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Part 5: Special moment (football/track practice)
Part 6: Eavesdropping (halls of Avalon High)
Part 7: Sleepovers (Allie's room)
Part 8: Chemical accidents (chemistry labs)

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Now, night as fallen upon Avalon High and so much is going to change for everyone. Allie and Leah are sitting on the front steps contemplating on how they're gonna make Will believe that everything that has been going on with them recently – the dreams, the events, everything – are related to what happened to King Arthur 1500 years ago. When they were talking about it at school, he thought they were dilusional after the accident in the chemistry laboratory. Miles and Allie just shrugged it off saying that he will believe them when the time is right. But Leah is persistant. She kept on saying that what they're saying is true. She's just like her mother; strong, smart, beautiful and stubborn.

Ah, speaking of whom, guess who just arrrived ready to play against the Dragons tonight. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Will Wagner has arrived and is ready to lead his team to victory.

"He's here," Leah whispered to Allie, "Where's Miles?"

"I don't know," Allie murmured back, "Hey. What's going on?"

Will had now frozen near Lance's car…which just happened to contain Jen and Lance making out. Those two really need to take lessons on how to have a secret affair WITHOUT getting caught! Jen and Lance stopped making out and just looked guilty to their best friend. Will expected to feel anger but instead felt…relief. Not because he wasn't the only person in the relationship who was unfaithful. It will give him the opportunity to finally end things. But then the anger took over. He wasn't angry at Jen; or Allie because she knew. No. He could never get angry at Allie. He was angry at himself and Lance. He was angry at Lance because his best friend went behind his back with his girlfriend and he was angry at himself for not noticing the signs that something was going on sooner and saving himself from the future pain.

He turned and looked at Allie and Leah who are now standing on the school steps looking guilty and remorseful. That was when he figured it out. They knew and they wanted to tell them. But they couldn't because it wasn't their secret to tell. And he somehow understood that. But he was feeling these conflicted emotions at the moment. He needed some time to think about what just happened. He needed to get away. He needed to leave. He needed to go to…his place. Well, he shares it with his true love now, but you get what I mean. Having made his mind up, he headed back to his car.

"WILL! WAIT!" Leah called as she approached him.

"Not now, Lees," Will growled as he shrugged her off.

"Please, Will. Just listen to me! We'll tell you everything!" Leah pleaded…only to have Will drive away, "WILL!" she turned to Allie, "He won't talk to me. What are we gonna do? The eclipse and meteor shower happens at halftime. If we don't tell him by then, Mordred's gonna get to him! Unless…you go talk to him."

"He didn't talk to you! That means there's not much hope of him talking to me!" Allie reminded her friend.

"But he listens to you! He actually listens to you! Because you understand him! You understand him in a way that no one else does; even in a way that I don't understand him! Please, Allie. You're his true love. If he truly loves you, he'll listen," Leah retorted.

"How am I gonna get there?" Allie asked.

"You know where he is?" Leah stuttered, owning a nod from Allie, "I'm gonna call Miles."

"We don't have time!" Allie snapped before running off.

"ALLIE!" Leah exclaimed.

"WILL!" Allie screamed.

She ran along the road and over a railway line whilst ignoring the blistering pain in her sides inflicted by her bruised ribs she received from the football earlier that week. But she didn't care. All she cared about was Will. Hey! In her defence, love makes people do strange things.

Finally, she reached the park and eventually the forest. Once she reached the forest, she stopped; as if she was trying to remember where to go from there, despite being brought here hundreds of times in just two weeks alone. She looked in one direction and her heart pulled her towards that direction. And with just that fact alone, she knew it was the right way. Once she reached the path, she found Will standing there against his tree with his forehead resting against one of his arms on the branch.

"WILL!" Allie cried to him.

He looked at her immediately. But she didn't get a chance to do anything. She felt force on her back. She screamed as she was sent tumbling down the hill. That sent worry coursing through Will's veins. When she stopped falling, she wasn't moving. That only made him even more worried.

"NO! ALLIE!" Will screamed as he raced to her side and gathered her unconscious form into her arms, "Are you OK? Please, you have to be OK."

"Hey," she responded groggily as she came to.

He smiled with a little laugh and embraced her tightly. When she whimpered a little in pain, he immediately remembered that she still has bruised ribs. And that she made them worse by running and falling.

"Are you hurt? Can you move everything?" he asked her worriedly.

"No. I'll fine," she promised him with a slight laugh.

"What happened? How did you fall?" Will demanded.

"I was pushed," she told him as they stood up.

"What? Who would push you?" Will questioned.

"Mordred," Allie responded.

"From the King Arthur story?" Will quizzed.

"Yes," Allie agreed.

"OK. Lie down. I think you hit your head," Will said as he placed his hands on her arms.

"No, Will," she objected as she placed her own hands on his arms (…there are no words), "I have to tell you something and you may not believe me. But it's true."

"I know already," he cut in.

"You do?" Allie stuttered.

"Yeah. About Lance and Jen. I saw them," Will went on.

"No! I know. That's part of the story. There's more to it," Allie went on.

"I don't need the details. Really, I'm OK. Come on," he assured her hurriedly as he pulled her towards his car.

"No! This is about more than Lance and Jen. This is about faith! This is about your destiny!" Allie exclaimed, causing them both to stop where they were, "You aren't just Will Wagner. You're King Arthur. And today is the day you rise above all the lies and the backstabbing and the self-doubt and start life on the path of changing the world. You're the one everyone's been waiting for."

Loads of confidence started coursing through Will. What Allie just said really inspired him in a way that words wouldn't be able to describe it. Maybe she should become a writer instead of a lawyer.


"ALLIE!" Miles and Leah exclaimed as they pulled up.

"You're right. Today I am like King Arthur. I have to be a leader. I have to face diversity and overcome it," I agreed.

"What?" was all she said.

