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This is officially part four of my Struggle of the Apprentice series, taking place after Rise of the Dead and the spinoff story From X-men to Avengers. Things have changed for OC Sieg as he now has a growing team of "Avengers" and he intends to do some real Avenging while at the same time Deathblade launches his own attack on the villain community. This story features mainly Avengers characters and will also have spin offs with Spider-man, She-Hulk and Captain America.

My OC Cade Hunter AKA Deathblade is having his origin told in the latest chapters of my story True Heroism. Read that to find out what kind of person he was and how his powers developed as well as his rivarly with Sieg's master Aeon. I hope everyone enjoys the first chapter in a story that'll change Sieg and the Marvel universe.

The Hunt

Chapter 1: It begins

A beach house in South America offered a truly tranquil and calming scene as the sun began to rise. The waves splashed onto the sandy beach, a sound that would have calmed anyone that was brave enough to walk down it. People stayed away from the estate, because of who the owner was. Guards were stationed at the front gate and two jeeps with machine guns on the back. Inside the house itself was truly luxurious sight, one that none of the locals had. Chandeliers on the ceiling, wide screen TV's in the office and living room and a kitchen bigger than an English flat. The amount of money the house owner made was ridiculous. Of course he didn't pay for the house itself. A few days ago the prostitutes he hired were welcomed with the sight of the previous house owner bleeding out on the dinner table. The exact cause of death was his leg being ripped off.

Now the prostitutes lay asleep on the new house owner's bed. The bed itself was Herculean size, matching the huge form of the house owner. He sat on the edge of the bed, putting on his oversized rings and chains. His cold eyes kept an interested gaze on his own plasma screen as he put on his slippers. It was the revived Daily Bugle news report program, showing the recently promoted Betty Brant giving a report on current events.

"New York City is being reopened today with a parade dedicated to all public service workers that helped to repair our city. The president himself dedicated a speech at the White House to all the men and women that had died during the invasion three months ago. Famed Avenger Tony Stark also had a small monument built in Stamford's Camp Hammond while temporary commander of the Initiative defence forces Victoria Hand assures us that all villains and deserters that had been working for former Hammer Commander Osborn are being kept in Prison 42. In other news we also prepare ourselves for the anniversary of Captain Stephen Rogers assassination and the trial of super villains Crossbones and Sin."

Tyrone Cash scoffed as he put on his jacket, the floor creaking as he walked out of the room.

"What a bunch of poofs!" He said, remembering his actions during the invasion.

A few months ago, an alien Empire ruled by a being called Karabai had invaded Earth. Norman Osborn was too busy furthering his own ambitions to be of any real value in defending Earth, so the heroes that hadn't signed up with the registration act fought the invaders and at the same time exposed Norman Osborn's criminal intentions involving a group of Avengers from the future. It was the sacrifice of the resistances leader Muga that enabled the return of an old hero known as Aeon. With the morale of Aeon's return, the resistance bought Osborn down and drove the invaders back. But the damage dealt to the world was still significant, so the Avengers had spent much of their time rebuilding not only America but also other parts of the world.

The balance of power was also disrupted, with Osborn gone and public opinion against Fury and Stark the remaining Hammer and disorganised Initiative forces were left in the hands of young accountant Victoria Hand, she had been Osborn's second in command during his tenure as America's top cop. But none of this affected Cash, he was practically immune to anything that happened in the world of Super humans. During the invasion he had sat back and watched as other people were killed, only selling weapons and information to those who paid him enough money.

"Morning Mr Cash, would you like to take the Humvee today?" One of his guards asked.

"No thanks Mate, I'm just going for a little walk, too hot to sleep back there anyway" Tyrone said.

He used to be a British scientist, now he was a South African gangster that would tear people's legs off. People called him the first Hulk, but he was no Hulk, he wasn't even close to measuring up to the Hulk. The man thought he was immune, he thought life was good because he had money. But he was wrong; the tranquil peace would soon be shattered. The guard walking round the left side of the estate was relaxed, so relaxed that he never noticed the black suited figure creeping behind him. She was wearing a plain black suit with a black mask. Wrapping her arms around the back of the man's neck, she pulled him into the bushes.

"Christ, what the hell's going on here?" Cash wondered as the wind began to blow.

