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Welcome to my new story! This is a supplement story to Believe in Love Again. It is the second story in the series. It interrupts the progress of Believe in Love Again because it may alter outcomes in the rest of the Believe in Love Again, story 1. This preview is in honor of Reba McEntire's birthday. Happy Birthday, Reba! To an amazing performer who rises to any professional challenge to the delight of her ever-growing fan base. We love and appreciate you always! This chapter is dedicated to you! Lifetime cable channel will be playing a Reba episode (Someone's at the Gyno with Reba) at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, March 29th. That's as close to watching Reba on her birthday on TV as fans can get on Lifetime, I guess. GAC channel will be playing Backstory: Reba McEntire at 9 p.m. Central time.

This is chapter one in the story. I am also working on my regular weekly chapter update for Believe in Love Again. This will be a shorter chapter than most because I am working on two stories at once this week. Update posts for this story will also take place on Sundays. This story will not have any chapter updates until Believe in Love Again reaches October 2008 in the storyline. The storyline for Believe in Love Again is in June 2008 right now. Most writers have actors in mind for their characters. I didn't have one in mind for Reba's grandma Cheyenne until recently. Elizabeth Taylor passed away on March 23, 2011. She was the same age as the character in 2008. I loved her performance on General Hospital. Readers should keep her in mind as they read about Reba's grandma Cheyenne. She's perfect for the part.

I have chosen March 28, 1983 as the date that Reba goes back in time. I thought that would be a nice way to make another Reba connection in the story since I had chosen June for Reba Hart's birthday in Believe in Love Again. If you don't have me listed on your author alert, then you'll have to go to the Reba fan fiction site to find the preview. Chapter two will be the next entry in the story when it posts again. Since I don't have a date set for the next post yet, I recommend that readers put this new story on story alert so you will be contacted as soon as it updates again.

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I don't own Reba or any of the characters in this story from Reba. They belong to the writers of the REBA TV show. I also do not owe the rights to any of the songs and lyrics that I use in this story. Those are the property of the artists involved. I also do not owe the rights to any television show or movie reference that I use in this story. Those are the property of the Hollywood creative teams involved in their production. I will be changing some release/airing dates of the titles used to fit in with the story.

The characters of Cheyenne McEntire-Smith (Nana), Vince McEntire (Papa), Kenneth Smith (Gramps), Paige McKinney, John McKinney, Barbara Ann Grant, Kim Campbell, Madeline Mitchell, Greg Brooks and Maggie from this story are my creation though. This story takes place from March-June 1983.

This chapter will consist of scenes that will be in regular font, not italicized font. I use the italicized font to distinguish between author's notes and regular scenes. I use bold font when things need special emphasis.

Previously- There is no previous installment of this story because this is chapter one. This is a preview posted in advance so I don't have a chapter of Believe in Love Again for readers to refer back to in order to connect further with this story. I will have that information posted in chapter two.

Reba gets a chance to go back to 1983 to fix her past. She will be receiving heavenly guidance from angels Terry Holliway (Mike's brother), Barbara Ann Grant (Paige's mother), John D. Hart (Brock's father) and Vince McEntire (Reba's grandpa). Reba is not going back in time alone. Terry will give someone else the chance to go back to 1983 also ….

How will this story begin? Why were these angels chosen to help Reba? How will Reba get back to 1983? Will both Terry Holliways appear simultaneously to Reba? How will Reba know what to change? What does Reba want to change? How will changing Reba's past affect her present and future? Who will Reba end up with? Does Reba still go to Vegas to marry Mike?

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out this chapter!

We left the story in Believe in Love Again in chapters 2-7 in Reba's past- August 1975-July 1984- with a videotape that contained events from Reba's past with Mike. Reba said goodbye to Mike when his family moved from McAlester, Oklahoma to Dallas, Texas. Reba was 10 and Mike was 12. Reba didn't see Mike again until she was 14. This was when Mike told Reba about his new best friend, Brock. Mike first kissed Reba on this visit back to McAlester. Mike and Reba exchanged letters as friends until Mike moved back to McAlester in 1980, except for some flirting at a couple of parties in between when Mike's family came back for two other visits.

