Summary: Before Takio and Tao begin their new job, they go ask for advice first.

Set in a missing scene in chapter 154.


By Dark Ice Dragon

Takio and Tao shared a look when they stepped out onto the balcony, before Tao smiled widely and Takio snorted, shaking his head. The situation was strange but… they hadn't rejected Frankenstein's offer of a job either.

"What do you think it'll be like, having a respectable job at a school?" Tao asked as he leaned on the barrier.

Takio opened his mouth, then paused, his mind blank. What were they supposed to do there? "I don't know."

"Heh. You too?" Tao moved so he was looking at him over his shoulder. "We're going to look incompetent if we go back and ask."

That was definitely true. He crossed his arms as he leaned on the wall. "…He did say we'd be working with M-21 from now on."

"Hey, yeah, that's right," Tao murmured. "We should go talk with him then."

M-21 answering their questions straightforwardly was a different matter, but they could still try.

* * *
They found M-21 in the living room, having a cup of tea. He glanced at them as soon as they entered; an eyebrow went up when he saw their expressions.

"So… you work as security at Frankenstein's school?" Takio asked after they sat down.

M-21 nodded.

"We – we were wondering what you do there."

There was a small pause before M-21 closed his eyes and smirked. "When are you starting?"

Takio blinked and then frowned when he realised he didn't know the answer. "He didn't say; he just said that we'd be started as soon as possible."

M-21's hair waved as he nodded again. "You'll start tomorrow. Your uniforms will be at the end of your bed when you wake up."

Wait. "That fast?"

"We'll have to wear uniforms?" Tao asked at the same time.

"Yes." Was he answering both questions? "You… don't know Frankenstein." M-21's smirk changed, widening, though there was another emotion hidden in his eyes that Takio couldn't quite place. "But you will."

The last part of what M-21 said filtered through, and Takio's frown deepened. "We'll ask Frankenstein if he can leave our uniforms outside our door-"

"And risk them being trodden on?" M-21 interrupted. He chuckled, an edge threaded through it. "He wouldn't do that."

"But…" He glanced at Tao helplessly. "He'll wake us up and…" Well, they knew Frankenstein could handle himself, but attacking the person who owned the house you were living in was never good.

"He won't." M-21 turned back to his tea and took a sip. "He didn't wake me up on my first day."

Oh. And that just made Frankenstein even scarier, if he was still able to move among them when they'd trained themselves to wake up at the smallest noise.

Takio cleared his throat. "So what do you do?"

M-21 hummed, putting the cup down again. He was quiet for a few seconds. "I patrol-"

Of course.

"-keep an eye out for any disturbances-"

Normal for a security guard.

"-and if something does happen, intervene."

Hm. Takio was far too used to being one of the disturbances and taking out the security to know how they normally did things. "How do we do that?" It wasn't like he could use his guns.

M-21's eyes flicked away, going distant briefly. A small smile curved on his lips. "That…would depend on the situation, but try to do it with the least amount of violence."

Huh. It was probably going to take them a while before they were used to that. But if that was what was expected of them, it didn't sound so bad.

"You're going to be stared at a lot," M-21 added while they digested the new information.

They were? "Why?" If they were trying to appear to be regular people, being in the centre of attention wasn't something they needed.

"You're new," he said with a tiny shrug. "That's why they were so focused on me when I first started."

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