While Tyrone was simply faced with a cool breeze, his guards were overcome by a sandstorm. The twisting sand obscured the vision of the guards, while the wind threw them aside. Then the ground itself shook, so much that Cash felt it from the beach. A man in a black suit suddenly burst out of the ground, a glowing yellow light surrounding his form. He thrust his hand forward, shaking the inside of the guard's firearms. Their guns shattered, leaving them in total shock before a sudden burst of wind threw them against the wall. The girl in the black suit climbed into one of the rooms, looking over one of Mr Cash's computers. She reached into one of her belt packs, removing a memory stick.

"I'm searching through Cash's personal files now, haven't come up with anything concrete yet…what about you mission control?" The girl asked.

"Locations for weapon stockpiles, as well as contacts in Northern Africa, various crime lords but nothing too big, he's just your average gangster," A ginger haired boy explained, looking over the files being sent to his computer.

He tilted his glasses; Hindsight Lad was never one for fieldwork. In fact he hadn't really made a great impact within the New Warriors, except for when he had exposed their identities. His old friends wouldn't give him a second chance, but another person would, though right now Hindsight Lad still wasn't sure whether he was right in accepting that young man's offer.

"Guards are almost down outside X-23, what ever files need to be downloaded download them quick." The man in the black suit said, firing a blast of light that cut a Humvee in half.

Suddenly, Cash burst through the wall, grabbing the man by his arms.

"YOU IDIOTS!" He yelled, throwing the man straight through the wall.

He bounced across the rocks, skimming across the water before recovering and flying into the air.

"X-23, Renaissance, be careful in there," The man explained.

"We'll be fine Omega, and please call me Wind Dancer" Said another girl in a black suit.

She stood on the roof of Cash's house, wind blowing round her elegant form. With a wave of her hand she threw two of Cash's prized vehicles straight at his back. He grunted as the cars hit him, sending him stumbling forwards. Then a cloud of sand blew into Cash's face, grazing his skin and pushing him towards the wall. Inside the house, the girl in the black suit ran at two guards. Metal claws suddenly popped out of her knuckles and feet. X-23 jumped at her opponents, cutting the barrels of their guns and kicking them so hard that they were thrown against the walls.

"Downloading the files from his second computer now" X-23 said.

"Pieces of information he sells, nothing we can use although there are several files with encrypted security walls, I could try hacking them" Hindsight Lad said.

"Good, Wind Dancer, Dust, back off now, X-23 you get out of there, I'll take care of Cash!" The voice was fierce, young and impatient.

But more importantly was his emotion of rage. The sandstorm passed and the first thing Cash would see would be a fist flying into his face. He was sent crashing straight through his wall, rolling backwards down the hill of his estate. Wind Dancer flew off the roof, picking up X-23 as they left. The two girls watched as their leader walked towards Cash. Tyrone Cash grinded his teeth together as he got a good look at his attacker. He was wearing a Navy Blue suit, with black lines across his shoulders. His trousers were a dark blue colour, with black armour along the sides of his leg and waist. The armoured bands on his wrists were pitch black while his hood partly obscured his black helmet. This helmet he wore had small bladed edges stretching backwards passed the face while a pair of red slits shined through the eyeholes.

"Who the hell are you?" Cash asked fiercely.

"Victory!" The young man declared.

Tyrone threw a fist towards the young man, widening his eyes as his opponent stepped to the left. Victory then stepped back, dodging another crushing punch from the taller man.

"Do you know who I am? Seriously you come onto my grounds, beat up my guards and expect you to be the one to win, and what the hell is with your hood, anyone can just grab it" Tyrone explained.

As cash reached for Victory's hood, Victory pulled his fist back, red energy twisting itself around his hand before he released a cheek breaking punch into Cash's face.

"I know exactly who you are Leonard Williams," Victory said, "Seriously, you used to be a scientist with a wife and kids, you make an experiment that turns you into this and then you choose to become a gangster, seriously a gangster, you could have done something so much better, you could have become a hero."

Cash slammed his fist into Victory's stomach, knocking him to the ground. Then Cash jumped upwards, straight into the clouds.

"Sieg, are you okay?" Wind Dancer asked.

"No names on the radio Damn it!" Victory growled.

