It was her day off from Watchtower but Chloe decided that she would still go ahead and get some work done. Yet she could always feel someone watching her from a distance, just waiting in the shadows.

But she didn't feel afraid because she knew it was him. Davis had promised her to watch her back or be there whenever she needed help. Somehow the world wouldn't feel right to him if something terrible had happened to her.

Davis had just excited church after some quiet meditation. These moments of peace he relished because it allowed him to be himself. The other time he was himself was when Chloe was around. He really couldn't hide anything from her.

But the reason he was here was to say goodbye. He couldn't face her anymore or the world based on the destruction that followed him everywhere. It was either - survive and bring turmoil or sacrifice yourself and end the suffering. But even if he did, the Beast won both ways. It was a never ending descent into failure. But he thought maybe if he destroyed himself, Chloe wouldn't think twice about getting rid of the Beast to protect her friends.

Davis wanted to make this easy for her.

Chloe had exited Watchtower 15 minutes later because A.C. shooed her out jokingly calling her an 'obsessive workaholic'. Davis didn't notice when she just streamlined to him and nonchalantly punched him on the shoulder.

"Gotcha!" she beamed.

"Oh Chloe hey," Davis snapped himself out of his thoughts "I didn't see you coming."

"Yeah, you're not a very good stalker" Chloe replied. "You should be watching me all the time"

Davis didn't know exactly what to say to that. "Ummm Chloe I…"

"Look Davis, umm, before you say anything there's something I need to tell you" Chloe looked serious. "I know these past years for you have been rough. Okay so poor choice of words. But I'm here to remind you that I'm always here, no matter what happens."

Her green piercing eyes held him in a trance. "So what exactly are you saying Chloe?" he asked.

He didn't notice when she leaned forward because he was rooted on the spot but he felt her minty lips as they meshed with his. A monster couldn't feel the warmth of love like he did. A fleeting hope…

"What I'm saying is, you'll be just fine" she touched his nose with her index finger and then hugged him.

Davis ran his fingers through her satin blonde curls. She's always been beautiful to him.