Reba and Lori Ann attended a party at Mike's parents' house shortly after the Holliways moved back to McAlester. Mike's parents were out of town. Kim and Reba went from being best friends to enemies. Kim was trying to take Mike away from Reba. Reba met Brock while he served drinks at the party. Brock flirted with Reba. Lori Ann came up with a plan to get Mike's attention. All Reba had to do was flirt and dance with Brock.

This was the first time that Reba met Brock. At first, Brock was reluctant to go along with the plan until Reba started to flirt with him. He gave in and pulled her onto the dance floor. He slow danced with her. They shared a couple of drinks together and a kiss before Mike pulled Reba on stage to sing with him. She quickly thanked Brock for his help. Reba got to sing and dance with Mike. Reba pulled Mike upstairs to his bedroom.

Things were hot and heavy until Reba said that she loved him. Mike was reminded of Brock's warning about dating someone so young and innocent. Reba ran back to the party, slapped Brock in the face, and left the party. This is the beginning of Reba's hatred towards Brock. Terry Holliway was Reba's date to her senior prom. Reba slow danced with Terry and Mike. Mike pulled her on stage to sing with his band.

Reba's parents were out of town. They trusted Reba with Terry. Terry insisted on taking Reba home and told Mike to take Kim home. Mike showed up at Reba's house later and Terry wouldn't let him in. He told Mike to pick just one girl to be with. He didn't deserve Reba unless he was ready to stop seeing other girls. Terry told Mike that he was in love with Reba himself and begged Mike to leave Reba alone. Mike left in defeat.

Reba couldn't figure out why Mike didn't come over that night like he said that he would. Terry never told her that he showed up. Mike went to a party, got drunk, and woke up the next morning with Kim. Reba didn't let her emotions show. She just went right back to being friends with Mike. She also let Mike know that she would never be interested in Terry. Mike finally was ready to date Reba. He waited until the night of her 18th birthday.

Reba's parents rented out a hall for their only daughter's 18th birthday. Everyone was there-Reba, Mike, Terry, Brock, Lori Ann, Reba's parents, Parker Reynolds, Reba's other friends, Reba's parents and their friends; even Kim was there. Kim arrived with Brock on her arm. Mike was singing with his band on stage. He called Reba up on stage to sing with him. After that, Mike slow danced with Reba. He moved in to kiss Reba. Reba met his lips gently with her eyes closed. Her eyes flew open and she pulled away.

She pulled away from Mike's embrace and ran out of the party. Mike ran after her. The party was still in full swing. No one noticed Mike chasing after Reba, except for Terry, Brock, and Kim. Reba ran to her car. She struggled to get the car door open. Reba looked back to see Mike standing in front of the car. Reba's eyes were filled with tears. They argued. Mike told Reba that he loved her and wanted to marry her. He proposed. Reba told him to get in the car. After Reba's father forbid her to see Mike, she ran off with him. They planned to get married with their friends in Las Vegas.

On the night of their engagement party, Lori Ann and Reba planned a prank on Brock to get him to stop trying to ruin things for Reba. Brock wanted Reba for himself. Lori Ann decided to start dating Brock in Las Vegas because she thought that he was sexy. Lori Ann and Reba make a pact not to sleep with the same guys. Lori Ann cannot sleep with any guy who slept with Reba first and Reba cannot sleep with any guy who slept with Lori Ann first. Lori Ann revealed that she slept with Terry Holliway on prom night after Reba rejected him. Reba encouraged Lori Ann to date Brock.

Reba told Lori Ann that Brock was great to look at, but she hated the way that he talked to her. The plan against Brock was for Reba to flirt with him and then shut him down while Mike was out getting more alcohol for the party. Lori Ann videotaped a cruel message from Reba to Brock. Reba told Lori Ann to play the message right before Reba's wedding to Mike. Reba drank several shots of alcohol. She danced with Brock, and then led him into the bedroom. Brock kissed Reba and they fell to the floor together. After a couple of minutes, Reba punched Brock in the gut and then kneed him in the groin.

Brock got sick and Reba helped him into the bathroom where he threw up. Reba went and got a cold washcloth to hold to his head. Brock wondered why Reba did that to him. Reba and Lori Ann explained that he needed to be taught a lesson because he shouldn't try to steal his best friend's girl. They argued. Reba cried and begged him not to ruin her wedding to Mike. Mike showed up and saw Reba crying. Lori Ann told Mike that Reba was helping Brock because he got sick and Brock said something to make Reba cry. Mike told Brock to be nicer to Reba because she was a good woman. Brock told Mike that he thought that Reba was a heck of a woman.

