The spotty drive-through kid tells Dean that his car is nice. It makes him feel awesome.

"Some people appreciate class when they see it, Sammy."

Sam smiles, shakes his head at his brother. Of course it is a great car, but liking your car just lacks the intensity of how Dean feels. Sam's pretty sure he would be tossed aside if the situation ever arose for Dean to choose which to save – Sam or the Impala. Hesitation at least.

Dean switches the tape and hits play.

The moment it starts playing, Sam knows Dean is about to start singing. With a burger in one hand, Dean raises his eyebrow in what Sam hopes isn't an attempt at a seductive pose.

"REO Speedwagon, Dean?"

"It's a classic."

Sam winces as the song progresses and Dean starts murmuring along to the lyrics, clutching at his chest with passion.

"I can't fight this feeling anymore, Sammy." Dean speaks slowly, purposely destroying the tone and flow of the song. "I've forgotten what I started fighting for."

"Ugh." Sam draws back, pulling himself as close to the shotgun window as possible. "Eat your food before it gets cold."

Dean grins, takes a huge bite out of the side of the double burger.

"Mmm." He purposely enunciates, forcing his mouth open with each bite. "S'good."

Sam shakes his head, squints his eyes in disagreement. "That should be illegal."

"You ," Dean points his finger accusingly, still fighting the mouthful of bread and processed meat, "You should be illegal."

Sam rolls his eyes, nods his head sadly in shame for that insult. He unpeels the wrapper from his own meal. It's apparently the healthiest thing on the menu, some bean salad crap, and he supposes that a burger would have been a better option.

"Gross." Dean looks genuinely offended by the food that Sam is forking into his mouth. "That should be illegal." He points then bites down onto his burger again.

REO Speedwagon starts playing again.

"Every song three times." Dean speaks smugly, as though it's the best idea in the world. "Best idea I ever had. Feel the intensity, Sam."

"Do you even known what modern music is?"


"Let me make a tape for the car."

Dean scoffs, shakes his head in vehement objection. "Wow. I'm shocked that you would even suggest that."

Sam rolls his eyes, allows his brother to speak the words that are already being formed.

"I said I know what modern is, I didn't say I liked it."

"Let me make a tape."


"I'm going to make a tape."

"We don't even have the facilities to make a tape. Those are all Dads."

"I'll figure out a way of making a tape."

"Even if you do, Sammy," Dean forces the last piece of burger into his mouth, "'S not being played."

"I'll put it on when you're asleep."

"Because that would totally teach me the meaning of modern music."

Sam lets out a sigh and reaches for his drink, sucks cold liquid through a flimsy straw.

"'Sides, Sammy, I know a lot about modern music."

Sam raises his eyebrow in preparation for Dean's likely useless facts.

"I like that woman, y'know…" He looks out of the window, as though that will somehow spring the name to mind. "The meatsuit one."

Sam's shoulders sink and then shrug. "The meat suit one, Dean? I'm fairly sure there haven't been any celebrity possessions recently."

Dean tilts his head, glares at his brother. "Idiot."

"You're the one who –" Sam exclaims before being cut off by Dean's voice.

"The one who wore a dress that was made out of meat."

Sam vaguely remembers, but he decides to let Dean ramble on for a while longer.

"She sings that song…"

Sam steels himself for a vocal attack.