"It's a metaphor. I get it. I'm the team captain. I can't leave my teammates behind," Will went on as Miles and Leah approached them, "Hey, Miles! Can you give Allie and Leah a ride?"

"Yeah. Sure," was all Miles said as he and Leah ran towards them.

Will swiftly pulled Allie close to him and kissed her fully before saying, "You're the reason the Knights are gonna be united again. See you after the game."

"Excuse me while I go puke," Miles remarked as Will retreated.

"No! Will! I didn't say you were like King Arthur! I said you ARE King Arthur! And I still have to warn you about Marco! Marco is Mordred!" Allie called to him.

But he didn't hear her. He climbed into his car, started the ignition and drove away.

"Now what?" Miles sighed.

"Now we have to go to the game and not let Will out of our sight," Leah replied to her friends.

"SET! HUT!" the backup quarterback exclaimed as the game went on in full swing.

"And another fumble by the backup quarterback! And everyone is asking the same question: where is Will Wagner? Wait a minute! It looks like Wagner has showed up!

"Hey, coach," Will greeted as he approached them.

"CAN I GET A TIME-OUT?" the coach shouted to the referee.

"TIME-OUT! KNIGHTS!" the referee called.

"Nice of you to show up, Wagner. I shouldn't let you on the field," the coach said coldly.

"I'm sorry, Coach," Will apologized.

"Get me a long pass, huh?" the coach instructed as Will raced to his players.

"Hey, guys. I'm sorry. But I'm here and I won't let you down. I promise," Will swore, "So come on. Let's get back out there. Come on, guys! Let's go!"

"5, 6, 7, 8!" Jen counted as the Avalon Knights football team walked back onto the field.

"KNIGHTS! THAT'S RIGHT! COME ON, TEAM! LET'S FIGHT!" the cheerleaders chanted.

Leah, Allie and Miles are now in the stands and they looked up nervously at the sky. So far, it was clear. They started hoping they're wrong.

"Well, maybe we were wrong. Maybe it's not tonight," Allie remarked.

"I hope we are," Leah muttered.

"Yeah," Miles agreed.

"Ready. OK. Focus," Will started.

That was when all the field lights started going out and the sky lit up as the eclipse and meteor shower happened, much to Allie's, Leah's and Miles' displeasure.

"Wait. Stop! And here it comes, folks! Right on schedule!"

"Or not," the three of them sighed.

"A luner eclipse and meteor shower at the same time!"

"Wow," Mr Pennington breathed.

People were gushing at the rare phenonenom. It truly was a breathtaking sight for sure! Then the beautiful sight ended and the field lights turned themselves back on. Aw man!

"OK. Focus. Let's get on the board before halftime. Deep block to right on one. Ready!" Will said.

They clapped and got into position on their half of the field in front of the Dragons.

"Yeah! Go Knights! Whoo!" Jen cheered.

"Ready! Down! Set! Hut!" Will exclaimed.

The ball was passed to Will. Just as he threw it, he got tackled by one of the opponants.

"Aw come on, man! That was left wide open!" Leah scoffed in disbelief as the whistle was blown.

"Will Wagner got slammed and it's almost like one of his Knights have missed the block on purpose."

"Kworfsky?" Allie exclaimed in more disbelief, "I thought he was thrown off the team!"

"So did I," Leah confessed.

"His dad and the principal are fraternity brothers from college," Miles explained briefly.

"That explains a lot," the girls grumbled.

"That's for not showing up," Kworfsky said.

"That was a cheap shot!" Lance growled as he pushed him.

"And now the Knights are turning on each other! If you're an Avalon High fan, this is hard to watch!"

"Is Mordred making them act like this?" Allie asked.

"No. I don't think so. This is real," Miles responded.

"The Knights need to pull it together at halftime or their season is over."

"Will," Jen started.

"Not now, Jen," Will said as he raced to the locker room.

"Will," Lance stopped Will as they reached the locker room, "Will, I'm sorry, man. It's all my fault. I didn't know how to tell you."

"You made a fool out of me, Lance," Will reminded his best mate.

"I know. I did it all wrong. I don't wanna lose you as my best friend. We're like the Knights of the Round Table. We're brothers. I'll break up with her," Lance decided.

"Don't," Will cut him short.

"You don't mean that," Lance scoffed.

"The truth is Jen and I haven't been close for a long time. If you guys are happy, I'm OK with that. I don't get why I'm mad at Jen for being unfaithful because I haven't been faithful either. I met someone else and I'm really happy with her. I love her so much; it hurts to be away from her. She's become my only reason for living…well, aside from Leah, of course. It's like the world revolves around us whenever we're together. And I've never felt that way with Jen; not once. I even gave her my class ring. I've only known her for a short time but I already see my future with her. I want to marry her, I want her to be the mother of my children; I want to spend all of eternity with her. She's the one I can't live without and my dreams and Leah's constant headwhacks made me see that." Will then began to look sheepish as he rubbed the back of his head.

"It's Allie, isn't it?" Lance smirked.

"How did you know?" Will demanded as he stopped rubbing his head and the sheepish expression he once had on his face disappeared about as quickly as it appeared.

"I bet the entire school knows about your relationship. You two might have got the secret meetings down but the secret glances you two give one another are a dead giveaway. All people have to do is look at the way you two glance and act around each other…well, that and the inspirational speeches you've been getting recently had to come from somewhere that's NOT Leah. *laughs* I'm serious! She moves, you move; like magnets. You've started wanting to be with her more often. If that's not true love, then I don't know what true love is," Lance said before adding, "And about the girl talk."

"We'll blame Leah and Elaine," Will went on.

"Like we always do," they finished laughing.

"So we cool?" Lance asked.

"We're cool," Will agreed as they shared their secret handshake and joined the others, "Hey, Coach!"

"Yeah?" the coach responded.

"Can I say something?' Will requested.