In Las Vegas, Brock took pictures of Reba lying on a bed, wearing Mike's football jersey and a pair of panties. The pictures were a wedding present from Reba to Mike. They talk about the fake ids that Mike got their friends for the trip to Vegas. Reba explained about freebie night and the recipe for a successful marriage. Mike and Reba exchanged vows in a private ceremony without a minister so they could use the vows that they wrote to each other. Reba didn't want to force Mike to say those words in front of his buddies. Brock teased Reba.

Reba told Brock that she felt sorry for the woman who'll marry him because he'll cheat on his trusting wife with his dental hygienist. Brock took pictures of Mike and Reba. Lori Ann asked Brock out on a date later that night. Mike and Reba talked about a vow renewal in Vegas for New Years Eve 2008. Mike and Reba talked about starting a family. Reba gave Mike a private striptease right before his bachelor party. Reba and Lori Ann went out to celebrate with a small bachelorette party of their own.

Brock crashed their party. Reba was so drunk that she didn't recognize Brock when he was standing at the bar. They danced and flirted together until Lori Ann insisted that they get Reba up to the hotel room because she was too drunk to know what she was doing or saying. Lori Ann and Brock helped Reba while she got sick in the bathroom. Kim interrupted Mike and Reba's wedding with the news that she was pregnant with Mike's baby. Kim threatened Mike with aborting the pregnancy if he didn't agree to marry her. Mike told Reba that he couldn't be with her anymore.

Reba went downstairs to the lounge to get roaring drunk later. She was once again flirting and dancing with any guy she could. Lori Ann tried to get her up to the room. Reba wouldn't listen to reason. Lori Ann left and she stayed. Lori Ann didn't see her until the next morning when she franticly entered the room. Reba woke up in a hotel room with a man in her bed. She freaked out and left the man asleep in the room while she went back to Lori Ann's hotel room. They talked about what Reba actually remembered. Reba didn't remember who she went to bed with the night before.

This is a summary of the events from chapters 2-7. I strongly encourage readers to go back to these chapters and read them again so they will better understand the action that's going to happen in this story and get the nitty gritty details. I often refer back to previously mentioned details in future chapters of stories.

Reba is going to try to change some stuff. If you seen Back to the Future or Peggy Sue Got Married, then you know that some things will be different when Reba returns to the present time. The question is what will she change? Keep reading to find out more!

Author's note- Note to readers: This chapter will deal with how Reba goes travel into the past to 1983. This chapter will begin to set up who, why, when, where, and how of the story without direct explanation from Believe in Love Again because it is an advanced preview.The first thing is establishing the relationships and history.

Here are some things to remember as you read this story:

You have to be very careful sometimes when reading details because new chapters will refer back to previous chapters in my stories. I like making lots of twists and turns in my writing to keep people guessing.

Is the conspiracy still going to happen? Will anyone stop Brock from making this choice that ends up hurting Reba so much?

Being in 1983 means no modern conveniences of cell phones and Internet for our characters. This means that LovinCowboy84 will not be there to provide guidance to Reba. She'll need to rely on a friend. This will be someone whom she will confide in that she's from the future. Who will she choose?

There are many complications to remember. There will be new twists and turns to impact Believe in Love Again. Reba will be her current self trapped in the past. She'll be 42, trapped in her 17 year old body and life. The story will start before her birthday. If she changes the past, she may not have the wedding to Mike, but she also may not have baby John. She has to decide what to change and what not to change. This story will give you some clues to who fathered baby John.

There are some details mentioned in this story to remember: Mike and Reba are friends with an on-again, off-again relationship. He is dating Kim until two weeks after prom night. Reba's parents are separated. Reba's mother is dating Mike's father. Reba's father is dating Paige's mother. If Reba reunites her parents too soon, Paige may never even be born. Reba will lose her sister. Terry thinks that he is in love with Reba. He is jealous of Mike. He has a crush on Kim. Surprisingly enough, Lori Ann has a crush on Terry. Reba hates Brock. Brock teases Reba endlessly. Brock is Mike's best friend. Reba and Kim are enemies. Can angel Terry intervene to help Reba with any of this at all? After Mike breaks up with Kim, Kim dates Brock and Terry. This is before Reba's birthday.

