Chapter 4

Macy's POV

I was shocked to not because he still love me and want me back but because he think I'm cheating on him with a dead man, that was the last thing I can expect from him

No one POV

"You think I'm cheating on you?" Macy said disbelieving

"No Macy, I didn't mean it"

"You didn't mean it; you didn't mean what exactly that I'm cheating?"


"It's the 2sd time you said"

"WHAT, I didn't say it before"

"Why you don't remember accusing me that's I want divorce cause there is someone else. That's exactly what you said before you leave: ("What? Why? You don't love me anymore or I'm not good enough for you or you are disappointed of this life, do you feel that you give up your dreams by marring me? Tell me mace there is someone else so you want to give up on me?")

Stella's POV

I can't believe they are fighting I suddenly spoke to Joe, Kevin and Dani "We should leave"

But Macy screamed I never saw her that mad before" NO ONE IS LEAVING" we all were shocked

Macy's POV

"I came here after two days of thinking about what happened between us, and that you deserve right to know why I asked that ,I came to find that you think I'm cheating, HA…,that very funny"

I took a deep breath "when you left Nick, I couldn't even stop crying for the whole two days, I couldn't sleep in our room cause your not there with me holding me, I came to solve the problem and know I can't after what I heard"

Nick screamed" WHAT?"

"the only reason I'm keeping Mark necklace is because I was thankful for him that he make me open my eyes to see my real love my true one ,I never told you before but he made me trust you he saw the love in your eyes that was for me before I did, Maybe coming here was a mistake"

"NO NO NO, we can't fix this" Nick said

"I'm sorry Nick not now, and now I really made my mind"

"About what" Nick said

"Divorce will have the paper after I sign it "I said that and walk out the door before he could say anything to make me change my mind