Wind Dancer widened her eyes as Cash landed on the ground, crashing a plane in his arms straight into Victory. The young man coughed, lying on a crater that grew as Cash slammed the plane into his chest repeatedly.

"Your pretty tough boy, but remember who I am, I never wanted to be a part of that European Defence Initiative, all those poofs in their spandex talking about ideals, alls I wanted was some money, power and some cheap nasty friends…this was the pilots thigh bone, now how's about I shove it where the sun don't shine." Cash explained, spitting across Victory's cracked helmet.

Cash raised the dead pilots leg, but threw it aside. He raised his arms, and then crashed them onto Victory's head. The helmet shattered, revealing a Nineteen-year-old boy with silver hair that reached to his shoulders. Dark rings were under his eyes and blood ran down his forehead, dripping off his top lip. Sieg spat a blob of blood onto the dirt as he laughed.

"Look mate I know it'll be funny getting a leg shoved up your ass but its nothing to celebrate, unless that's how you swing," Cash said.

"No, I've got a thing for blondes, tell me…do you regret anything?" Sieg asked.

"Regret, why regret, its so damn liberating going Hulk, you think I give a toss about any of this? Destroy that house if you want, wreck my records hell kill those birds. I could find slag's anywhere, cause I've got power boy, power to take anything I want and anyone I want…like I said, money power and cheap friends, do you even know how liberating it is unleashing your full power?" Cash asked.

Sieg laughed again, a feral glare crossing his face as his eyes gleamed at Cash.

"Thank you Williams, you've given me the excuse I need not to hold back…. and give you the beating you deserve," Sieg growled as his eyes glowed red.

Cash swung his fist towards Sieg, ready to crush the boy's head. Suddenly, a blade slid out of Sieg's wrist, piercing Cash's right hand. Sieg snapped the blade, leaving it lodged in Cash's fist. The man stepped back, yelling as the energy the blade generated burnt the regenerating nerves of his hand. Swinging his fist back, Sieg punched Cash in the chest, and then delivered a swift uppercut to his jaw. Tyrone Cash swung his left fist at Sieg, who ducked underneath the swing. A handle burst out of Sieg's shoulder and with great effort and pain Sieg pulled a blade from his second skin armour. He swung the foot long blade at Cash, cutting his forearm. Then he jumped over Cash, landing on the mans shoulders.

"Sieg we still need Cash alive," X-23 said as Sieg raised his blade.

Without hesitation, Sieg plunged the sword into the top of Tyrone's shoulder.

"You enjoy hurting other people but you've never had to take any pain of your own have you?" Sieg asked, snapping his blade again and leaving it imbedded inside Cash's right arm.

Sieg jumped off of the man's shoulders and slammed his legs into the back of the man's knees. Without mercy, Sieg punched the man again and again and again until Cash's tattooed face went purple. Stepping on the man's back leg, Sieg grabbed the chains around the man's neck and pulled them back.

"You talk to me about my hood, but who's the one just asking to get choked? Seriously what is with gangsters and chains, they aren't cool there just something someone can use as a weapon" Sieg explained, dragging Cash to the floor. "Four years ago you sold a sniper rifle to an assassin or the employer of an assassin, are the names Matthew Risman or William Stryker familiar to you?" Sieg asked.

"Of course those names are familiar, Stryker's a talk show priest and Risman's a contract killer, he came to me for a twenty cal rifle," Cash said.

"Do you know what he did with that rifle?"

"I don't really give a shit who he kills."

"A Fifteen year old girl, she would have been Nineteen now, but no some crazy religious nut wanted her dead, you sold the weapons so you're an accomplice to murder."

"So bloody what? Boo hoo some mutant girl gets killed."

Sieg pulled the man's ear, bringing his face close to his.

"Next question, have you recently sold to Stryker, Stephen Lang, Craydon Creed and Cameron Hodge?" Sieg asked.


Another blade slid out of Sieg's wrist, just inches from Cash's groin.


"Yes, yes I did sell weapons to them, just a few hundred crates of guns and some weaponised magic ritual, I have no idea how it worked I just sold the damn thing," Cash said, his voice quickly becoming panicked.

Sieg slammed his foot into Cash's stomach, and then punched him across the face. With total Fury in his eyes, Sieg punched the man again and again. He raised his fist to punch the man one more time, revenge and blood lust reflecting off his eyes. Suddenly, Omega grabbed Sieg's arm, stopping it inches from Cash's face.