Reba trying to maintain distance from Brock. That may be difficult because he is very single in Reba Nell Got Married. They don't even know Barbra Jean in 1983.

Yes, there are two Terrys in this story. Terry Holliway was alive and well in 1983. Terry the angel is one of Reba's guardian angels. There will also be two John D. Hart's in this story. John D. Hart was also alive and well in 1983. Reba had a very good relationship with him. In fact, she had a better relationship with John D. than Brock did. He is an angel also.

Brock is just beginning to find out things about Reba that he never knew.

Barbara Ann Grant is the name of Paige's mother, who Reba came to befriend in Ada in 1983. She died in September 1998. She is one of Reba's guardian angels. The actress that I have in mind when I picture this character is Faith Hill. She's one of Reba McEntire's best friends and she is in the same age range as the character was. Barbara Ann Grant was 37 when she died. Readers should keep her in mind as they read about Paige's mother, the guardian angel. She's perfect for the part. I really liked her acting in the Stepford Wives remake. That's funny because I refer to Reba as acting like a Stepford Wife in chapter nine.

This story will not include the time that Reba lived in Ada.

Greg Brooks was Reba's ex-boyfriend for two years from grades 7-9. Mike doesn't know about him. He was friends with Tommy Johnson. He has an ax to grind with Reba.

Reba's baby's full name was John Christopher McKinney. Will Reba make the same decisions that led to his birth?

JV and Helen McKinney are in this story. They are separated like Reba and Brock were prior to the pilot episode.

I am creating a character so Melissa Peterman will have a role in this story. There is no Barbra Jean in this story, although she is mentioned often. Even when Reba gets a chance to live in a world without Barbra Jean, she can't help but think about Barbra Jean. It seems weird to have a Reba story without her in it. Barbra Jean says nuggets of wisdom like "A blankie is like scotch to a child." (From season 2-The Wall) Ha, ha! Melissa Peterman even goes on tour with Reba. I have created a new character with her in mind. She will be Reba's cousin, Madeline (Maddi) Mitchell. In this story, Maddi is 15 and Reba is almost 18. Yeah, I know that that Melissa Peterman is definitely not 15 years old. As Van and Brock would say, she's "way bigger than" fifteen. If you've seen Back to the Future or Peggy Sue Got Married, you'd know that the actors have to play present and past selves. These parts are played by the same actor or actress. Kathleen Turner, Joan Allen, and Catherine Hicks were in their thirties, playing teenagers. I think that Melissa Peterman could be imagined in this part. Maddi is not a McKinney. Cheyenne is her grandma so Maddi will have magical abilities. Can you imagine Melissa Peterman in a character with magical abilities? It will be funny.

Reba will get a chance to see baby John again and meet her future daughter.

Reba's new daughter will be named Margaret Melissa (Maggie). This is in honor of Melissa Peterman. Her full name is Melissa Margaret Peterman. I just switched the first and middle names around for Reba's future daughter.

I like your guesses so far in your reviews of Believe in Love Again. Some of them are right on track, which means that you've been paying close attention to the story. Thank you! Please re-read chapters 2-7 of Believe in Love Again to refresh your memory on details of Reba's past. Those details are like a trail of breadcrumbs for readers to follow. How these details and events are changed will remain to be seen. There will be so many other questions that will need to be answered in the future.

The answers to these questions will be revealed as you read the story. Here is the latest installment of Reba Nell Got Married.

Now on with our next chapter-
It was like déjà vu for Reba. Reba was in the kitchen in the apartment again, making breakfast dressed in her blue bathrobe. Mike came up behind her. He put his arms around her, spinning her around to face him. He moved toward her unexpectedly and pulled her into a kiss.

"Mornin', sexy."

"Mmm. That was nice greeting. Good mornin' to you, cowboy. That was some night last night, huh? I think that was one of the best dates that we've ever had. Did you like the food that I fixed for ya last night?"

"Definitely. I aim to please, lil' lady. I love how you always know what I need. I loved the sandwich, the cookies, and the woman who woke up in my arms this mornin'."