"Yeah. Go ahead," the coach granted.

"Come on, boys. Get it in! Come on!" Lance instructed before they gathered around them.

"Guys, I know that for a while we lost our way as a team. But we can get it back. All we have to do is remember what victory felt like; remember what triumph meant to all of us; remember who we were. Because we're that same team now. And if we believe that, nothing can stop us on our way to glory. So who are we?" Will asked as he brought his fist in, which was followed by his teammates.


"Come on! Let's go get 'em!" Will exclaimed.

That caused them to start cheering as they left the locker room. On his way out, Will was face-to-face with his now ex-girlfriend.

"Wiil, please forgive me. I-."

"It's OK, Jen," Will reassured her before running down the steps.

"And with the Dragons leading 27-nothing, here come the Knights hopefully mounting a probable comeback!"

"Hey, baby," Will greeted, "Thanks for what you said before. Really helped me inspire the guys."

"Yeah. OK. Listen-."

"Oh man! I forgot my helmet!" Will realised as he kissed her and ran back up the stairs, "I'll see you after the game. I promise. I really need to take you out on a real date."

"But you two have a lot to talk about now!" Leah objected to her brother's retreating form

"The Dragons have never lost this season and now they're ahead of the half.

"Great," Allie grumbled in frustration as she, Miles and Leah sat back down.

"Hey, Allie. Where's Will?" Lance asked as he and Jen approached them.

"He just went to go get his helmet," Allie responded as she, Miles and Leah stood up.

"People are asking where he is. He's gotta get out here. Everyone thinks he's losing it," Lance explained.

"It's all my fault," Jen sobbed.

"Pretty much," Miles agreed before yelping in pain as Leah whacked him upside the head…hard, "OW!"

"Alright. OK. We'll go find him. We'll go find him," Leah promised as she and Allie dragged Miles from the stand.

"Yeah and you try not to lose the game!" Miles called to them.

"Will, you have to come with me," Marco panted as he dragged Will away from his cubicle in the locker room.

"Marco, what's going on?" Will demanded as he began resisting.

"You're in danger," was all Marco said.

Allie and Leah stood in the doorway of the locker room while Miles went inside and searched for Will. They turned around when he approached them. But he wasn't the bearer of good news.

"Anything?" the girls asked.

"No sign of Will in there," Miles sighed.

"I need you to concentrate. Just tell us where he is," Leah pleaded.

"I told you guys. I can't just make it happen on demand," Miles reminded them.

"Yes you can, Miles. We know you can do it," Allie reassured him.

"It hurts, guys," Miles whimpered.

"I know," the girls sighed sympathetically.

Without thinking about it, Leah approached him, placed her hand on the back of his neck, stood on her toes (he had at least ½ a foot or so on her) and kissed him with care. When she pulled away, Miles had more confidence than ever.

"Not a word, Allie," Leah suddenly said.

"I wasn't gonna say anything," Allie acted innocent.

"Yeah, right," Leah retorted.

Miles closed his eyes and concentrated. When he opened his eyes, nothing happened. Then he squinted his eyes shut and clutched his head in pain. In his vision, he saw the school theatre and Marco dragging Will there. He knew it wasn't a good sign.

"He's in the school theatre with Marco," Miles announced.

"Oh man. Not good," Allie remarked.

"Let's go!" Leah exclaimed before the three of them took off running as fast as Speedy Gonzales.

"Marco, please. Just tell me what's going on," Will pleaded, "Are anyone else in danger? Are Allie and Leah going to be OK?"

"They won't be if they get caught," Marco replied.

"What do you mean?" Will asked nervously.

"That is a very good question, Mr Wagner," Mr Moore remarked as he walked onstage, "Your precious girlfriend and sister will be safe as long as you do exactly what I say."

"He'll never surrender to you!" Marco seived.

"But Allie and Leah could be in danger," Will reminded him.

Mr Moore simply used his magic to send Marco flying out of the school theatre.

"Ah. Looks like we have guests arriving," Mr Moore suddenly remarked.

"MARCO!" Leah exclaimed as she raced to her stepbrother's side.

"Where's Will?" Allie demanded.


"He's inside the theatre," Miles told them.

"Is Mordred with him?" Leah asked which was responded to by a nod for Marco, "Shit. You guys head in there. Make sure he's alright.

"Go with them, Leah. Keep them safe," Marco pleaded.

"I'll come back for you," Leah promised as she followed Allie and Miles, "JARHEAD!"

The three of them ran inside and saw Will sprawled on the podium with a bump and cut on his forehead. As Leah made her way up, she tripped and landed across Will's lap. As soon as she sat up, Will embraced her.

"I'm so glad you're safe," Will murmured into his sister's golden brown hair.

"Chocking; not breathing," Leah rasped, causing Will to break his hold on her.

"WILL!" Allie exclaimed as she knelt beside her beloved boyfriend.

"Allie," Will sighed in relief as he kissed her with all he had.

"What has Marco done to you?" Allie asked after he let her up for air.

"Marco? He was trying to warn me," Will explained.

"No. Marco is Mordred. He's trying to destroy you before you figure out who you really are," Allie corrected.

"What?" was all Will said.

"What I told you tonight; it's not a metaphor. Your destiny is to change the world. You are King Arthur," Allie told him.

"You should listen to Allie, Mr Wagner," Mr Moore remarked from the audience as he walked onto the stage.

"Mr Moore?" Allie said in disbelief.

"I do not like where this is going," Leah muttered to her brother.

"Neither do I," Will murmured back to his sister.

"This won't be good," Miles remarked.

"She is absolutely right about everything; except for one small detail: Marco…Marco's not Mordred. Oh no, no, no, no," Mr Moore denied as he removed his glasses and held up his walking stick, "I am."

"Say what?" Will whispered.

"I did not see that one coming," Miles remarked.

"We are so screwed right about now," Leah muttered.