"Local authorities are on their way, Hindsight sent them some juicy evidence of smuggling and the prostitutes he's held prisoner will testify along with other rival gang members, he's done Sieg, lets go" Omega explained.

Grinding his teeth together, Sieg gave Cash one final soft punch before turning away.

"Twenty to Thirty years, I'm betting that's what he'll get if it ever goes to court, but probably bail in Ten…Laurie deserves more" Sieg said as he and Omega took flight.

They left the scene just as the police and secret service agents arrived. Whether it would go to court or not Tyrone Cash was done because he had learnt that he wasn't untouchable anymore. A new age was beginning!

"This is Sally Floyd reporting for frontline news. It has been Three Months since an alien invasion engulfed the planet and already the UN government's have declared that today on July Sixteenth will be the day we mourn the lives lost because of the invasion. Numerous voluntary organisations and super heroes have assisted in the rebuilding process of numerous major cities but many of these cities still remain damaged and right now world governments are unsure whether the buildings are worth repairing. A large majority of citizens across the world are residing either in small town's or in designated camp sites such as Washington and Central Park."

"In other news Commander Victoria Hand's leadership of Hammer is still under critical review by American citizens and even foreign parties whom believe that now is the time to disband the organisation so that a new foundation can be bought in. Public opinion is still in the negative concerning the work of the Avengers and others in the super hero community while mutant hysteria has reached an all time low as people begin to place priority over repairing the physical damage of the world. But there are still radicals such as Simon Trask whom have demanded that "mutant breeding control programs" be implemented for the sake of public safety in response to the events that took place after M-Day when a single mutant child was born."

"Rebuilding the world in the aftermath of the invasion has proven to be a difficult task, but assistance has been provided by a large number of multi billion dollar activists and even outside influences such as the Skrull immigrants and Asgardian's currently touring around the world. But most world leaders say that while our cities may be repaired, our economy will take generations to recover. However recent polls have agreed that most citizens are happy to be alive and with their families. Yet that still leaves a large majority of people homeless and thousands of orphans across the world."

He ripped the bread into small pieces, dispensing it amongst the large group he had come to call family. Zack gave the final piece to Ray, the blind member of the orphan group. Ten children living in the streets of New York and no one noticed. No one cared because they were super humans, the X-men didnt want them and the Avengers only wanted to control them. Apart from Zack, most members of the group had begun to think that they could only look after themselves. After all it was the adults whom started the conflicts right?

"Okay everyone, eat up, then hows about we try finding some adults today?" Zack asked, but the group ignored him.

Zack ran a hand through his red hair, which had a few white strands on the fringe. He was probably the only member of the group who hadn't had family before the invasion. Everyone else had lost their parents. Fifteen year old Ray was Zack's senior by three years and despite his enhanced senses he relied on Zack as everyone else relied on him. All of the children were bitter, unwilling to take Zack's advice on seeking out social services, or at least what was left of social services. But Zack still couldn't abandon them, he had to keep them safe. He looked up at a place that offered him comfort and hope.

Stark Tower, the former Headquarters of the Avengers. Now it was Tony Stark's home. In the aftermath of an alien invasion, Stark had been put under temporary house arrest under the powers of Victoria Hand, temporary commander of Hammer. But Tony Stark was an intelligent man with resources and a mind that could produce incredible gadgets. Combine that mind with the likes of Henry Pym, Reed Richards and Hank McCoy and you have four scientists whom can create technology to fool the surveillance tools used by Hammer Agents. Right now the team of Hammer agents watching Stark Tower were watching Tony Stark eating his breakfast, when in actual fact he was entertaining several colourful super heroes and former Avengers.

It was a gathering to discuss the future of heroes in a world where Norman Osborn was no longer in charge, but there was no one left qualified to control the super human registration act. Many of the heroes were dreading the worst-case scenario, that Henry Peter Gyrich would be put in charge. In the aftermath of the alien invasion the city was left in ruins and many organisations were reorganised. Hydra was still going strong but was now allied with AIM, according to Intel gathered by Fury and his Secret Commandoes there were now many super villains commanding Hydra. The band of Ninja's known as the Hand had also sought new leadership and had turned to the most unlikely person. Daredevil was now leader of the Hand and had a fortress built in Hell's Kitchen. Soon the city would be reopened and the people of New York would come home to changes in the super hero community.