"Well, I've been told that there are three things that are important to a man: a sexy woman, a sandwich, and a sexy woman making him a sandwich. I'm just taking the advice."

"Brock!" they both said at the same time. They shared a laugh.

"I'll have to thank him someday."

"Yeah, right." Reba said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at the thought. "On second thought, maybe someday should be today." Reba put her hands on her hips and glared at him mockingly. "Come on, I dare ya'."

"I accept that challenge. Just not right now when I've got a beautiful woman in my arms."


She pulled him back against her and kissed him hard. Under the robe, she was still dressed his dress shirt and tie. She took off the robe. He lifted her onto the counter. The kissing continued. Reba started taking off the tie slowly.

"Hey, you guys. Get a room! Don't be doing that in the kitchen," Paige yelled.

Reba laughed. "What can I say, she's a vixen," Mike replied.

"Yeah, it's like Kim says. I have him under my evil spell," Reba teased. She stuck her arms out in front of her and wiggled her fingers. She tried to cackle.

Paige started laughing. Reba joined in her laughter. She threw her head back when she laughed.

"We aren't ever gonna get a chance for spontaneous lovemaking, are we?"

"Eww! Not in the kitchen in front of me, please. You do have company here, ya know."

"She's right. Plenty of time for that on our honeymoon. How about goin' to Hawaii?"

Reba wrinkled her nose up at that suggestion and shook her head. "I really wanna go to Acapulco."

"I'm not sure about that. It sounds exotic, but do we really wanna travel to Mexico. You can't even drink the water there."

Reba pouted. "I still wanna go to Paris and Italy, too. I just thought that it might be nice to go somewhere exotic and make love on the beach. It sounded so nice when it was mentioned on Dynasty."

"We'll keep talkin' about it. We've got plenty of time between now and then."

Reba smiled and nodded. Barbra Jean was watching this little scene, unnoticed by the others while she stood in her doorway. Brock had his head lifted up from the couch, also unnoticed. Barbra Jean had walked out of the bedroom next to Reba's at the same time that Paige did. Brock had woken up before Mike entered the kitchen. He always enjoyed being awoken by the smell of Reba's cooking. Paige moved to finish cooking the food that Reba had started on the stove.

"You two can go get dressed or somethin' in there," Paige said, pointed to their bedroom.

Reba hopped off the counter. The bedroom door opened wider on its own. Reba smiled. "Are you comin', darlin'?" Reba held up her hand to examine her engagement ring, and then she held it out for Mike to see. She started walking backwards from the kitchen to the bedroom. She wiggled her finger for Mike to follow. "The robe and tie are off now. What do you think that I'm gonna do next?"

"I'm definitely gonna follow you, Sugar. Just what are you up to?"

Reba unbuttoned the top bottom on the dress shirt. "Come in to my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

"Are you tryin' to put me under your spell?"

"No, but I think that I'm under your spell, dear." Reba unbuttoned the next button.

Reba entered the bedroom quickly and sat down on the bed. The door slammed shut and locked just before Mike approached the room. Reba quickly got dressed. The door opened and Reba exited the room, fully clothed and humming. "Gotcha!"

Reba giggled. Paige joined in her laughter. "She got you good. You shoulda seen your face."

"You'll pay for that, Sal."

Reba folded her hands. "Oh, yeah?"

Mike made a move towards her. "Yeah!"

"You'll have to catch me first!"

Reba took off running. Mike chased Reba around the kitchen and into doorway of the bedroom. Reba stopped running. She saw a glowing figure in their bedroom. The figure turned around. Reba started to feel funny. She felt discomfort in her abdomen. The figure was Terry Holliway.

Reba pointed at Terry. "Whoa! Mike, Terry is in our bedroom. I can see him."

Pain ripped through Reba's abdomen. Reba bent over from the pain. "Somethin' is wrong with me again. Call an ambulance, honey! I need to go to a hospital right now." Reba looked up at Terry. "Terry, I swear that if you weren't already dead, I'd kill ya."

Brock was on the telephone in the living room calling for an ambulance. Paige and Barbra Jean rushed over to Reba. Reba looked up at Mike. "I'm so sorry that something bad is happening again. I love you, Jack. I'm always gonna love ya. I love you too, Paige. Bye, Barbra Jean. Goodbye, Brock. I'm sorry." Reba fell over and passed out from the pain.

