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Rated M for adult content. Slash and mixed threesome. Edward/Bella/Jasper.

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Suddenly, Jasper's hands were undoing Edward's jeans and pushing them and his boxers down. I gasped as Edward's big cock was freed and immediately circled by Jasper's hand. Edward groaned and looked down at himself in shock as Jasper stroked his hard-on and pressed close.

"Fuck me sideways," I murmured as I watched, my eyes glued to the scene unfolding before me.

Edward moaned and placed his hand over Jasper's again, guiding his movements and grimacing in pleasure. His eyebrows knit together and he watched his and Jasper's hands slide over his cock again and again. He panted, "fuck," and looked at me.

I whimpered when his eyes met mine. He whimpered when Jasper pulled his hand away and backed up. Jasper stood a few feet away from Edward, looking him over with hungry eyes, and said, "Take off your clothes," in a husky voice.

Edward did so, looking at me the whole time.

Fuck, he is beautiful. It frustrated me that I couldn't touch him and I pulled against my restraints.

"Be patient, Bella," Jasper said. "You wanted a show; we'll give you one." He turned to Edward, who now stood naked at the foot of the bed. "Now take off mine."

Oh my god, yes, yes, yes … my brain was screaming as Edward moved toward Jasper. My breathing was quick and desperate with the anticipation of watching them together. It was so different from the photo-shoot, because then I'd been totally in control and never imagined either of them would come near me. Now I was handcuffed to Jasper's bed and at their mercy. And I knew that, when they were finished showing off, they'd be on me. My clit throbbed at that prospect. My eyes were wide as saucers as I watched the scene unfold before me.

This time, Jasper's cobalt gaze locked with mine as Edward slowly and deliberately unbuttoned his shirt. Edward's eyes raked over Jasper's naked torso as he pushed the shirt off and to the floor.

"Suck his nipples!"

Jasper raised his eyebrows in surprise at my outburst and Edward glanced over with a grin before doing exactly as I'd requested. And, fuck me, if seeing his gorgeous lips close on Jasper's left nipple wasn't one of the hottest freaking things I'd ever seen.

Jasper gasped and looked down at the top of Edward's head as his hands came up and twined in his lover's hair. "Oooh, fuck," he said. "That feels so good …"

Edward grinned and teased the little barbell with his tongue as I watched, my mouth open, my breaths quick. The fact that I couldn't move or touch myself made this all the more exciting.

I watched as Edward's hands fumbled with Jasper's belt and the fly of his jeans, at the same time that he slid his mouth to Jasper's right nipple and teased it with his tongue. Jasper moaned gently as Edward pushed his jeans and boxers down to his thighs, freeing Jasper's cock. Edward grabbed it and stroked a couple of times, pulling more sexy noises out of his boyfriend's open mouth.

"Oh my god," I whimpered and they both looked over at me. They looked at each other. Then, Edward let go of Jasper and Jasper finished undressing. "No, don't stop," I murmured.

They chuckled and came toward me, crawling onto the bed on each side of me, looking like two Greek gods, their expressions full of mischief.

"Bella, sweetie, we've just begun," Jasper whispered, his hands ghosting up the sensitive skin of my thigh to the garters that held my stocking. Edward did the same on the other side. My head turned from one to the other, watching as they unclasped the garters and pulled the tops of my stockings down to my knees. They reached up and each took a hold of the waistband of my panties, peeling them down and off over my stockings and stilettos.

I watched them as they slowly and carefully divested me of everything but my stockings and shoes. Edward looked me over from head to foot with hungry eyes and said, "Jasper, get the fucking camera."

In no time, Jasper was aiming the lens of my camera and shooting me in this vulnerable state. But I couldn't care less because Edward lay next to me, his head propped on one hand, his other hand tracing along the inside of my thigh, his hot hard cock pressing wetly against my hip. When his fingers glided up and ghosted over my neatly trimmed pussy, I gasped and shuddered.

"Edward, look … she's wet the sheets already," Jasper said, putting the camera on the dresser and getting on the bed. Edward glanced between my legs as I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

"Jesus, you're right," he said.