Tony had gathered a large number of former Avengers from numerous times. They had all been Avengers. Even X-men like Wolverine and Beast and vigilantes like Moon Knight had been Avengers in the past. Even the obscure or "forgotten" Avengers had come such as Stingray, Sersi and Jocasta. Tony was glad to see better-known Avengers such as Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye and his wife Mockingbird; Wonder Man, Justice and Firestar had joined them. Other long time Avengers included Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, the Falcon and War Machine. A small "god" squad had also joined the meeting, this trio included founding Avenger Thor, former Avenger Hercules and recent Avenger Ares the God of War.

But the recent events in Avengers history were not the only reasons why the heroes had gathered. They had been called not just by Tony, Reed and Hank but by a young super hero as well. Not many knew of Sieg, he was unregistered and he obviously had no intention of registering. But what Tony did know was that Sieg was the apprentice or student of a recently resurrected super human whom went by the name Aeon. Sieg wasn't the only young hero present. Rick Jones, now the monstrous A-Bomb was sitting with Buck Barnes, now the Winter Soldier. Bucky had formerly been Captain America but he had passed that shield onto Michael Van Patrick.

Michael Van Patrick bought a fresh feel to the shield. But Tony could tell that he was nervous. After all he was now wearing the mantle of a very important figure in super hero history. He altered the costume; it was a lot more different than the one Bucky had worn. In fact it more closely resembled Steve Roger's costume. It consisted of a darker blue suit with the flag stripes on the belly and a star on the chest. This star wasn't a solid white star but a white star pattern, it kind of reminded Tony of a Jewish star. The red boots and gloves had been replaced with blue padded gloves. Michael now also wore a military style cargo harness. His cowl had wings on the side and the symbol of the American eagle on the forehead, but it now had gaps that exposed his long brown hair. And of course he had the famous shield on his back.

Tony was going to talk about what the Avengers were going to do. But first he wanted to let Sieg have his say. The young man was wearing his light blue costume, one that didn't have so much armour and a friendlier look to it. He was there to ask a question he had certainly earn't the right to ask. Tony smiled as he pictured the young man asking the question all kids wanted to ask.

"I've got something I want to ask, something I need to ask," Sieg began.

'Any minute now' Tony smiled. When are you going to make me an Avenger he'd ask?

"When are the Avengers going to sort themselves out?" Sieg asked.

Not quite the question Tony had in mind.

"What do you mean Sieg?" Beast asked.

"I'm talking about everything that's happened over the past few years, everything that's gone wrong, the Civil War, the Scarlet Witch, this war against the mutant messiah and Gothica's attack on Westchester and the Phoenix incident." Sieg explained.

"He's right, the pattern I see with all of those things is that they were all the Avengers fault," Wonder Man said.

"Shut up, I'm not talking about blame or "responsibility", I'm talking about your name."

"Avengers…I think I know where you're going with this Sieg," Wolverine said, leaning on the sofa casually.

"When are you guys actually going to start Avenging people, when are you actually going to start doing some good, so many things have happened that weren't the Avengers fault, but they were events that the Avengers could have stopped."

"Sieg I know things seem tough, but right now everything that can be done is being done to fix the problems that have happened in the past few years," Tony said.

Sieg squeezed his hands into fists, walking across the room and looking at the picture of the original Avengers team.

"Jurisdiction, law, approval, public relations…these are all things that shouldn't be in our way and yet what have you done? YOU'VE LET THEM GET IN YOUR WAY!" Sieg yelled.

He rubbed his eyes, looking at the group of Avengers.

"Desmond Carter, Lizbeth Barnes, Ellie Phimister, Paul Tucker, Roger Cane, Michael Bendis."

"Are we supposed to know those people?" Sersi asked.

"They were people that the Avengers could have saved, people killed at Genosha, and there are millions more, where were the Avengers when that was happening, and the countless threats that the X-men faced, where were the Avengers then?" Sieg asked.

"Sieg we had our own problems to deal with," Tony said.

"Really, is that the truth, what were the Avengers up to when the Pride was sucking out people's souls, where were the Avengers when the X-men were digging their students out of rubble…I'll tell you where, off at some charity event or some parade or a civil war that didn't have to happen."