Author's note- I could leave the chapter here. I know that most of this is from chapter nine of Believe in Love Again. I don't want any readers to think that I will be using too much of any resource like Back to the Future or Peggy Sue Got Married, which gave me inspiration to write this story. I will be nice and give this chapter a nicer ending instead of the cliffhanger in chapter 10 of Believe in Love Again where Reba falls down on the floor and her heart stops. Instead I will give Reba Hart and readers a wonderful treat. Reba will finally have something that she has always wanted for the past twenty-five years, even though it only lasts for a moment.

Reba stood in a room full of white light. In front of her stood some of the most important people that she's ever loved who have passed away. Standing in front of her were Terry Holliway (Mike's brother), Barbara Ann Grant (Paige's mother), John D. Hart (Brock's father) and Vince McEntire (Reba's grandpa). Barbara Ann was holding a bundle in her arms.

Reba ran up to Terry and hugged him. "Terry, you haven't left my thoughts all weekend. I had this dream about you. I know that Mike and Kim would love to see ya again."

"I know. I've really missed ya, too. Thank you for forgiving me. I didn't mean to hurt you so badly. I've tried to make it up to ya. I gave you that dream you had two nights ago. I'm glad that you and Mike are finally tryin' to see if ya can make things work. Thanks for bein' a good friend to Kim. My wife is not the easiest woman in the world to get along with."

"It's okay. I'm surprised how much I've missed being friends with her. You know she told me when she was fourteen that she wanted to marry you. You two were definitely meant to be."

"And you are the nicest person in the world even when you don't have to be. I'm lucky to get to be your guardian angel."

"I know you told me that in my dream the other night. Who was my guardian angel before you were? There had to have been someone else watchin' over me before 2004."

A man with grayish-silver hair and eyes that looked just like Reba's own baby blues walked up to her. "That would be me, little one. I've been watching over you your whole life until he got the job, but technically I've been your official guardian angel since 1979."

Reba ran to him. "Oh, Papa! I've missed you so much!" She gave him a big hug that lasted for what seemed like several minutes.

"I know that you're being looked after very well back home. Kenny has been watching over you and your grandmother for a long time now."

"I love him, but he's not you. No one can replace you."

"Can I try? You're still too good for that bum son of mine." Reba turned around when she heard that voice. A tall man with white hair and eyes that looked just like Brock's deep blue ones walked up to hugged her next.

"Oh, John D! I'd always hoped that I'd see you again. I never got the chance to say goodbye."

"Hey, Sunshine! You look good. Thanks for gettin' my boy to do right by me in the end. I love where the two of you buried me."

Reba reached up to touch his face. "When you died, he cried for ya and even called you dad. He actually apologized to me. In a way, it brought us closer together. Brock and I are grandparents now."

"You've done a fine job bringing up my grandchildren, Reba. I'm proud of each and every one of them."

"Do they have swans here?" Reba asked, mockingly.

"Not on the golf courses, they don't! You wouldn't believe how wonderful the golf courses are here. Tell Brock the golf is great here."

Reba nodded. "I will. I'm closer to you than I am to my own father."

"Don't say that, Reba. Your father loves you very much." A woman stepped forward with flowing blonde hair and eyes that resembled Paige's hazel ones.

"Spoken like a true stepmother. When are you ever gonna learn?"

Barbara Ann laughed. "When are ya gonna forgive him for somethin' that happened twenty-five years ago? Especially when you love my little unplanned blessing so much."

"I'd always wanted a sister. You were like a sister to me for a long time. I didn't actually bond with her until after you were gone. It forced me to try to make up for what she was gonna miss with you. It was so hard right after the baby was gone to see her so alive, vibrant, and happy. Then you made it easy to come home. I got to watch her grow up without feeling so sad. You are the best matchmaker I know. How else could Mike and I have gotten past losing the baby together if it weren't for you making us Paige's godparents? I'm sorry that we couldn't get it together enough to actually raise her like you wanted."

"That's okay. I didn't really know that Brock guy too well, but he didn't turn out to be such a bad guy after all. I've seen you really happy. Being a mother and a grandmother really suits you."

