I know, I know. Please forgive a bitch. (I say this in a Lafayette voice, by the way.)

Tis in my memory lock'd, And you yourself shall keep the key of it.

Three women boarded a plane heading west. While everyone else in the cabin enjoyed a movie, Bella reminisced about the last several months. She shivered thinking of Edward and company hunting Kate and the newborns as they hunted her. Alice was across the aisle with her eyes focused somewhere only she could see, searching for an answer. Esme read a book she had picked up at the airport.

She remembered the first day she moved in with her grandparents, how happy she was to move to Tennessee. She smiled at how wide-eyed and nervous and scared and excited she was during orientation. She barely paid attention to Charlie rambling on about being careful, demanding she always carry her pepper spray and be wary of people.

She remembered walking into the lecture hall and seeing Rosalie and Edward for the first time. When Harry hung up on her for the questions about the picture on the wall, she was hurt and offended. When Edward first spoke to her, when she first heard Rosalie's voice, they sounded like angelic chimes. Alice had tried so hard to speak to her and Edward would not allow her. The first time she kissed Edward, and then their first real kiss. The first time they did anything sexually. The first time he told her he loved her. The first time she admitted to herself she loved him.

When her grandmother slapped her, bitch-slapped her, for not getting out of bed. When she read Edward's name on the back of her newborn picture. When she collided with him after crying in the bathroom. When Edward stopped the van from killing her, and arguing with her, demanding she go to a hospital. The feel of his cold hands on her the first time.

When he ignored her for two months. Kate glaring at her. Edward's note: 'You are wrong about me'. The wet dreams she still had, with and without happy endings.

When she was told the truth about Rosalie, how Rosalie was lied to just as she was lied to. Mates reminding her of monkeys fucking in a tree. Edward opening up to her. Finding out he guarded her while she slept. Tickling turning into kissing; calling him Sulley. Moving in with him.

Singing the Addams family song while meeting Jasper and Emmett for the first time. When Rosalie announced Edward was in love with her. Arguing with Edward in the middle of the street while apartment hunting-Nina S. Pankin. Joking and telling stories with Jasper and Emmett. Edward's hissy fit when she made an appointment to go skydiving. Seeing Emmett's ass in Playgirl.

Earlier that day, seeing Tanya, and Edward throwing her out. Finally telling Rosalie the truth and learning the truth about her sperm donor. Rosalie fleeing the room.

Learning Kate was bringing two newborn vampires to kill her.

Looking back to Alice, she saw what she had seen for the last several hours. Looking into the future to find ... peace.

Short, sweet trip down memory lane. I am working on the next real chapter. Give me a few weeks and it will be yours...

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