"No. It's not possible. You can't be," Allie denied.

"Ta-da. Surprise ending," Mr Moore sneered as he prepared to strike them with his walking stick.

But he exclaimed in pain as Marco knocked him off the stage and into the drum set below. Leah, Miles, Allie and Will joined him and saw Mr Moore sprawled on the floor. His walking stick was out of his hands but in reach.

"That was really cool," Miles commented.

"Nice timing, bro," Leah complimented as she and Marco punched fists.

"You OK, Will?" Marco asked.

"Yeah. I think so," Will panted.

"Wait. This doesn't make any sense. You've been trying to destroy Will," Allie recalled.

"No. I've been protecting him," Marco corrected before pulling out a necklace, "Look. My father was in the Order of the Bear. And when he died, I swore to continue on."

"And mum was in the order as well," Leah added as she held up her own necklace and turned to her confused brother, "Mum didn't die on impact in the car accident like you all thought. She actually lived long enough in order to pass on the legacy to me. Marco and I pretended to argue to throw off suspicion that we really get along and so Marco could finish his mission. It's one of the many sacrifices a member of the order must make to protect the reincarnation of King Arthur."

"But Marco, what about all the terrible things you did?" Allie asked.

"I needed to get Mr Moore – Mordred – to trust me," Marco explained hurriedly, "Allie, you were right. Will is Arthur, Miles is Merlin and Leah is the Lady of the Lake."

"I am? Really? Cool!" Miles exclaimed happily.

"I want you guys to know that treating you guys the way I did was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I only did it to keep you away from Will and out of danger. I'm sorry for all the things I did to you," Marco apologised.

"What are you talking about?" Will demanded.

"OK. Let's just…let's get out of here," Allie suggested as Will slung an arm around her.

"I'm down with that idea," Leah agreed as she and Miles joined hands.

The five of them proceeded to walk out of the theatre. That was when they heard someone jump onto the stage. And it was someone they did NOT want to face at this very particular moment.


Allie, Miles, Will, Marco and Leah turned around and got about the biggest shock of their lives. They saw Avalon High's European History teacher Mr Moore standing on stage in front of him. The differences being is that he didn't have the glasses, his walking stick transformed into a staff, his hair was longer and he wore the armour Mordred wore in the battle against Arthur which secured him the throne of Camelot…even though he was overthrown not long after. With a simple wave of his staff, Mr Moore threw Marco against one of the fake pillers. He screamed as he flew through the air and landed on the ground in a very awkward manner. Mr Moore waved his staff once more. This time, it was Leah who was sent flying through the air.

"LEAH!" Will screamed.

"I'M OK, WILL!" Leah yelled back.

She landed awkwardly in the rows of chairs. She groaned a little as she gingerly touched her shoulder. Aside from the aching shoulder, she was OK. But that didn't stop Will from fuming. He wanted to lunge at him, but Allie's tight grip on his arm kept him in place.

"I was just going to try and destroy you, Arthur, by just simply crushing your spirit. But I can see now that I'm going to have to take care of you – all of you – the old-fashioned way; starting with this pest," Mr Moore announced as he gestured towards Allie.

That was when he figured out what the teacher he once looked up to was going to do to his soul mate: he was gonna kill her. And he wasn't going to let that happen. He had to spend almost three years dating the wrong girl before he found the one who was truly the one for him. And he was supposed to just sit back and watch as his biggest nightmares come true? No. He wasn't. You know how Will was mad before when Mr Moore injured his baby sister. Well…he's even madder now if that was possible because Mr Moore just threatened his girl!

"DON'T TOUCH HER!" Will boomed as he stood in front of her, ready to lay down his life for her.

Mr Moore didn't seem fazed by that threat. He just simply waved his staff at his star pupil. Will screamed as he was flipped onto the fake podium.

"WILL!" Leah exclaimed as she used her powers to jump onto the stage and immediately tended to her big brother.

Mr Moore waved his staff at Allie. She screamed as she was sent flying into the bags of props at stage left. She landed against them with a grunt of pain. Will and Leah couldn't help but watch in horror.

"ALLIE!" Will and Leah screamed.

"Come on, Allie," Miles coaxed as he helped her up.

"Miles, get Allie out of here. We'll join you in a minute," Leah promised you.

"I'm not leaving you and neither is Allie," Miles objected firmly.

They then began throwing the nearest objects at Mr Moore aka Mordred. Unfortunately, they just rebounded from his invisible shield. After a few tries, they just gave up. This guy is practically unstoppable!

"I guess I won't be getting that A," Miles remarked.

"Is that seriously all you care about now?" Leah asked rhetorically before she noticed a particular object and an idea formed inside her head, "ALLIE! The sword! Grab the sword!"

"What? Are you crazy?" was all Allie said as Miles was knocked down by Mordred's magic.

"Trust me. It'll save us all," Leah promised.

Those last words had pretty much clinched it for Allie. She grabbed the sword and pulled at it with all she had whilst being careful of her ribs. Once she pulled it out, she admired it for a moment before kneeling near Will and Leah, much to Will's displeasure. He wanted her to run while she still could.

"STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Allie exclaimed.

"Allie, run! Please! Get out of here! Now!" Will pleaded.

"No! I'm not leaving you, Will," Allie responded firmly.

Mr Moore just cackled at Allie. But she stood her ground. Will couldn't help but be proud of her. She was fighting for them. That thought couldn't have made him happier and prouder.

"Do you really think a silly toy sword is going to stop me?" Mr Moore cackled before he went to hit her.

"No!" Will shouted as he went to take the blow himself.

But he couldn't for two reasons. First of all, Leah was holding him back with all her might. Second of all, the sword Allie was holding began glowing, much to everyone's surprise...except Leah's who just smiled knowingly. Allie was suddenly filled with naked fear. What was happening to her?

"What's happening?" Allie demanded.

