No, I will be the pattern of all patience; I will say nothing.

"Three days or less," he promised. "You have to go now."

Three days or less had turned from a long weekend to almost eight days., Eeight long days of only texting with Edward and Alice's weird staring into nothing and then smiling. Or frowning. Or nodding.

It really is too bad vampires cannot be strangled.

As promised, after a weekend with Charlie, Alice and Esme had kept Bella distracted and busy with anything Alice could think of. And Alice could think: museums, spas, tourist attractions. It was worse than when she lived with her grandmother.

Tanya had tipped-off Kate that Alice had run with Bella and Edward was coming after her and the two newborns, Victoria and James.

The three companions had spent the weekend with Charlie, which delighted him and confused him. He didn't quite understand how Esme would rather sleep on the couch than let him sleep on it and take his bed. As Bella was a zombie and needed coffee in the morning as usual, Alice and Esme were bright-eyed and bushy- tailed, awake for the day even earlier than his 5 AMam. He took Sunday off and the four spent the entire day not doing much of anything. Exactly what Bella wanted, a lazy day.

Monday morning they had a tearful ; Bella and a not-quite-ready Charlie as they said their goodbyes once again.

"I start summer classes soon, but before fall, I will be back for a visit," Bella sobbed. "A longer visit, a week at least, maybe the whole month."

"Bells," Charlie uttered, not being able to say much more. He had feeling something was not right. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Ddad."

Bella sobbed in the backseat while Esme drove and Alice looked into the future. It was more than an hour when Alice thrust a phone into Bella's hand.

"Five minutes, then hang up," she instructed.

"Bella?" She could hear coming from the headset.

"Edward?" she asked.

"We'll come to your dad's again and again, every weekend you want," he promised, as she tried to control her tears.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," she sighed. "What if I never see him again?"

"Hey, don't worry about that. You will see him again. You're not going to be harmed., Alice thinks we can see each other in less than a week. We will all see each other in a week."

She knew he was alluding to Rosalie being with him, but all she could think of had been Charlie.

"Yeah," she whispered.

"I have to go and I love you," he said, making her smile.

"I love you, too."

She stared out of the window for hours, staying silent until she saw the exit Esme was taking.

"Seattle is not this exit.; Yyou need to be on Interstate 5 North, not South."

"We're not going to Seattle," Alice said.


"Victoria, James, and Kate went three different directions. Victoria is closing in on Forks, ; somehow she knows we are in Washington."

"My dad …" Bella gasped.

"Is safe. Rosalie is actually there now, but I don't think Victoria will try there."

"And the other two?" Bella questioned.

"Kate knows how my visions work., Sshe knows she can keep her mind on something else and I won't be able to see her. James is going towards Kansas."

"Kansas? What is in Kansas?"

"I don't know," Alice said. "We're going to stay close to the coast, chase the sunny weather for once. We'll stop in San Francisco in several hours and spend a couple days in the area, and maybe head towards Mexico."

As the interstate and states passed, Alice and Esme tried to keep Bella's mood up by playing silly road trip games and telling old stories to embarrass the others. She noticed how every now and again Alice would stop what she was doing, groan and shake her head and then type a message on her phone. She was too quick for Bella to read anything she typed.

It was amazing to Bella how they covered almost nine hundred miles in less than ten hours, having to stop half a dozen times for her to eat or stretch her legs, but by eight pm PM they were checking into a chic hotel.

Alice was ticking off all the things they could do that night, but Bella wanted nothing but sleep.

The next day was when Alice showed up with what looked like a whole nail salon.

"Can I text Edward?" Bella asked, while Alice was filling a basin with warm water for her pedicure.

"In twenty minutes," Alice said.

"Tell me more about vampires," Bella requested.

"You're not asking about our diet are you?" Alice stated.

"No, just …" Bella cringed, trying to ask about vampires being in love and didn't want to say mating.

"Edward loves you, Bella," Esme stated. "And will always love you., Tthat's all there is, love."

"As great as that is, I don't see how I am enough."

"Vampires don't fall in and out of love like humans; our emotions are not as fickle as humans'. On most things we feel it or not. I feel sorry for homeless persons I see or they don't register. But we are also almost obsessive towards certain persons; we obsess over every little detail of them. We love everything about them, their demons, their angels, their quirks, and their physical and emotional scars, everything."


"Like I've told you before, Edward wants and needs to be in your life, everything else is gravy. It's not painful to not be around you, but it feels," she stopped for a moment. "Tthe best way I can describe the feeling right now is if you take two repelling magnetic poles and try to push them together. Y, you can use all of your might and force and you'll never get them to go, turn one around and instant attachment. I'm with you, but everything in me is saying to turn and go to Jasper. I know where he is at this very moment, and I have to keep myself here."

When she gave the go ahead, Bella started typing.

Alice is giving me a pedicure and explaining mating, aka monkeys doing it in the jungle.

Don't believe a word she says.

She says you obsess over everything about me, even peach fuzz on my face?

I love everything you are, yes.

Do you want the dead skin Alice is shaving off?

Not particularly.

Oh, what about the white stuff that comes out of my zits? Eye crust?

I am glad you are having fun.

Pubes from my wax? Or maybe clipped nails?

I love you and will see you soon.

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