Lisa's Surprise

Lisa was nervous and happy and tired, all at the same time. She'd been up for hours actually, it was almost days now. Most of that time, she'd been thinking about what to do. Maybe she should have just told Oliver yesterday, when she had the perfect chance. She sat in the kitchen, sipping glass of milk after glass of milk and looking through catalogues she'd brought with her from New a distraction. Finally when it was almost morning, she turned off all the lights except for one small one they kept on in the bedroom, at her bedside, and slipped back into bed.

Lisa lye down and closed her eyes, resolved to go to sleep and forget the whole thing, at least for the duration of the night. She tossed and turned for a few minutes and realized that she couldn't simply keep it bottled up inside, even for the rest of the night. She was too anxious and far too excited to not say anything. She would feel much better if she just came out and told him. And she knew the perfect way. Lisa tilted her head sideways and placed her hands on either side of Oliver's cheeks, leaning in to kiss his lips softly.

"Um….good morning Lisa." He said, his eyes still closed. He loved waking up to the feel of his wife kissing him.

"Good morning darling." Her Hungarian accent chimed clear as a bell. "Oliver?" She asked. He could feel her tracing her fingers up and down the buttons on his pajama top in a delicate and extremely sensual fashion.

"Um?" He was tired, and no matter how enticing she was, he wanted to sleep a little while longer. He'd been working so hard to get them settled at the farm. She had too, and he wondered why she didn't want to sleep. "Oh Lisa, let me sleep." He said groggily, trying to put his pillow over his head.

"Oliver, I have something important to talk to you about." He looked over at the clock on his bedside table.

"Lisa! It's four o'clock in the morning!"

"But Oliver! I have some newvs for you, and I can't vait anymore!" She pouted, snuggling up to him, and putting her head on his chest.

"What's that?" He sighed, figuring it would be easier to just hear her news than to keep arguing with her.

"We need to buy another house."

"At…what time is it? What do you want the house for we've got..."

"Oh Oliver…" She pouted.

"Our bedroom is going to be finished…"

She took a deep breath. Yes, this would be the perfect way to do it. "We need to have room for when the shtork is coming…"


"Oliver….I'm pregnant."

"Oh Lisa dear, that's nice." He sighed, starting to drift back to sleep. "What?" He asked, sitting up straight in bed when her words sunk in. "You're pregnant?"

"Yes dahling." She was sitting up facing him now.

"Pregnant as in, 'we're having a baby?'" He questioned.

"Yes shweetheart."

"Darling! That's wonderful!" She was surprised when he kissed her, engaging both of her lips fully in a long, loving caress. "We're going to finally have our very own tiny baby?" She simply nodded at this.

"Yes!" She was excited now. "The shtork is really coming."

"Oh Lisa, that's exquisite."

"I'm glad you think so."

"We're really having a…"

"A baby."

"…is this a cow stork again?" He asked, she laughed, shaking her head and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Or a chicken stork, or your sister's stor…" He stopped when she kissed his lips lovingly.

"No darling, it's our shtork."

"Lisa, my darling. I'm so happy! I'm so proud of you. I'm surprised that you seem…excited."


"I just never really thought of you as much of a baby person, that's all sweetheart."

"Vell, I'm not. But I love you. And I couldn't resist having your baby."

"Oh Lisa, honey that's so sweet."

He decided to relish in the moment. He kissed his beautiful pregnant wife once more. So many thoughts crossed Oliver's mind as they kissed. First, he was glad that neither of them had actually watched Eleanor's calf born the previous evening, realizing it likely would have scared both of them senseless, in light of their newfound situation.

And In truth, Oliver was worried. Lisa didn't know anything about cooking, bottles, pregnancy, babies, or raising children. He could barely fathom how she was going to take care of herself well enough to have a baby in a few months, let alone actually take care of a child.

"Lisa honey, why'd you tell me now? Why not a few hours ago, when I asked you if you were pregnant?"

"Vell, because I vasn't ready…and I voke you up because I vas nervous and I've been pregnant for a vhile and I..."

"Oh honey. How long…"

"I think I must've been three weeks when ve got here?"

"Lisa! You must be four months by now."

"That's right."

"Lisa! Why didn't you tell me?"

"I vas nervous, and I vasn't sure for a vhile, and…I couldn't keep it to myself anymore."

"Well that's okay darling." He kissed her. "This is exciting. And it's alright that you got me up to tell me I was going to be a Dad." He kissed her again and wrapped his arms around her tightly. She held his hands in her own as they rested on her midsection.



"Can ve go back to New York now?"


"Vhy not, the baby…"

"Lisa, growing up in the country will be good for our baby. Kids need fresh air and freedom and a place to run around and play."

"Vell…" She said.


"Alvright, I'll think about it, but remember, six months!" She said cheerily, referring to the six months she had promised to stay on the farm.

"Alright darling." The six-month mark could come in a little over two months. She yawned. "Lisa have you been up worrying all night?"


"Honey, you need your rest. You shouldn't worry, especially not on my account."

"I know." She sighed, turning over and burring her face in his shoulder. He was almost too excited to sleep. He held Lisa tightly as she drifted off.

"Good night darling. I love you."

"I love you too."

Now he understood why she'd so sympathized with poor Eleanor out in the rain, offering her pickles. He thought something was odd when she'd said that men didn't "understand us women at a time like this." On the other hand, holding an umbrella over a wet cow was pretty strange behavior, even for her. And of course, this explained why she'd actually wanted him to buy the cradle from Haney. He thought maybe she'd been trying to tell him earlier that previous morning when Haney was giving the day's sales' pitch.

Oliver and Lisa tossed and turned groggily the next morning when someone came through their closet and the door hit the floor.

Oliver slowly sat up. He was furious to be woken up, and even more furious when he noticed Lisa sit up beside him.

"Are we workin today?" Eb asked.

"Eb would you!"

"Would I what? It's a good question, it's ten o'clock in the morning."

"Ten o'clock?" Oliver exclaimed.

"Yeah, you were supposed to be up five hours ago."

"Oh for the love of…"

"I'll make the coffee."

"Oh no, Lisa honey, you stay in bed you need your rest?"

"What's the matter, Mom sick or something?"

"She's not your mother….."

"No. I'm having a baby!"

"Really? I'll get the doctor!' He turned around to run and get the doctor.

"Eb, no she doesn't mean now, she means in several months."

"Nifty! Can I have a baby brother? Please, Mom, pl-"

Lisa giggled a little as her husband grew more and more angry. She found Eb's dedication to the family both adorable and endearing.

"She's not your sister and it's not your brother…oh boy!" Oliver was exasperated.

"How abvout a baby sister?" Lisa offered, she knew it was going to be a girl. "Vould you like that?"

"Yes Ma'am, but I don't think Mr. Haney would like that very much."

"Haney, what's he got to do with this?" Oliver thundered.

"Well, he's already got about a thousand birth announcements printed out for Oliver Wendell Douglas Jr."

"Oh for the love of…"

"Step right up to Haney's baby emporium!" They heard Mr. Haney's southern twang call from out in front of the house.

"Oh I should've known, here he is to sell me a fifteen dollar stroller I wouldn't put a pig in!" Oliver was very displeased. He put on his robe and marched outside in the pouring rain.