"Any sword in the hands of Arthur becomes Excalibur," Miles recited.

"I knew it," Leah whispered.

"Knew what?" Will asked worriedly as he grabbed his little sister by her shoulders and shook her a little bit as he repeated his question, "Knew what, Leah?"

"No. It's not possible," Mr Moore denied.

"It was you all along, Allie. You're King Arthur," Miles announced.

"I…I am?" Allie stuttered.

"You are," Leah reassured her with a smile, "Just go for it, Allie. Let your heart guide you."

Allie then raised the still glowing sword and Mr Moore raised his staff. With a blinding flash, they weren't in the school theatre anymore. They were on a beach with rocks, crashing waves and a castle nearby: they're in Camelot. Allie, Will, Marco and everyone on the football team were wearing armour. Miles had on a long green cape and traditional clothing and was standing on one of the rocks. Leah was standing on the water completely unfazed by the waves in a satin blue flowing dress and a flower wreath on her head.

"She looks just like Mum," Will whispered as tears filled his eyes.

"I AM! I AM KING ARTHUR!" Allie cheered.

"ALLIE, BEHIND YOU!" Miles warned.

They all turned around and saw Mr Moore with his own knights thundering up towards them. Now was the time to fight for their lives. And everyone here knew that.

"Remember, Allie. Weapons and powers do not win a battle. Guidence of the heart does," Leah reminded her, "FOR CAMELOT!"

"FOR CAMELOT!" all the warriors chanted.

"FOLLOW ME, MEN!" Allie exclaimed.

Allie and her Knights began racing along the beach. Mr Moore was heading straight for them. Leah ran along the water with them. No way was she going to sit this one out. Besides, she's been itching to kick the old guy's butt since all this craziness started. Anyways, Mordred and Allie gained speed and left their followers as they rode towards each other. Once they were riding side-by-side (but in opposite directions, of course) Mr Moore used his magic to send Allie flying off her horse. Excalibur was sent flying in the air and where it will land, we don't know. Allie rolled on the ground once before landing flat on her back. No movement could be seen from her.

"ALLIE!" Will screamed as he went to tend to his girlfriend.

"Keep your head in the game, William!" Leah shouted from the choppy water.

With hesitation, Will took the advice his younger sister was offering him…although, he really didn't have that much of a choice because some of Mordred's followers began surrounding him ready to fight. With Allie, she stirred slightly but her eyes were wide open when Mr Moore stood over her and placed the staff in the sand inches from her head. They glared at each other as Allie stood to her feet. Next to her, Excalibur landed blade first in the sand. She immediately grabbed the sword and she and Mordred circled one another; weapons at the ready. Surrounding them were horses, knights fighting knights and Leah was watching on in worry. Suddenly, Morgan le Fey appeared in front of her.

"What are you? Chicken? Too scared to take me on?" Morgan tormented her.

"Bring it on, bitch," Leah challenged before she shot a spell at her and their 'little' magic war began.

"Impossible! I thought maybe you could be the Lady of the Lake. Maybe. But King Arthur? King Arthur can't be a girl!" Mr Moore scoffed in disbelief.

"And yet here we are," Allie retorted.

Mr Moore swung his staff at Allie who ducked in the nick of time. Mr Moore shot some spells at Allie but she either ducked or blocked them with Excalibur. He twirled his staff in his hand before setting it down and growling like a dragon. Allie was prepared for anything he could throw at her. He shot another spell at her and she blocked the spell with her mighty sword, Excalibur, once more. This time, it was Allie who tried to attack him. But each attempt was blocked by his staff which Mr Moore manouvred like a sword.

"Is that all you got?" Morgan screeched at Leah who was kneeling against the water clutching her bleeding side…which is something Will didn't fail to notice.

"LEAH!" Will shouted.

"I'M OK!" Leah responded before she noticed a knight approaching him from behind, "WILL, BEHIND YOU!"

Will turned around and began fighting the knights that surrounded him. Thankfully, he had his best friend with him. With one swipe of his sword, the knight Will was fighting fell to the ground dead. Lance got the same result with his knight. The two friends turned to each other and shared a smile. They had to admit. This was pretty fun.

"Maybe they were wrong. You're no Lady of the Lake," Morgan tormented.

Boy. That pissed Leah off to no end. As she stood up, water surrounded her, healing her side and giving her seemingly unlimited power. Suddenly, Morgan seemed to slink away in fear. After all, the Lady of the Lake is a powerful woman. Thus making her someone you do NOT want to mess with.

"Tachd!" Leah hissed. (AN: That's actual Gaelic right there.)

Before anyone could say what, Morgan was clutching her throat gasping for breath. She even knelt in the water. Beforelong, Morgan couldn't take the torture anymore.

"I…surrender," Morgan gasped.

"I thought you would," Leah smirked as she undid the charm, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help my brothers."

With Allie and Mr Moore, their epic battle continued. Mr Moore would try to strike Allie with his staff and she would always block his attempts. He shot a spell at her and she was barely able to block the incantation with Excalibur. To them, it seemed like they were the only ones at the beach fighting the ageless war of good versus evil. They didn't care that Marco was fighting one of Mr Moore's knights on his horse. They didn't know that Will was battling the numerous knights around him with some assistance from Leah and Marco who eventually came to help his siblings. They could only hear their grunts in determination and the clanging the staff and Excalibur made as they connected violently. He continued to shoot spells and she continued to block them. But there was one spell that Allie was struggling to block.

Marco, Will and Leah were now battling a knight each. Suddenly, Leah came up with an idea. She looked at her brothers and the three of them nodding at each other knowingly. Smirking, Leah placed her hands on top of the hands of her brothers who were holding their respective swords. They aimed them at the knights as Leah's hands and eyes began to glow brightly. Her whispers echoed as she hissed a Gaelic incantation. A beaming light shot from the swords and they knocked the knights down good. They then turned to Allie who was struggling to block the incantation. Suddenly, something struck Leah.

