

"Thank God, I thought.." Angela said, trailing off.

"I know. I'm sorry I'm just worried, she has had an almost lethal dose of poison in her system for four days," Hodgins explained and Angela shuddered.

Booth looked up as the doctor walked into the room and used a syringe to inject a liquid into the cannula attached to her IV.

"It would seem, Mr. Booth, that she was bitten by a particularly poisonous snake. They are called death adders. Their poison is a neurotoxin. Dr. Hodgins thinks that she must have been bitten by a young adder whose poison is not as strong. That is the only reason she is alive," the doctor explained to Booth.

"So will she wake up now and stop thrashing? Will the swelling go down?" Booth asked, trying not to shudder at how close she had come to death.

"We are going to treat her with a round of anti-venom, followed by a round of antibiotics to prevent and treat any infection. As far as her waking up, we do not know. Even then, the poison is a neurotoxin. She could very well be paralyzed," the doctor told him gently.

The doctors blue eyes watched Booth with concern. Booth sighed, sat down, picked up Brennan's hand and began the wait.

Six hours later, Angela knocked on the door. Booth looked like hell; his face was covered in stubble, his eyes blood shot.

"Booth, Sweetie, we have a suite at one of the hotels. Go, I'll sit with her. Get some sleep, shower, and eat," Angela urged. Booth shook his head. Angela walked over to him and knelt down next to his chair so that she was eye level with him.

"When she wakes up, she will need us all to be strong. You are one of the strongest people I know but you need sleep. Go, I will call if there is a change," she said, looking him in the eye.

Booth looked at her, nodded, and stood up. He grabbed his bags then headed to the waiting room.

"Let's go. You look like shit," Hodgins told him after clapping him on the shoulder. Hodgins led Booth out onto the street. They climbed into a taxi and headed to the hotel. Booth barely glanced at the hotel as they entered the lobby. He followed Hodgins to the elevator and rode in silence to the suite on the top floor. When they entered the room, Hodgins pointed to a door to the left side of the lounge area. Booth nodded, entered the room and set his bag down. He went to the bathroom, looked at himself in the mirror and cringed. Pulling out his shaving supplies, he removed the four days worth of stubble on his face. Stripping down, he got into the shower and quickly washed. After getting out, he threw on a pair of boxers and fell across the bed in exhaustion.

Booth jerked awake when he heard the phone ring. Jumping up, he ran to answer it but Hodgins was already there. Turning around, Booth went back into his room and pulled on his army uniform. He left the bedroom and padded to the living room. Hodgins spotted Booth and gestured to the food on the counter between the kitchen area and living room. Nodding, Booth sat down and began to eat. He chewed slowly, something he hadn't been able to do in eight months. Hodgins hung up the phone, walked over, and sat down.

Picking up the second plate, Hodgins began to eat.

"I figured we'd head over after you eat," Hodgins told Booth, who nodded again.

"Dude, you still look like shit, better than yesterday but still like shit," Hodgins said with empathy.

"Well, Hodgins, not all of us have spent the last eight months in Paris. You saw where I was living," Booth pointed out.

Hodgins nodded, even for a conspiracy theorist, he had to respect the men who lived like that so he could practice his theories about conspiracies. Even if the men were duped into doing it by the government.

The two men heard a knock at the door. Hodgins, stood up and went to open it, he stood dumbfounded at the people standing on the other side. Smiling, he swept the door open. Cam and Sweets entered dragging their luggage behind them.

"Daisy called when they arrived at the hospital. We got here as quick as we could. Did someone let Booth know?" Cam said, looking over at Hodgins. Hodgins grinned and jerked his head over his shoulder.

"Seeley Booth, you are not AWOL right?" Cam demanded as she drug her luggage into the room. Laughing for the first time in three days, Booth shook his head no.

"No, Camille, I am not. Brennan's friend called in a favor. General Carter gave me an Honorable Discharge. We were just getting ready to go back to the hospital," Booth told her with a grin.

