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Part 13 The Dragon Casts

You are my everything

Anna kept holding his hand even in her sleep, didn't let him go. Her condition was much better than last night. She had stopped crying and whimpering in her sleep. However, her face was still pale. She had to be depressed, Lee acknowledged. Well, who wouldn't. She had just remembered and told him everything she knew. Lee stayed still with her all the time, watching her in silence. He promised he wouldn't let her shed any tears anymore just because of that problem. He would protect her at all cost.

Anna had told him about her memory. He knew that was plaything. At that time, Anna knew nothing about the dragon casts and all. Anna and Nina, who might have no idea about the cast too, had been manipulated by someone. It was impossible for kids, playing in sacred place and suddenly found out the forbidden dragon spell. That was too good to be true. Someone who hated the royal family had manipulated the children.

"I…. I was playing with Nina when she taunted me, calling me coward. So I did."

"You did what, Anna?"

Anna closed her face with her hands. "We entered the forbidden section in the palace, Lee. We entered a room together. Then, I read the spell. Both of us didn't know that was forbidden spell… and….those dragons…. Those dragons flew and attacked us all…"

Lee hugged her, trying his best to soothe his wife. "Please, you don't have to continue darling. Wang had told me about this. Now all you have to do is…."

"No matter what I had killed so many people, including my mother!"


Anna stared at him. Her eyes were swollen and red. She was completely sad. She bit her lips, "That's why father and Nina hate me so much. I had taken my mother's life. I have killed so many innocent people. Oh, Lee…."

Somehow, Lee noticed something wrong in her story. There was something weird. His instinct instantly detected it. He held Anna closely. He couldn't bear to see her crying. That broke his heart. However, she needed to release her stress, so he let her crying.

Lee didn't know how long she cried in his embrace. Still, he couldn't help it. He had to ask Anna to clear his curiosity. He had to. Lee wiped her tears, kissing her head. He tilted her face so she could see his eyes.

"Tell me something…, just tells me all you know, okay?"

Anna nodded. "What is it?"

"Nina was the one that challenge you to cast that spell. How she knew about the cast after all?"

That question made Anna confused. She lost her words.

"Anna, please answer me."

"I… don't know…. How was I supposed to know that?"

Lee smiled. His suspicion was correct. There was someone behind that accident. I will find out the real suspect of this problem, love. I guess there is someone who trapped both you and Nina into this matter. I will find out the real culprit.

Anna was still sleeping. Lee tapped her face, touching her affectionately. He really loved his Anna. She was so beautiful. She was so lovely, even with her red swollen eyes and pale face. Oh, shit. I forgot to tell her about her pregnancy…. Well, I will tell her after she opens her eyes. No, I will tell her after I kiss her, and kiss her again. Here you are Lee Chaolan, acting like a maniac over a woman. She isn't ordinary woman. She is special.

She is my woman.

Suddenly Lee recalled when the physician told him that Anna should stay in her bed for at least ten days. Great, thanks to his father in law they almost lost their baby. That old man… Lee didn't know what he should do toward his father in law, but he couldn't forgive what that old man had done to his daughter. He couldn't forgive him to let Anna suffering again.

How could a father treat his own daughter like that? How could he make his own daughter, his own flesh and blood, suffering traumatic experience alone?

Then he remembered what his father, King Heihachi had done to his son, Kazuya. That old man was just the same, horrible father. He adopted him just to make Kazuya jealous. He treated him much better than he treated his son. He often saw him abusing Kazuya, threatening him and many more father shouldn't do. Yet, Kazuya was always as kind as a common kid could be. Actually, it was quite amazing that Kazuya was still sane all the time with his circumstances.

Lee sighed as he thinking about his stepbrother. Lee heard that war between his father and the Eastern Kingdom had just over, with the victory in his father's side. However, he noticed that there was no information about his brother. Last time, Kazuya wrote that he was ordered to guard the post in Eastern. Lee knew that was deadly place and Kazuya's life was at stake. Then, he expected Lee to take care his small family if something happened with him. Despite all of their quarrellings and fights for years, Lee never wanted something bad taken place with his brother.