"ALLIE! THE STAFF!" Leah shouted to her before narrowly avoiding a sword swipe from another knight.

Allie caught on to what Leah was trying to tell her and yelled to Miles, "MILES! THE STAFF! IT'S YOURS!"

"To the owner of the staff, return. The evil hand that holds it, burn," Miles commanded.

The staff began to burn under Mordred's hand. It was enough for his eyes to widen and look at the staff before stopping the incantation and letting go of the staff while exclaiming in pain. Using Excalibur, Allie threw the staff up in the air.

"TAKE IT!" Allie and Leah screamed.

The staff magically flew back to its owner which happened to be Miles. When it was above him, he caught it and held it next to him. The staff transformed from an all-black staff with a dragon head to a green and gold staff with a lion head at Miles' hand. Miles just looked at it in amazement before continuing to observe the battle below.

"Whoa. Being Merlin rules!" Miles quipped.

Mr Moore began waving his hands and the sand blew in the wind he was creating around Allie. Will, Marco and Leah watched on worriedly in case Mr Moore tried to pull something on her. Allie barely managed to see anything through the black sand. With a growl, Mr Moore put an end to his magic trick and summoned his sword which was still in its little bag on his horse. He immediately caught it and began swinging at Allie. In the knick of time, Will, Marco and Leah blocked it with their own swords. Mr Moore just stopped and looked at the reincarnations of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake and two Knights of the Round Table ready to take him on.

"Four against one…it hardly seems fair," Mr Moore remarked, "How about I even up the odds?"

"We defeated Morgan le Fey," Leah started.

"And many of your knights," Will finished.

"What else could you throw at us?" Marco scoffed.

With a snap of his fingers, Morgan le Fey and two of his knights stood ready to fight. While they were distracted, Mr Moore and Allie resumed their battle.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Marco muttered.

"Ladies first," Will gestured to his sister.

"Thank you," Leah thanked before turning to Morgan, "Manuto Sleepunus."

Within seconds, Morgan was on the ground fast asleep. Within seconds, Will and Marco swiped their swords at the knights and they fell to the sand dead. Allie kicked Mr Moore in the gut. But that didn't harm him...much. He swiped his sword at Allie, but she grabbed his sword and threw it into the air.

"Knockto," Leah muttered as she used her magic to knock Mr Moore to the ground.

Thankfully, Leah's little spell succeeded in assisting her best friend in this matter. Mr Moore went to get up, but Allie, Marco, Will and Leah stopped him.

"Don't even think about it," Allie threatened.

Thankfully, Mr Moore knew that he was beaten. So he just went back on the ground like a good boy. Allie, Will, Marco and Leah looked at each other and smiled. They did it. They won. They beat Mordred.

Suddenly, they were back in their regular attire and back inside the school theatre. Mr Moore was lying on the ground with Allie hovering above him with Excalibur aimed at his chest. Marco, Will and Leah were standing near each other as if they were holding swords ready to fight. Miles reappeared to still holding his magical Merlin staff.

"Looks like we succeeded, Your Highness," Leah remarked as she bowed at her friend.

"Leah, it's just me," Allie reminded her with a laugh.

"I know, but still!" Leah retorted with a grin.

"Hey! It's after hours! You're not supposed to be in here!" the security guard exclaimed as he raced towards them.

Discretely, Allie threw Excalibur at Miles. The sword turned back into a regular toy sword just before Miles caught it in his hand.

"Officer, arrest that girl. She brought a weapon to school; threatened the life of a school teacher!" Mr Moore said to the officer before muttering to Allie, "Good luck saving the world from juvy, Your Highness."

"I'm sorry, sir. You're saying that this girl was threatening you with a plastic sword?" the officer asked confusedly as he held up the toy sword Miles handed to him.

"No, no, you oaf. With a real sword. This is…," Mr Moore went to correct him before realising that it was indeed a toy sword and the five teenagers in the room were quietly laughing and smiling, "Alright. Now it's a plastic sword. But it was a real sword. She held it and it became WHOOSH! Excalibur! Because she is King Arthur and… Look! Who's the teacher here?"

"We just came in here to get some fake armour for the school mascot, officer," Allie laughed.

"Yeah. I have no idea what Mr Moore's talking about," Will agreed.

"And I'm a National Merit Scholar. I don't kidnap teachers. I suck up to them," Miles defended as Mr Moore threw the plastic sword to the ground in frustration.

"I don't even go to this school yet! The only reason I'm back here is to help Will, Allie and Marco after Will tripped and hit his head," Leah lied.

"And I just came because Will forgot his helmet," Marco added as he held up said helmet, which Will took greatfully.

"Wagner, shouldn't you be out on the field?" the security guard questioned.

"Yes, sir. I should be," Will responded.

"Well get out there and get us to state!" the security guard demanded.

"I really need to take you out on a real date," Will remarked.

"Yeah. Later. Right now you have a game to win," Allie reminded him before gently slapping his chest, "Go!"

Will quickly pulled Allie close and kissed her before pulling away and heading towards the door…until a particular sight stopped him. And that sight was Miles and Leah gazing at each other lovingly before kissing each other tenderly.

"Something you two wanna tell me?" Will asked knowingly.

"About time you guys got together!" Allie cheered.

"Allie, Leah and I have been dating since freshman year," Miles laughed.

"Say what now?" Will and Marco demanded as they prepared to go all overprotective brother mode.

"Will, Allie, you guys might have the secret meetings down and Jen and Lance might have the whole acting-like-nothing's-going-on thing down. But Miles and I have mastered everything there is to know about the secret affair; from the secret glances to the secret dates," Leah explained, "Now get lost, Will. You have to get us to State!"

Will smiled and kissed Allie again and muttered 'I love you so much.' Taking the opportunity, Mr Moore lunged at Allie but the security guard held him back. Leah and Marco even stepped forward ready to protect her when necessary.

