Hey OTRTA fans, I know it's been a while. Like I posted in my last note I've been working on rewriting this story, as well as working on a few others, as ideas just pop into my head here and there. Though I ran into a little snag as my computer crashed on me last year. I just got a new one but have yet to be able to access the files from my old one. The thing is, I didn't realize that I still had readers on this story. I figured that most people lost interest, but I logged in and checked my stats today and realized that I've had new reads on this story almost regularly in the last few years that I haven't posted, and also a few reviews. So thank you to all my og readers and the new ones who found and read my story. When I started this story I never even thought it would ever get this much love.

So here's the deal, if you want me to continue with this story, leave a review and let me know. Once I get my story files back I'll do my best to start uploading again, starting with all the rewritten chapters.

Love always,