You are the light of my life

My guiding star whenever I lost

The sun was high in the sky when Anna finally opened her eyes. The room was clear, with opened window and fresh scent of early picked flowers. She couldn't believe that near the bed, there was a full breakfast set, with her favorite food. Lee was standing near the window, smiling.

"Are you awake, my queen?"

"You shouldn't have to do this… I don't really want to eat, Lee." Anna pouted her mouth. "I'm so tired, perhaps I should take a walk or..."

"No, you can't leave the bed and that's an order." Lee walked toward her. "Last night I called physician and she told me to make sure you'll stay all day and night in your bed for at least 10 days."

"That's insane!" Anna yelled, "why in the world I should stay…."

Lee took her hand and kissed it lightly, "I also think that's insane, love."

"Then why you…."

"Which one sounds better, Syaoran or Anakin? Well, maybe if it were girl we should think of other names, like Luna, Lucille, Leisha…. Hmm, I like Leisha…." Lee continued, teasing her. "We're having baby, baby darling."

Anna's face turned bright red. She didn't say anything. Lee noticed that. He was too smart to read someone's expression. She had to know it. Anna had known that she was pregnant before he told her. Lee rolled his eyes, he sighed.

"Don't tell me you… Oh, Anna! You should tell me!"

"I'm just…." Anna stuttered. "It's because…. It seems that I am pregnant since we did that in the library, so I couldn't…."

Lee didn't say anything. He kept staring at her without saying any words.

"I'm too afraid to tell anyone, including you. Besides…."

"What are you saying? I knew it, Anna. Somehow you don't think that I really love you, don't you?" Lee snarled. His lost his cool demeanor. He suddenly lost his calm. He didn't know why he could act like that but he couldn't control it. "Or perhaps you think that I'm not appropriate to father any child of yours?"

"Lee!" Anna snapped. "You knew I would never, never think that way again!"

"So why do you keep it from me?"

Anna looked disappointed with his reaction. She bit her lips. She whispered softly, "I am scared. I am terribly scared…. I'm afraid you may don't want to have baby this fast and… and yes, I'm afraid you may love me less than I love you…."

Hearing his wife's answer, Lee couldn't say anything. He quickly took his beloved wife and hugged her. He noticed he had misjudged her. He was too afraid of losing anyone he loved.

"Anna… I'm sorry. I'm just being so… so stupid." Lee tried to explain. Words seemed stuck inside his throat. "All my life, well, all my life, I've been living a very harsh life, a very cruel one and I barely have anything."

Flash of his childhood came across his mind. Bigger children ganged up and beat him until he hardly moved any muscles. They took the only bread that the nice servant woman had given to him. Lee cried out. He almost died because of starvation and blood loss.

He had seen many hookers aborted their illegal babies, throwing those soulless bodies to the garbage until wild dogs and cats ate them. He sent those animals away, trying to bury them properly. Those unwanted fetus died just like that… worse than animals.

He often thought about his own babies. He would shower them with love and care; he would treat them, his most important things with best treatments. Someday, he also considered that in the future he would have his own family. He might have a pretty wife, little children, and so much happiness.

"Family is… family is a very special, extra ordinary thing in my life… That's why I… I couldn't stand if you… if you try to hide about anything, especially about our very first child…."

Anna asked him, "you're not angry?"

"Why should I angry? You're having a very precious thing inside your body," Lee raised his eyebrows. "I don't know whether it's possible or not, but my love for you is growing much, much bigger than I ever imagine."

"Lee, I love you…."

Come to me and I will show you what love is

The most powerful feeling you ever give

Back in the castle, Lee had to check many reports about the current situation in Willard Kingdom. That was his new duty as king, and responsibilities had to be done. He had analyzed some of them and his worries were becoming reality. He had to do something with his plan much faster than he thought. King Heihachi had launched another attack to another kingdom.

However, he had no idea about the dragon things. Lee quickly traced some documents about dragon masters in the Willard Kingdom. As he knew, the families, which were familiar with dragon, were…. Damn, damn that fucking bastard.