"OK! OK! Come on!" the security guard said.

"No! No!" Mr Moore began resisting.

"The looney bin's gonna love this nutbar!" the security guard remarked as he dragged Mr Moore away.

"No! Let me go! I have to destroy her! It's my destiny! IT'S MY DESTINY!" Mr Moore's cries faded away as he was dragged away from the school theatre.

"We did it. We stopped Mordred," Allie stated, "Oh, I just thought of something."

"What?" Leah replied.

"What if this is just one of my crazy King Arthur dreams and in two minutes, I wake up in my bedroom?" Allie asked nervously.

"It's not a dream, Allie. You're King Arthur, Leah's the Lady of the Lake and I'm Merlin," Miles reassured her, "Check this out."

Just by looking at it and holding it diagonally, the staff in his hand shrunk and transformed into a very stylish pen. Leah and Allie laughed and stared at him in amazement.

"Cool, huh?" Miles said.

"Very cool," Leah agreed as she wrapped an arm around Miles' waist and Miles slung an arm over her shoulders.

The three of them began to leave the school theatre and to support Will at his football game. But something stopped the three of them. And that 'something' was actually a someone. And that someone was Marco.

"Wait!" Marco called to them before bowing, "Thank you, Your Highness."

"Oh wow. That's…um. You know, the bowing's gonna take some getting used to," Allie remarked.

The four of them just looked normal as they left the school auditorium and headed towards the football field.

"It's timeout for the Knights as Will Wagner comes back in as quarterback trailing with just 12 seconds on the clock."

"Ready! Blast! 26 on 1!" Will told his teammates.

"KNIGHTS! THAT'S RIGHT! COME ON, TEAM! LET'S FIGHT!" the cheerleaders chanted.

"Tori!" Allie called as she approached her friend, "What did we miss?"

"There's 12 seconds left on the clock. The Knights managed to make up some ground. But we really need Will's gameplay," Tori explained.

"Thanks," Allie thanked as she, Leah and Miles raced to their seats.

"WHOO! GO WILL!" the girls screamed.

"I don't understand it. The eclipse came and went. No Arthur, no Mordred, no epic battle," Mrs Pennington pouted.

"I told you not to get your hopes up," Mr Pennington reminded her.

"But I was so sure it was Will!" Mrs Pennington moaned.

"I know. You even had me believing there for a second," Mr Pennington laughed.

"I guess we'll never find Arthur," Mrs Pennington sighed.

"5, 6, 7, 8," Jen counted.

"TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! WE WANT A TOUCHDOWN!" the cheerleaders chanted.

"Ready! Down! Set! Hut!" Will called.

The players started going at each other as Will began racing down the field with the ball eager to make the touchdown with the limited time he had left. He avoided many hurdles that came across his way. He's gonna do it!

"Wagner drops back, fakes left. Here comes a tackle! And oh my! Wagner just hurdles right over it! Look at that speed! He's going for the block! But no one can touch Wagner now! He's going to do it! …Touchdown, Knights!"

"HE DID IT!" Allie and Leah squealed as they jumped up and down and embraced each other as the crowd went wild.

"YEAH!" the coach cheered.

"They've defeated the Dragons 36 to 35! They're going to state!"

"WE'RE GOING TO STATE!" Lance proclaimed as he and his fellow football members begans surrounding Will.

Mr and Mrs Pennington just kissed and snuggled against one another. Hey! If you wanna do that, DO IT AT HOME! Not at a football game where you can embarrass your only daughter! Speaking of which, all of the students at Avalon High began racing down the stands and pouring onto the football field. The football team hoisted Will onto their shoulders in victory.

"KNIGHTS! KNIGHTS! KNIGHTS!" they all chanted.

Marco watched on from a distance. He was happy that he had patched things up with his stepsiblings and their friends. Now he was finally content. Smiling, he walked away so he could let his stepbrother have his moment.

"They're treating him like he's King Arthur!" Miles stated.

"They have no idea!" Leah laughed as they stopped at the centre of the field.

"It's OK. I feel like I'm up there with him," Allie reassured her dear friends.

Will was finally let down and he immediately raced towards Leah, Allie and Miles. Lance and Jen stayed with the cheerleaders and the football team. They even kissed one another. Hey! Will knows about their relationship now and even gave them his blessing! They were in the all-clear to do so now. Just like Will and Allie are in the all-clear to show their love as well.

"Congradulations, man," Miles commented as he and Will shared a man-hug.

"Thanks, dude," Will responded as he broke off the hug.

"I knew you could do it!" Leah gushed as she embraced her big brother.

"You never did stop believing in me," Will said as he held her tightly.

"I'm not the only one," Leah laughed as she broke the hug and gestured towards Allie.

Will and Allie didn't need to say anything to each other. It was written in their eyes. With a confirming nod, Will reached behind Allie's neck and undid the necklace which had Will's class ring. This caught everyone's attention. They continued celebrating but they watched them as well. But Will and Allie ignored the thousand of eyes staring at them. He let the ring fall onto his palm and he held her hand as he slid the ring on her finger.

"Allison Isabella Pennington, will you do me the honour of wearing this ring?" Wil asked.

Everyone stopped and held their breath. Even though they knew her answer, they just had to watch very silently.

"Yes," Allie responded whilst nodding eagerly.

Will smiled as he gathured her in his arms and twirled her around the football field as everyone cheered for them. Once he set her down, he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her senseless. Their kiss was much like their very first kiss that was shared by their tree in the park. When they pulled away, they smiled at each other.

"Wait. If you're the reincarnation of King Arthur, what does that make me?" Will asked nervously.

Allie just grinned at him and kissed him again. He pulled her closer and kissed her harder. But then she pulled away. But their foreheads were still touching gingerly.

"My knight in shining armour," Allie said to him.

