AN: Hey everyone! It's been a while... mainly because I've been playing a game online. :P

Well, I'm back and ready to start back up again. I'm bring you all Part 15 of the Bean Titans Adventures (BTA)!

This episode takes place during the time that the New 12 are at Team Z's island, and focuses on the rest of the Titans League—including Titans X. If you'll remember (or look back to it), Durango was left in charge of his plans with the New 12, while the rest of Team Z went to take a visit to the Home Base of the Bean Titans.

To find out what happened, we must enter this story... right now! Read forth!

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~BTA Part 15: The Titans Metropolis~

Chapter 1 — The Return to Entertainment

(Background music (BGM): "The Warpath Home" — Final Fantasy XIII.)

Since the New 12 have departed for Team Z's Island in the Pacific Ocean, the rest of the Bean Titans have been working on enforcing their strengths, with increased awareness of the threats around them now. The Legendary 12 gave the announcement that they had a "confirmed feeling" that Bahamut Fury was not dead and that he may come back for revenge. Knowing that they already had Wrinkle and his Syndicate to deal with already, the Titans began to develop themselves now more than ever, as any enemy could strike at any time.

With this in mind, Dotty had an idea stuck in her head. Assuming that the Danger Room at the Moon Base was still in development, she thought about creating one that was more efficient than the normal ones they have in all thirteen Titans Towers around the world. The Legendary 12 thought it was a great idea, but it was not great enough... that was, until they each gave some "incentives" about it. That was when their secret project began...

Current time: Monday morning, 10:00 AM.

Mystic entered the super-computer room to find Dotty working hard as always, creating and improving technologies for the Titans League.

"Wow Dotty..." Mystic began, "do your eyes ever get tired of looking at screens for eight hours a day?"

"Only sometimes." the dalmatian replied. "Spunky sometimes helps, too."

"Still, it feels like you're the only one working at this, almost like you're the smartest Bean Titan."

Dotty looked off. "Well, I'm not..."

"You're NOT?" the unicorn questioned in disbelief. "How can you say that after all you've done for us in over 30 years?"

"Genetic inheritance." she answered.


"Bonnie—she's undoubtedly the smartest Bean Titan. It's true because I'm her mother, and I see it in her. She got her mind from me, and then some..."

"Really?" Mystic questioned. "What about you then?"

"I'll keep going until the end, when it comes... knowing that she'll be able to carry on for me. That's my dream."

Suddenly, beeping was heard in the room, and a green light pulsed on the bottom right corner of the super-computer's monitor.

"What's that?" Mystic asked.

"Someone's coming inside the Tower from the teleporter. Most likely, it'll be one of the Bean Titans coming to rest from training at another base."

Dotty was proven wrong, as she and Mystic saw the members of Team Z, minus Durango, Derby and Danielle.

"What goes down, mom?" Dep asked, as introduction on behalf of the Team—consisting of himself, Thunderbolt, Mina, Tina and Fortress.

"Nothing much. The usual." Dotty replied, getting up to hug her eldest son.

"What brings you all here?" Mystic asked, while in an embrace with Fortress, her much younger sister of 22 years.

"Durango's going crazy with his plans for the New 12. So we all just decided to crash here until Saturday." Thunderbolt said.

"Well, what is he doing?" Dotty asked.

"Him? Nothing much. The New 12... a lot." Mina answered.

"And if you wanna see what's going on, it'll be on TV... well, says Durango." Tina added.

"I'll watch it in the memory room, after the week is over. We're a little busy now, but you're still welcome to stay." Mystic told them.

"Yesterday was crazy enough for us, so we're staying here!" Fortress exclaimed.

"Make yourselves comfortable then." Dotty said, turning back to her computer business.

"You guys want to see Sweet?" Mystic asked the five Team Z members.

"Why not?" answered Thunderbolt.


*knock, knock, knock...*

"Come in!" Sweet spoke up, as he was organizing a schedule on his wall.

The Team Z members entered after Mystic opened the door for them.

"Hey boss!" Dep greeted.

The leader turned and gave a chuckle, smiling afterwards as he saw them. "I'm not a boss—just the old head honcho, ha ha! Still, how's it going, you guys?" he said, welcoming them.

"We're doing good. Things still look steady over here." Thunderbolt responded on behalf of his team.

"Well we're always busy. Most of the Bean Titans were out training up these past two days, but I asked that they would take it easy for just this week."

"Why's that?" Tina inquired.

"Oh, that's right..." Sweet uttered, "I forgot to let you guys know about something. Come with me."

The orangutan led the five of them back to the Facility, into the Mission Room. He had their attention to the holographic map of the world, where it displayed important points—the thirteen Titans Towers, the location of Wrinkle's base, etc..

"Why the map?" Fortress asked out of curiosity.

"Do any of you recall of the Titans Wrestling Federation?" Sweet pitched in, pacing back and forth a little.

They all remembered the name from a few years ago.