The young man rubbed his eyes, blood shot with dark rings around them. Wolverine could also see that the boy had lost a little weight too, he had neglected eating and sleeping. But Tony's armour could see that Sieg's body still contained vast amounts of energy, enough to take on the "god Squad".

"The Civil War wasn't one of our greatest moments Sieg but it didn't stop us from doing our jobs," Tony said.

"That's exactly what it did, it didn't have to happen, registration didn't have to happen," Sieg said.

"How can you say that after what happened with the New Warriors?" Ms Marvel asked.

"The New Warriors, the New Warriors are to blame, the New Warriors killed 600 or so people, they got publicly crucified but what about Nitro, has he had a public trial yet, maybe you could answer that question for me Walters, shouldn't a killer on Nitro's level be given a trial for all to see?" Sieg asked.

"Sieg you're being ridiculous," She-Hulk said.

"Am I really, It's just what all of the kids my age have been thinking, when are we going to start doing what needs to be done, finding, tracking down, hunting down the people who committed injustices like the Hood and his gang of Scum, Hydra and Aim and Norman Osborn all the evil, all the scum every last one of them including the ones we've never dared to touch but have caused the death's of so many like Mephisto, Galactus and Loki." Sieg explained.

"And how are we supposed to do that?" Stingray asked.

"Finding a way to get to them and then taking them down."

"Whoopee, I'll get the beers," Wolverine said.

Sieg glared at Wolverine, something that shocked Beast.

"And we should get this ridiculous registration act cleared up, it's stopping us from protecting the whole world."

"Sieg the act and Commander Hand are temporary arrangements, things will be back to normal someday," Reed said.

"But it wont be an improvement, so many people have died, and yes some of them may get a second chance like Hawkeye and Aeon did but what about the people killed by Nitro and the Hood and Norman Osborn, they wont get second chances, the least we can do is Avenge them," Sieg explained.

"That's all well and good but where do we draw the line between hero and dictator? The people are afraid, the President prepared a parade to reopen the city but a large majority of Americans are still afraid to re-enter the major cities. Not just because of the invasion and these super villains hiding out but because of us, we need to earn their trust." Tony explained.

"Says who, maybe we should talk to them about how their registration act only made things worse…god damn it I wont waste my time with it anymore, if anyone wants to do some real good follow me," Sieg said.

He turned to walk away, but looked back. No one got off his or her seat; no one was willing to follow him.

"Sieg, what were you playing at with Williams, assaulting him in his home, you damn near crippled the man, I would have expected that kind of thing from Laura and myself, not you." Wolverine explained.

"I was doing something that Stark and his Avengers never achieved by worrying about "jurisdiction"…I was doing some good for a change."

The young man walked away, going to the rooftop of the tower and flying off. Beast, Wolverine and Tony followed, watching as he flew away.

"So what are we going to do about him and this team he's got?" Hank asked.

"Leave him be for now, maybe it's just a phase," Tony said.

"I don't think Aeon would agree" Logan huffed.

And speak of the devil the three heroes turned to the edge of the building. A man in white and red armour huffed and puffed as he climbed up the building. Tony kept his eyes wide while Logan shook his head and Hank sighed.

"So…am…I…late?" Aeon asked, huffing and puffing as he lay down.

Aeon was a superhuman with incredible determination and hand-to-hand skills. His armour was harder than steel, though the full density was often debatable. The armour itself covered his body, with black gloves connected to his gauntlets and a helmet with spikes pointing outwards at the back of the head. Two slits on the helmet exposed his grey eyes, which would often glow when he used his energy creation abilities. Tony widened his eyes as he saw Aeon climb onto his rooftop, huffing and puffing.

"Did you just climb up the tower?" Tony asked.

"Yes…this towers really tall…" Aeon said, taking deep breaths as he recovered.

"Would you like Jarvis to get you a drink or something?"

"I actually cant eat or drink, the armour's covered me permanently, anyway you asked me to come over…what did you want?" Aeon asked.

"Yes, I just finished talking with some of the Avengers, we mentioned Sieg."

"Oh, please tell me, how is he doing?"

