Alrighty, I've got a ton of one shot's I'd like to do. :D These are random. They probably won't relate to any of my stories.

Shaak was about to roll over and go back to asleep in her quarters when she picked up a small noise in the quarters next to her. She was puzzled, not only was it 2 in the morning but these rooms were almost completly sound proof. Only because she was a Togruta was she able to pick it up. It sounded like music. She gave up on trying to sleep through it and walked to the room next to her and nocked on the door. There was no reply so she opened the door to be blasted with music. She raised her non-existant eyebrows at the sight. A slim, blond, female human was sitting on the bed looking like she had been crying. She hadn't been expecting her to be in here. Another teenager, this one had brown hair, was throwing darts at a dartboard with fury. The blond on the bed managed a watery smile, "Hi Master Ti. Were we disturbing you?"

"Just slightly, what's wrong Trix?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"You couldn't sleep? Then why is Del attacking the dartboard?"

"It was being bad," Trix cracked a smile before she started crying again. Shaak sat down and stroked her head; it wasn't long before Trix fell asleep. Del came over and between both of them they managed to get her under the covers.

Shaak wispered, "Come on Del, you can sleep in my room." They walked into the hallway and closed the door.

"You don't need to wisper Master; Trix can sleep through anything!" Shaak tried to muffle her laughter because there were other people sleeping but she snorted by accident and Del lost it. They both hurried into Shaak's room where they laughed until their side's ached.

"Did Trix wake you up?"

"No, Master Tiin's snores did that. Man can he snore!" Shaak chuckled.

"That's what I get for training with a Togruta."

"Hey, in my defense you had exceptional hearing before I started training you."

"I'll sleep on the floor."

"Are you sure? I can sleep on it."

"I'll be fine; I'm used to it."

"Alright then, I'll see you in the morning." Shaak couldn't sleep right away. Her mind kept drifting back to the time when she was training Fe Sun. Fe had never blasted music and attacked dartboards or bent the rules or picked fights with council members. But then again Fe hadn't made her laugh or shared a room with her. They were as different as night and day. As much as Fe was the behaved one, Del was the rule bending one. Fe wasn't a softy; she held her ground and was a very good fighter. Del was more of a tough guy. She wasn't going to be pushed around by anyone. She had whopped Anakin Skywalker in a lightsaber duel and ever since no one wanted to duel her. Except Skywalker and a few other people who were trying to prove they were better. Cin Drallig loved training her. He told Shaak she was a natral at almost every form. The only ones she wasn't good at were 6 and 7; Niman/Jar'Kai and Juyo/Vaapad. She was good at Jar'Kai and knew a enough Niman to get by but the others she was horrible at. Shaak shook her head and smiled. Tomorrow she would fight with Del. Just for fun. Maybe she'd like this padawan after all. She was only a teenager but perhaps Shaak had underestimated her. Tomorrow, she thought, tomorrow.

Okay, This wasn't really what I was planning. I ended up where I wanted to be but the middle wasn't exactly what I was looking for.