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My mother was walking down the street coming home from work. She was singing as she walked, it was my song, the one she wrote for me when I was a baby. It was both of our favourite song. I was walking not to far behind het singing quietly along with her. I realized where we were and I knew what was about to happen. "Mom!" I shouted, but she didn't hear me.

I screamed and shouted and yelled at the top of my lungs but she still never heard me. "Mama," I cried like a young child, "Don't go around the corner please. Please don't leave me."

It was too late. My mother had turned the corner and I heard the gun shot. I had been running but I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the sound. "Mama," I cried again falling on the sidewalk.

"Mom!" I woke up crying.

I sat up in my bed and wiped my wet face. I looked at the time. 8:40. Crap. I'm going to be late. I jumped out of bed and put on my black jeans and t-shirt outfit that I had picked out last night. I grabbed my purse and keys and ran out of my apartment. I got into my red M3 convertible and drove to Condor Studios. I parked my car got out. God, I hope my cell phone is in here I thought searching my purse as I walked towards the dressing room I shared with Tawni. As I got to the dressing room I bumped into someone. "Sorry, I–" I started, but stopped when I realized that I had bumped into the three named-jerkthrob, "Ugh. Would it kill you to watch where you're going, Chad?" I asked irritated as Chad looked up from his cell phone on which he was obviously texting.

"Well hello to you too, Miss not-so-sunny Munroe. And by the way I you weren't paying all that much attention to where you were going, either," he said back to me as I opened the dressing room door and stepped inside.

"Goodbye, Chad," I said slamming the dressing room door in his face.


Well my bubbly brunette wasn't so happy today. Wait she's not mine. But you wish she was. No I don't. Yes you do. No I don't, now shut up stupid annoying voice in my head that gives no good advice like how to get the girl I like. Aha. I didn't say Sonny. But that's who you meant. No it's not, now shut up. You know you just told yourself to shut up. You know what I give up.

Sonny was definitely upset, but why?


Well I'll have to find out later.


I feel bad for being so snappy with Chad earlier. I mean even though he is a conceited, egotistic jerk sometimes it's not his fault I'm upset. "SONNY MUNROE PLEASE REPORT TO THE SET OF SO RANDOM!."

I gritted my teeth. It was that time of year again.

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