"Honestly, I think he's reached the point where most heroes say enough is enough, he attacked a gangster by the name of Tyrone Cash, quite frankly the man is lucky to be alive, your apprentice has a lot of pent up rage." Tony explained.

"He's not my apprentice he's my friend."

"Sieg looks up to you Aeon, seriously he thinks of you as a father. I've been watching Sieg for a long time, ever since he first fought with his abilities, the members of the Illuminate and I took great interest in his development…he used to be so, good and full of hope but now with everything that's happened, the invasion, Norman Osborn, Gothica's attack on the X-men its all pushing him over the edge, its only a matter of time before he kills someone."

"I know, but I still believe he can be saved, Sieg isn't completely lost. Those Avengers from the future told me that Sieg was destined to fall into darkness, that leaves several conclusions. One he starts to kill criminals, two he loses himself to his corrupt form or three he naturally becomes evil. I know what its like to be that kind of person, to do things to good people that you never once thought you'd do, I was lucky enough to find the light and I believe that Sieg is capable of finding a light as well."

"There's something else I wanted to discuss with you, I've heard from Carol that you've been tracking and bringing down villains lately, I wanted your opinion on this case that's come to S.H.I.E.L.D's attention." Tony said, going over what Fury had told him earlier.

"What's the case?" Aeon asked.

"Local police have been coming across murders in the streets, some of the victims have been criminals trying to rob materials from builders while others have been builders killed off duty, we've even had a few mob bosses turning up dead in their houses, the most disturbing case we had was a mob enforcer found dead with his wife, we believe the murders are the work of a serial killer because every crime scene had the same words written in the victims blood" Tony explained.

"What were the words?"

Tony whispered the words in Aeon's ears and gasped as Aeon stepped back. Aeon put a hand to his head, his eyes glowing as he walked towards the edge of the building. Across America, super humans whom had been connected to Aeon detected his concerns and the strike of a man who had been a thorn in Aeon's side for years. At a hotel in Manhattan a blue crow cried out and a brown haired man fell off his chair, his eyes glowing blue. At the Initiative's camp Hammond a tall giant of a man quivered in fear, his eyes glowing a brown colour that was unseen by the camp staff walking over to help him. In San Francisco a blonde haired man slammed his fist against the wall as his eyes shined a gold colour. A car schreeched to a halt and its driver put a hand to his head, the car suddenly shook as his body vibrated at fast speeds, his eyes glowing a pale blue colour. The words that had been written only left one logical conclusion for Aeon.

"Deathblade has returned," He said before he jumped off of the roof.

Down the street across from the empire state building the parade to celebrate the reopening of the city was cut short when they had reached Time Square. Police and army rangers set up lines to stop people from getting past as Victoria Hand and a group of Hammer agents responded to the call. Peter Parker mingled through the crowd, looking up at the main advertisement screen with his camera.

"Oh my god!" Peter said.

Two figures had been crucified to the sign; one wearing a female goblin uniform while the other wore a ragged version of the Iron Patriot armour. People watching on TV's at the civilian shelters backed away from the screen in shock.

"I want these people moved out of here, get the Avengers on the line now," Hand said.

She looked up at the scene, practically glaring at her former bosses remains. The search for Norman Osborn and his lover Lily Hollister was over. Both them and their unborn child were dead, a massive scythe wound on Lily's belly and a gash across Osborn's head. Peter's camera had missed the bodies, but instead photographed the words that had been written in their blood. They were words that the police had found at countless murder scenes in the past few days. The words were:

Let the Punishment fit the crime!

At a warehouse in hells kitchen, a man in black armour lifted his scythe on his shoulders. The red sections of his armour practically shined under the light. He held a severed arm in his left hand, the arm of Eli Bard. Then he looked into the shadows, huffing as several people infected with the Transmode virus kneeled before him. They had all been dead once, but now they lived again to serve a man seeking his view of true justice. He ignored the bowing super humans, fame and power mattered little to him, only results. Turning to his "resources" he listened and focused, detecting the reactions and the fear felt by all those that had discovered Osborn's body. He lowered his head, his eyes giving off a red glow as he said two simple words.

"It's begun!"

Chapter 2: Hunters

There it is, the first chapter, I'll post the spin offs up as the story progresses. Hope everyone enjoyed the first step. Next time heroes begin their own hunts while Deathblade launches the first strike, against of all people Hammer!

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