Dragunov and his families were dragon masters. Dragunov's ancestors were from Garland Village, a mountainous place between high caves and sea. How could he miss that point? Surely, Dragunov was the responsible person for what had happened to Anna and Nina years ago. Perhaps he was the one that suggested Nina to force her little sister to cast forbidden spell. He had to initiate some interrogations with Dragunov and his families. Yet, he had bigger problems to face, alliance problems.

When Lee was wondering about his alliance, his personal assistance, Ganryu came and told him something very important about a woman who wanted to meet him. Lee couldn't guess who the woman was until Ganryu gave him a letter, a letter from Kazuya that the woman brought with her.

Lee, father has just ordered me to join in Eastern war. I have bad feeling about this. Eastern Kingdom is bigger than Mishimas, so I'm afraid I couldn't be able to take care my family. I had asked Jun to come to you if I wouldn't survive.

What the hell is going on? What is happening with you brother? Lee hurriedly closed the letter and burnt it. He knew one day that day would come, the day when Heihachi killed his son intentionally. Besides, he noticed Heihachi had another heir from Alexanderson princess. That old bastard….

In this silly world

You are the precious thing I have

"My sister Jun!" Lee exclaimed happily. He had arranged a very confidential meeting with Jun in his palace. It was his favorite place, the rooftop terrace in the green palace. There were so many most covered the floor, yet it looked completely adorable. Jun was still lovely as he remembered. Kazuya was a lucky man, he acknowledged.

"I'm so happy to see you again and your… is he Kazuya's son?"

Lee was asking about the small infant in Jun's arm. The infant stared at him curiously, and then he hid his face. He continued, observing the little infant. "He has Kazuya's thick eyebrows, and his eyes…. he's surely Mishima's heir with that vengeful eyes. He grows up fast, I might say."

"Ahh…" the infant spoke, "huu…."

"Yes, Your Highness." Jun bowed politely.

"Please, we're family so stop that nonsense things. Consider me your brother in law, will you Jun?" Lee smiled, holding the infant's small hand. "What's his name?"

"Kazuya named him Jin," Jun answered softly. "Kazuya thinks that name is suitable for our baby."

"Jun, I'm sorry… I have no idea how that could happen to Kazuya, but I promise I will take care of you." Lee stepped back, sighed. "I never knew that father would send him to that dangerous…."

"Prince Lee, ah, I mean, King Lee, I hope you could find him…." Jun asked him with teary eyes. "I don't believe he is dead, as King Heihachi announced days ago…."

"Ah, I see," Lee sipped his wine uneasy. "That must be hard for you and Jin…."

Jun nodded, "I don't believe that. Kazuya was alive, somewhere he is alive, so please, will you help me to find him?"

"That's very optimist belief, Jun." Lee told her. That was wonderful to believe that your spouse was still alive after hearing royal announcement. Yet, he wanted to feel the same way. He also wanted to believe that Kazuya was still alive. Although they always despised each other, but there was a bond between them.

"You do believe Kazuya is alive, do you?" Jun hissed desperately. "Do you?"

"Jun…." "My feeling tells me my husband is alive, please trust me!" Jun hesitated. "They couldn't find his body and…"

"And I'm an optimist person, so I trust you." Lee cut in. Actually, Lee didn't know what to say. Still he wanted to trust Jun's faith. Miracles happened anyway. Besides, he needed to observe the Eastern area, so there was nothing to lose by searching for Kazuya in between. "I am not sure that brother of mine is dead. He is hard to be killed anyway."

"Thank you…" Jun wiped her tears. "Thank you, Your Excellency."

"Please, call me Lee," Lee insisted, "the way I call you, Jun."

Lee smiled sadly. Yes, I hope you are alive, brother, hope you are alive.

"Uhm, Your Excell… I mean Lee, could you please release Swampy? You know, the dragon you gave to us long time ago? He's our pet, he's not dangerous, but your soldiers put him in jail. Please, don't hurt it." Jun explained. "Swampy only eats fish and…"

Suddenly Lee got the solution of his problems. The river dragon was the perfect solution for his alliance and Anna's problem. Of course! Why he could be that stupid? Lee shook Jun's hand, saying, "thanks for your coming, sister in law. You won't believe you're my savior."

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