"Don't call me Camille. Is it bad?" She asked, looking calmly over at him. Booth looked into her eyes and Cam saw the worry and sorrow there.

"How bad is it?" Cam asked after letting out a sigh.

"We don't know yet. She got bit by a baby death adder. They're not sure if the neu..whatever toxins have done permanent damage. She could be paralyzed. We won't know until she wakes up," Booth said, trying to keep the fear from creeping into his voice. Cam sighed again, rolled her eyes at Booth, and corrected,

"Neurotoxins. And yes, they can tell. Sheesh, I deal with the dead and even I know that they can run a test for that," Cam grunted.

Sweets and Cam quickly set their bags into the living room. Cam, Sweets, Hodgins and Booth left shortly after that, piling into a taxi. They arrived on the ICU floor and they took seats in the waiting room. Booth strode down the hall to Brennan's room. Walking into the room, he saw Angela holding Brennan's hand, softly talking to her. Angela jumped when the door opened and Booth walked over.

"When was the last time the doctor came by?" Booth asked Angela.

"About three hours ago. He should be by in a few minutes," she replied.

"I need you to go to the waiting room," Booth told her. Angela was about to protest, he hushed her and ushered her to the door.

"Send in the doctor out there. You will know who I mean," Booth said with a small smile. Angela nodded and walked to the waiting room. She saw Cam and rushed to hug her.

"Booth wants you to go to the room with him," Angela told Cam.

Cam nodded and strode down the hall with an air of confidence. Knocking on the door, she entered quietly and stopped suddenly. Gasping, she put her hand over her mouth. She sat down next to Booth and reached for his other hand. They sat together in silence for half an hour before the doctor walked in.

"There should only be one person at a time in here," the doctor said, looking over at Cam. Cam stood up and crossed her arms, glaring at the doctor.

"I am Dr. Camille Saroyan of the Jeffersonian. I would like to discuss Dr. Brennan's condition with you," she told the doctor.

"Unless you are a medical proxy, I am unable to do that without authorization," the doctor said in a patronizing tone. Booth glared at the doctor.

"I have a bug doctor who found what snake it was. What makes you think our Pathologist can't help? And I am her medical proxy and I give you authorization," Booth calmly stated.

The doctor rocked back on his heels and dropped his hands into his coat pockets.

"Have you run and EMG to determine if there is lower extremity nerve damage? Have you started an anti-inflammatory to bring down the swelling?" Cam rapid fired the questions at the doctor.

He shook his head no and Cam sighed and put her hand to her forehead.

"Let's start with the anti-inflammatory. When the swelling goes down we can do the EMG," Cam growled. The doctor nodded and left the room.

"Thanks, Cam. What is an EMG?" Booth asked her, his brow furrowed in concentration.

"It's an Electromyogram. It is used to test muscle and nerve function in extremities. It will let us know if there is nerve function in the legs. However, she may still have some damage. It is not that uncommon of a test. This country is not this backwards," Cam, told him.

Booth sighed at the situation. The doctor returned, injected two syringes into the I.V, and the wait began. Over the next four hours, the medical staff returned once more and Booth slowly began to notice the swelling going down. Angela came to relieve him and sent him to the waiting room. He stopped in sudden surprise at everyone sitting there.

Cam handed him a cup of coffee and Sweets handed him a doughnut. More than one kind of family, Booth thought as they sat in silence. Two hours later, Angela exited Brennan's room and made her way to the waiting room. She stated to the room in general.

"They would like Cam and Booth in there. They are getting ready to do something called an EMG," Angela explained.

Booth and Cam stood up and walked to the room. Booth winced as he watched them stick needles into the calves of Brennan's legs. Cam let out what sounded like a relieved sigh. Booth sat through the thirty-minute test.

The neurologist turned around and smiled.

"There is neurological activity. There may be damage, however, she will have function in her legs," the doctor told them. Booth sighed in relief then began thanking the Lord.

Cam quietly left him holding Brennan's hand. Cam walked to the waiting room and told them what she knew about Brennan's current state.

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