An Ode to Buffy

To thine eyes thou art purest light

From'st heavens shining bright

If thou'st would stand by thine side

Would'st thou walk into battle

Knowing not of our survival

Thou art but the moon and stars

And yet thou'st disbelieves

The words which flow from thine mother tongue

Thou would rather fade into dark

Than shine like the most brilliant star

Thou hath nothing to fear

Except the lies thou'st tell the heart

For sooth thou know'st true nature of love

And know'st it breathes like fire in men

And lives in thine heart for thou

They would have thou believe

That what lives in thou'st heart is false

And that thou is lost in the dark

Fear not fair maiden thou art not alone

For I shall'st walk thro' the fire with thou

Ne'er lie to thine own heart

As it alone knows the truth

Thou would'st do well to remember this

And learn to endure the fire in thou'st heart

And the battle of thine enemies

- William The Bloody