"Oh, honey," Jasper murmured. "Don't be sorry. It's very flattering. And very … fucking … hot …"

Suddenly there were gentle fingers slipping between my slick folds and I opened my eyes as Edward bent to press his lips to mine. I moaned and opened my lips as his tongue slipped between them. The fingers teasing my pussy slipped easily deep inside at the same time and I bucked off the bed in delight as they skillfully pumped in and out, in and out, then pressed deep and rubbed against a spot far inside. I groaned loudly into Edward's mouth as I came in waves and bursts, trembling and shaking underneath their talented hands and lips.

"Bella … Bella … can I fuck you?" Edward whispered in my ear as he pulled away from my mouth. "I want to fuck you again."

I nodded. "Yes, fuck yes, do it … please, Edward." I opened my eyes to see him unroll a condom onto his incredible length and position himself between my relaxed thighs. Oh yes – I was so ready for this.

Jasper lay on the bed beside me and gently caressed my belly and breasts as he watched his lover slide his cock slowly into me. It felt so incredibly good. Edward and I both moaned as he slid into the hilt and Jasper cursed under his breath.

"Oh fuck, Bella," Edward moaned, covering me with his body and moving slowly inside me. "You feel so nice around my cock …"

"Oh …" was all I could say as he fucked me gently while Jasper watched with a hooded gaze. I could feel the pleasure building again as Edward moved a bit faster and Jasper turned my face to his and kissed me deeply. Then he pulled away and grabbed Edward's chin roughly, locking his lips to the other man's moaning mouth. I watched in fascination as they kissed. Edward moved more frantically inside me, panting and grunting and kissing Jasper desperately.

"Oh fuck yes!" I cried out as I shuddered and came again, hanging onto Edward's biceps, my eyes glued to their joined mouths.

Jasper pulled away suddenly and smacked Edward hard on the behind. "Edward, come … come now … fucking do it, baby …"

Edward yelled out, "fuuuck!" and his movements quickened as, with another slap from jasper, he came, groaning and shaking above me and driving his cock so deep inside me, I'm not sure I'd ever been touched there before.

I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the weight of him on me and the feel of him still inside me as we both recovered. He was kissing my cheeks and ears with little tiny kisses. He reached above me and undid the cuffs, setting my hands free. Then he groaned and I felt him thrust against me. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight:

Jasper stared down at me with lust-filled eyes as he slowly pushed his cock into Edward.

"Oh fuck …" I whispered, " Oh yeah."

I grabbed Edward's face and made him look at me. He whimpered, closed his eyes, then opened them. He groaned as Jasper pushed fully into him.

"How does it feel, Edward?" I asked, probing his gaze for the truth. "How does Jasper's cock feel in your ass?"

He groaned and grimaced in pleasure before murmuring, "So good, Bella. Do you feel me getting hard inside you?"

"Yes … I feel you. You feel so good inside me, baby," And he did; so, so good.

"You both look so hot," Jasper said. "I'm gonna fuck you both right now."

Edward and I moaned in unison, as Jasper started moving. His thrusts into Edward pushed Edward into me, and Edward's cock was quickly turning to steel and hitting the sensitive spots inside me.

This. Is. Fucking. Epic. was all I could think as they fucked each other and me at the same time.

"Oh Jesus, Edward … I fucking love your tight ass, baby," Jasper breathed as he thrust harder.

"How does it feel, Jasper?" I asked, reaching down to Edward's fine bottom. I grabbed his ass and spread him for Jasper. Edward groaned and Jasper pumped harder. "Oh fuck yeah … it feels like fucking heaven, Bella … that's it, spread him wide for me, sweetie … you like that, Edward?"

But Edward was groaning and his cock was so hard inside me. He kissed me hard and then wrenched his mouth away. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna come … I'm gonna come …"

"Me too," Jasper and I panted together. We all chuckled for a second. Then, one after the other, we came. Edward first, then me, then Jasper, in a flurry of pleasure noises and curses and convulsing flesh. Our communal orgasm seemed to go on forever, since it was a chain effect.

I forced my eyes to stay open and watched the two men as they found the pleasure of release, and it was an image that would stay with me forever. We cuddled together, the three of us, and whispered endearments and compliments and words of friendship and love until sleep overtook us.

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