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Number 3, in Aayla/Kit wedding series. :)

Xiaan smiled at Aayla, "You look amazing!"

"Thanks for all the help Xi. I could never have done this by myself."

"No problem, I was glad to help. You couldn't have kept me away." They hugged and then Xiaan pulled away and fixed her veil. "You excited?"

Aayla laughed, "How could I not be?"

Xi shrugged, "I don't know." She stepped back to admire her work. "I think you're ready." Aayla turned and looked in the mirror. "So, what do you think?" Xi asked.

"I like it," Aayla said.

Xi smiled, "White fits your skin color."

"Are you nervous, Master?"

"No, of course not," Kit replied.

"Then stop pacing," Bant said. "Honestly, you're worse than Jerry before a battle!"

"That's hard to imagine."

"Then you should watch yourself. What are you so nervous about?"

"I've never done this before."

Bant laughed, "What Jedi has?"

"I could think of a couple."

"Me too. I meant metaphorically."

Bant and Kit were standing in the room where Kit and Aayla were going to be married. Quinlan and his lady friend were standing there. They were talking but Quin kept sending glares toward Kit. Bant had a feeling that he didn't like Kit very much. Tholme and T'raa were talking to the priest. They were waiting for Xiaan and Aayla to arrive.

Quin suddenly stopped talking and stared at the door. Tholme and T'raa were staring at the door as well. Bant turned and saw Aayla standing there in a white dress. Aayla blushed slightly but walked up the isle, without hesitation; Xiaan following her. She was going to be married!

In case any of you wondered. Jerry is Bant's padawan. It says she has one on Wookieepedia but it doesn't give a name so I made one up. :)