"Well, the Legendary 12 and I thought this over two days ago. Wrinkle has endangered us almost everytime we had an entertainment night. However, he has not attacked us since the Heartless invasion, a while back. So, we figured out a way that we can have leisure time and development time... at the SAME time. And... (turns to the map, and points somewhere) it's here."

The five Team Z members gazed over to see where Sweet was pointing.

"The New York City Base?" Mina murmured.

"It does look a bit bigger than usual..." Dep said.

"That's because it is." Sweet clarified, using his thumb and index finger to zoom in on the location, where the Tower there was no longer just one island-bound Tower.

"WHOA! What is that?" exclaimed the Team Z members.

"This is the newest island of Manhattan. The Titans Metropolis." Sweet announced to them.

The Metropolis emulated Dragonball Z's West City, as there were about thirty other buildings in the shapes of those seen in the series, tropical trees and more features that made a futuristic setting. Four buildings (that looked a bit like water towers) were placed on the far sides of the round island, in the cardinal directions (north, south, east and west). They were the high-rise observatories of the Metropolis where people could view any point of the island. If one would think that these four buildings are the highest points of the Metropolis, they would be wrong. A few paces north from the center of the Metropolis stands a complex that looks very similar to Pokémon Colosseum's Realgam Tower. On ground level, there were several chambers that contained and provided food, fun and felicity. One of the chambers, the largest one towards the back, contained six large elevators, which all led up to different areas in the highest point of the Metropolis—the Aeroseum, a huge stadium that is suspended high in the air, hovering on a height between that of the top of Lady Liberty's torch and the tip of the Empire State Building. It was made not only for the Titans League, but for the people as well, as they could live in the buildings and hotels within the island. It was truly a phenomenal establishment.

"Holy hell... how in the world did THIS get here?" Dep exclaimed.

"It was really just a combination of our ideas." Sweet started to say. "If you think about it, there is some aspect of the Metropolis that every member of the Legendary 12 contributed to. To name a few: Mystic used her gravity powers to keep the Aeroseum fixed in that position, and it still follows Earth's rotation. With something that huge and heavy, it took some serious strength to put it in there... and that was where Hippity came into the picture on planting the island in the way that most of the other islands on this planet are. All this and even more..."

"We GOTTA see this place for real..." Mina and Tina simultaneously spoke.

"Oh, you will. We're all heading there today at 3:00—to rekindle our entertainment venture and rename it: Titans Unlimited Entertainment (TUE). Trust me, this will be quite epic."

"Whoa..." Thunderbolt murmured.

"Is it just to show the people what it's about?" Dep asked.

"That's a good way to say it." Sweet replied.

"What do you mean?" asked Fortress.

"Well, it actually turned out that the people wanted more from the last time we had a wrestling entertainment night. I got a chance to look at the promotional site today, and we got tons of hits—millions of them! Even the WWE answered very positively, remembering the night we shared with them."

"Oh wow..." mouthed Tina, silently.

"We are showing them what the Titans Metropolis has to offer, but the real surprise is what will happen later tonight while we are there. It's secret, and I intend on keeping it that way until the time comes tonight."

"This sounds promising." Thunderbolt stated.

"Yes. Now, until then, you five can make yourselves at home. I'm still in the works of scheduling events for tonight."

The Team Z members understood how busy the leader of the Bean Titans was, so they left him to do his business while they went off to get reacquainted with the other Bean Titans.

(Song fades to nothing.)

Later on at 1:00 PM...

*knock, knock*

"Who's there?" Sweet asked, putting the finishing touches on the schedule for the night to come.

"It's moi... Gigi." said the young black poodle (age 19). Her appearance was similar to Street Fighter's Cammy, only with black hair.

Sweet recognized her French accent and went for the door. She has not requested a thing from Sweet until now.

"Yes, do you need anything?" Sweet asked her.

"I have ze feeling that a tournament is coming up soon."

"Indeed. What about it?"

"I want a spot." Gigi spoke with confidence.

This surprised Sweet, because even he knew that Gigi was the one Bean Titan that never got past the first round in every tournament that has ever existed in Titans history.


"Oui?" she replied.

"I don't know if you know this, but most of the other Bean Titans discard you whenever you participate in such an event because the same thing happens. However... I, for one, refuse to think that you are weak because a "Titan" must be strong in some fashion. I know you've been training to eliminate that doubt. And because of this, I present you with a challenge. I want you to get past the first round of the tournament tonight, to prove to everyone that you truly have gotten stronger."

Gigi's eyes expanded. "Are you saying zat...?"

"You're set for Match 1 in the tournament, with Rocket as your opponent. Make sure you're prepared."

"Oh, zhank you, Monsieur Sweet!" Gigi cheered happily, giving him a quick hug.

"Okay, okay. Please, no "Monsieur"... just Sweet." he said.

"Oh, sorry..."

"It's ok. Just run along now..."

"Yes, sir." she replied upon her exit.

Sweet sighed. "I hope she can pull it off."


A night filled with wonders and never before seen sights, next.