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Part 1 Low class blood

Why world is so boring? Do you feel the same?

Give me your hand and let's fly together….

In the beginning of new semester of cultural studies in Mishima Kingdom, Prince Kazuya and Prince Lee were studying together with other aristocratic members in the big class. The lesson was quite boring for teenagers like them. That year Prince Kazuya was 17 years old and Prince Lee was 16 years. They preferred learning how to tame dragon or studying magic to listening boring subject like History of Anglo-Saxon literature in 8th Century.

"Five hundred years after the Anglo-Saxon invasion, this country was again overrun by warriors and seafarers…."

Prince Lee turned his silver head, watching his step brother, Prince Kazuya. The boy that he was watching had a sharp look and black raven hair. His body was lean and muscular. His eyes were dark and gloom. Damn, he is also sleepy like me. How can he manage that serious look?

"Damn you. Stop watching at me, asshole." Prince Kazuya said without looking at him, looking at the lecturer with his serious look.

Prince Lee curved his mouth, irritated.

Prince Kazuya was said to be the next king after King Heihachi, the current king in Mishima Kingdom. However, he seldom showed his willingness toward the throne. He spent his time in lonely places, whether fighting with another aristocrat or planting several vegetables in his favorite garden.

In the contrary, Prince Lee was a serious person. He always wanted to learn how to run a country. His dark eyes often sparked when he learnt political policies and law studies. However, no matter how hard his effort, he wouldn't be the next king. He was adopted by King Heihachi from street. An orphaned boy who liked to fight and study anything would never be a king.

He would never be a king.

"I know why you always pick that seat, near the windows." Prince Lee said, smiling wickedly at his step brother. Prince Kazuya face turned red in seconds.

"What are you talking about? You…."

"Oh, who is the name of that lovely maid? Kazama, right?"


"Short thick hair, big lovely eyes, nice butt…."

"You bloody asshole…. How could you…"

"She is beautiful girl, brother. Have you slept with her?"

"Lee!" Prince Kazuya yelled, looking furiously toward his step brother, who was smirking at him.

The lecturer and the whole class now moved their attention toward Prince Kazuya and Prince Lee. Prince Lee stood and smiled, "Ah, actually I want to ask a question for you master. Can you tell me why the seafarers or sailors dominated whole medieval subject in our discussion today?"

The lecturer nodded and continued his explanation, "good question, Prince Lee. Well, as we may see from these manuscripts…."

Prince Kazuya watched Prince Lee, feeling a slight of envy.

"Come on, brother, I saved our butts from dangerous stick. Don't be angry."

"You white asshole, you'll pay for saying that."

I want to have everything

I wish I had everything

I want my dreams fulfilled

Prince Lee walked by the hall, looking for his favorite book. He was sure he had left it in the library. He didn't want to loose it. The book itself wasn't too important actually. It was a book about a pauper and a powerful yet miserable genie. It was his childhood dream.

For twenty four old year prince like him, the book was such a children stupidity. However, it was a very precious book for him. He had owned that book since he was children, long time ago in the dirty alley. It was part of his identity.

Prince Lee entered the royal library. He kept on walking until he heard someone's voice. Huh? What is he doing here? I'm sure he won't read any books. My step brother is way too lazy to read those things.

"Tell me, what your parents will do?"

"They will marry me with a man from my village, Kazu. They said I have to do that if I want to keep our baby."

"Fuck off! Fine, I'll meet your parents."

Prince Lee laughed hearing those conversations. He never understood why his step brother picked a maid instead of lovely princesses. As the heir of Mishima Kingdom, Prince Kazuya had so many choices. He had so many powers and abilities to have any girls.

He always wanted to have those powers. However he wasn't the real prince. He was only a false prince with no real powers. Even though his status was prince, but many aristocrats underestimated him. They considered him nothing. They took him as low class person after all.

Royal blood meant everything that time.

He had no single drop of it in his body.

Royal blood.

Kazuya was a stupid person after all, for choosing a decent peasant. He never considers about this kingdom. He never studies properly. But he would be the next king. Fuck!

"Hey, are you taking a mistress, Kazu?" Prince Lee showed up, smiling sardonically at him. His long white hair tied behind his white lace ruffles. His body was lean and strong. "As a next king you can't marry a peasant. No matter how much you love her."

Prince Kazuya face turned white. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for my book. Look what I've found, two lovebirds."

"Kazu…" the black haired maid bit her lips. She was the same girl from long time ago. She was lovely for sure. Her big dark brown eyes shimmered in the dark. Her long straight hair was styled into a cute braid bundle. Unfortunatelly she was just a decent peasant.

"Don't worry. Interfering with someone's business is never my hobby. I prefer entering maidens' legs, honey." Prince Lee curved his mouth, teasing the maid.

"Well, I'm going to have her as my mistress… That's right." Prince Kazuya said arrogantly, holding his maid in his arms. "After I became king, I'd make her my queen."

"So hypothetical… Well, good luck with your plan." Prince Lee said. He moved his eyes toward the lovely maid, winking his eyes. "See you around, Kazama."

Prince Lee sauntered down the hall, looking at the dark sky above him. Fuck, Kazuya. Damn, he could do anything he wanted. I want have those authorities. I must be a king.

He swore to God he would be a king. That meant he had to find a princess. A royal princess and a kingdom.

Prince Lee smiled and remembered one name, Princess Anna.

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