Laughing a little like 6-year-olds the whole way, Will and Allie ran to Will's car and drove away from the school. After all, they wanted to enjoy their alone time. They knew they wouldn't be able to get that much alone time now since they have announced their feelings for each other. Will drove the two of them to their special spot in the forest at the park before they climbed out and climbed their special tree.

"I can't believe how much has changed," Allie gushed.

"I mean, two weeks ago, we were just virtual strangers living normal lives. Now, we're together and we just found out we're reincarnations of King Arthur and his court," Will added.

"Not to mention you just took us to state," Allie threw in.

"I'll celebrate that tomorrow. I've got better plans," Will shrugged as he moved over to Allie's branch and kissed her with all he had.

"Everything's gonna be different now, isn't it?" Allie asked after he let her up for air.

"Baby, everything changed when I first met you," Will retorted before silencing her with a kiss.

"Hey! Can you guys stop making out for five minutes so we can come up?" they heard someone call below them.

They jumped apart slightly and looked down as they saw Jen, Lance, Marco, Miles and Leah looking up at them from the foot of the tree. Immediately, Will and Allie moved to the branch Will occupied before he went over to kiss Allie so their friends could join them. Will leant against the trunk with his arms wrapped around Allie's shoulders as she settled herself between his legs. Miles and Leah occupied the branch in front of them and Marco, Jen and Lance occupied the branch above them.

"Wow. The view here's amazing!" Lance exclaimed.

"Because you can see the Dairy Queen on the highway from here?" Leah, Will and Marco laughed.

"Shuddup," Lance grumbled.

"Aw, poor Lance," Allie cooed as she pinched his cheek.

"Hey! Boyfriend right here!" Will teased.

"Oh! I won the bets! Boys, you know what to do! Cough it up!" Leah demanded as she held up her hands, earning groans from Marco, Miles and Lance as they each slapped $20 into her waiting hands.

"What were the bets about?" Jen asked.

"Well, with Lance, it was that Will and Allie would hook up BEFORE Will and Jen broke up. With Miles, it was that nobody would be able to figure out that the two of us were together the whole time. And with Marco, it was that Allie was the reincarnation of King Arthur instead of Will," Leah explained.

"YOU BET ON US?" Will and Allie boomed at Leah and Lance.

"Hey! You guys had chemistry from the beginning!" Lance defended.

"He does have a point, you know," Leah agreed with an eager nod.

"We're gonna be the best of friends, aren't we?" Jen asked as she held out her hand.

"Amen to that, sister!" Allie agreed as placed her hand on top of Jen's.

"Hell to the yeah!" Leah exclaimed as her hand joined the pile.

"No way with the hand pile. That's girl stuff!" the boys denied.

"Will, Lance, you do that with the football team," Jen reminded her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend.

"That's different!" Will and Lance defended.

"I can always go around Avalon High saying you're wimps," Leah sing-songed.

"I'm in," Miles decided as he placed his hand on top of Leah's.

"Who said it was girl stuff?" Lance scoffed as he placed his hand in the pile.

"Yeah," Will agreed as he joined the pile as well.

"Come on, Marco. We're all friends here," Allie reassured him.

"Why not? I actually like you guys," Marco confessed as he finally joined the pile.

"Actually, guys, I think we're more than friends. I think we're like a family," Allie voiced her thoughts.

"Yeah! We're practically siblings!" Leah agreed.

"A family away from our families," Jen sighed.

"Well, aside from Allie, I love you guys like siblings," Will admitted.

"Amen to that, brother!" Lance agreed.

"I guess I can get used to this," Miles grumbled.

"Meh. I love you guys too much," Marco proclaimed.

"OK, guys. Camelot on three," Allie instructed, "One, two, three."

"CAMELOT!" the seven of them exclaimed as they threw their hands into the air.

"Come on, guys. Let's head to the Dairy Queen," Leah suggested.

"Post-game ice cream on me and Lance," Will announced.

"After all, we do have a victory to celebrate," Lance stated.

"Two, in fact," Jen corrected.

"Come on! Let's go!" Marco exclaimed as they jumped down from the tree and raced to the Dairy Queen.

The following Monday…

"Hey, Marco. Come eat with us," Allie invited Marco who was hesitent about joining them.

As he sat down, everything changed. They weren't in the cafeteria at Avalon High anymore. The table and chairs were made of wood. And their outfits were different too. They were in Camelot. To be specific, at the round table in King Arthur's castle. Miles was wearing Merlin's robe and had his staff, Leah was in her satin blue flowing dress with her own staff and her hair down and straight, Jen was wearing a red, white and gold dress with her hair in a side braid, the boys were wearing their armour and Allie was wearing her armour too. The only differences being that she had a long red cape tied to her neck and she had a gold crown on her head.

You've waited long enough.
Thought it out and now it's time to embrace it.
Show what you're made of. It's in your hands.
Your chance to take it.

Allie stood up and placed Excalibur at the centre of the table. Everyone stood up when she did. The knights placed their swords at the centre of the table as well. Jen just stood there with her hands clasped in front of her. Miles and Leah held their staffs and each other's hands as they all smiled at each other.

Destiny's everything you're made of.
Hiding behind what you're most afraid of.
Destiny gives you the strength to stand your ground.
Where destiny is found!

Allie was riding her horse along the beach at Camelot. Her long blonde curls flowed from her helmet with the ocean breeze. She felt like a reincarnated king. She felt…free.

When you run around in circles! (Trying to find where you fit!)
Looking for a way that you can turn! (Hope means you're winning!)
No matter what, just take control!
Cause when you're gone, nobody knows your destiny!

Destiny's everything you're made of!
Hiding behind what you're most afraid of!
Destiny gives you the strength to stand your ground!
Where destiny is found! (My, my, my, my)
My destiny is found! (My, my, my, my)
Hey! Hey!

My destiny is found…

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