"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

In the state of Washington under a near constant rain pour, there is a small town with just over three thousand residents. Bella Swan had been one of the residents. She started out on the other side of the country where she had been adopted at birth by her birth mother's best friend, Renee and new husband, Charlie. Renee had left Bella in Charlie's care when Bella was six, promising to return as soon when she got settled. Charlie knew better; he knew Renee would never return for either of them.

Less than a year later, he signed divorce papers. Renee had not asked for anything; spousal support or her half of everything. Nor had she asked for visitation rights to Bella. She signed her parental rights away. Bella could remember Renee saying goodbye, the clothes she wore, her reddish-brown hair pulled into a messy bun, but she could not remember what her voice sounded like. She stopped asking Charlie questions about her when she turned nine...when she would no longer pull memories from her mind.

She finished high school with several friends. Most were going away for college just as she planned to do. She wanted to attend WSU, but her 'maternal' grandparents made her an offer she couldn't refuse. They were actually her birth mother's parents and they had always been close as they were the only grandparents she had. Charlie's parents died when she was a toddler and Renee's parents never cared. Her grandparents were guilty over her birth mother's death and had replaced her with Bella. Most of the time she didn't mind, they were in New York and she only seen them for two weeks during the summer and every few Christmas' when they would come to Forks.

She knew they had a trust fund set for her, the one that was to go to her mother, before the accident.

She also had aunts, uncles, and cousins who she became close with. Everyone said she looked just like her father, but she had her mother's beauty. Apparently it was a dangerous mixture. Her birth father died mysteriously weeks after her birth. His name was not on her birth certificate, she was a bastard. He told everyone he wasn't the father, but no one believed him. One of her aunts had been fed up with the lie and when Bella was eleven she had a DNA test run on his parents to prove he was her father.

Bella had been given his inheritance in increments over the years. Charlie put it in a savings account for college. She would be able to go to any college in the world with it. The only time he let her have access to it had been to buy a car. She wanted a brand new car, but he got her a 1953 Chevy. She learned to adore it. No one told Bella what her father's name was, they told her it was best not to know what kind of person he had been. His parents didn't want anything to do with her; wouldn't even remember her name. They knew her as, 'that girl who took our beloved son's money, just like her mother had wanted'. Bella knew them as, 'those vile creatures'.

She started school in East Tennessee after her grandparents made her the offer. In her first class, on her very first day, she sat three desks down from a female who looked remarkably like the pictures she had of her birth mother.

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