"I'm sorry that I haven't been able to do more for Paige. I've tried so hard, but she's makin' a lot of scary choices right now. I'm trying to help her get out of the mess that she's made for herself."

"Yes, you are encouraging my daughter to lie and cheat right now. Thanks a lot, Reba. But seriously, that Greg guy is a creep! You're doin' fine with her, believe me. I'm not sure if I'd have done any better with her myself."

"Thanks, Barbara Ann. That means a lot."

"Hey, Sunshine. She's holding somethin' that belongs to ya." John D. commented.

"You've taken care of my baby and they've let me take care of yours here."

Reba's eyes filled with tears. "Is that my baby?" Reba looked around. "Does anyone have a chair for me? I think that I need to sit down."

Terry helped Reba sit down into a nearby chair. "Do you wanna hold him?"

"You mean like in my dream? Do I actually get to hold him right now?"

Barbara Ann nodded. Reba smiled and held out her arms. Tears were still running down her face. The baby was placed in his mother's waiting arms. "He's so beautiful." Reba looked into her son's eyes. "Do you know who I am? I'm your mommy and I've waited an awfully long time to see you again, my precious baby." She rocked the baby back and forth in her arms.

"My son was a d—n fool to let ya go. You sure do look happy with that baby in your arms."

"I am happy. I'd give up everything I have just to fix things and make them right again. I'd give up Brock and Mike just to have the chance to raise this little boy. If I had one wish, it would be to go back to make things right."

"Your wish is my command," Terry announced.

"What do you mean?"

"You've asked for this before. The big guy is gonna let ya have that wish. You can go back to fix things if you can."

"Not now! Please let me have just a little longer with him."

"Reba, you'll get another chance to hold him again. I promise, but you have to go now."

"Terry, tell me. Can I change things enough so he can live? Do I have the chance to save him?"

"Reba, you have the power to change anything that you want. The choices are all up to you."

Reba kissed the baby's forehead and handed him back to Barbara Ann. She took Terry's hand and started walking away. She stopped suddenly and turned around as she heard a little girl's voice calling out to her. A little girl with red hair and blue eyes ran up to her and hugged her legs. "Mommy, wait!"

"Hi, there. I've seen you before in a dream."

"Hi, I'm Maggie. You're my mommy. I wanted to see you before you go. I wanted to meet you."

Reba bent down and hugged Maggie. "Hi, Sweetie. It is so nice to meet you, too."

"I'm scared."

"What do you have to be scared of, Sweetie?"

"I love you and my daddy so much. If you aren't careful, I won't get to be born. I want to be born, Mommy. I want to go home with you. I don't want to go away. Please don't let me go away."

"Sweetheart, I promise that I am going to do everything I can to make sure that you and baby John are born and that you both get to go home with me. I won't let either of you go away. I love both of you so much. It's gonna be okay, Sweetie. Mommy isn't gonna let anything happen to you. You stay here with Papa. He took care of me when I was little like you. He won't let anythin' happen to you, my precious. You also got Uncle Terry, Barbara Ann, and John D. You don't worry about anything. If you need me, you can come and visit me in my dreams."

"Okay, Mommy. I love you." Reba gave her daughter one last hug.

"Reba, I'd consider it an honor to keep my eye on this little one for you."

Reba walked over to John D. and gave him a big hug. "Thanks, John D. There's one more favor that I need ya to do for me."

"What kind of favor?"

"Haunt Barbra Jean for me. Liz hasn't made her as miserable as I'd hoped. She needs a swift kick in the rear from her father-in-law. I promise that it will be fun and it'll make Brock really mad."

"You've got yourself a deal, Sunshine. Did you know that she wanted singing Baptists and doves at my funeral?"

Reba laughed. "I remember."

"It'll be the most fun that I've had since I've been dead. It'd be nice to scare the holy heck out of my son, too. I'd consider it an honor to help you. That boy isn't gonna change things without a kick in the rear from his old man. Bye, Reba. I'll see you again, Sunshine."

Reba waved to the loved ones that she was leaving behind and let Terry lead her away again.

When Reba opened her eyes, she was lying in bed in her old room in her parents' house. Terry was gone. She got up from the bed and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Whoa! This is better than plastic surgery. My body is even better than it has been in years and I can do anything that I want."

She looked at the calendar on the wall. The page was on March 1983. Reba started dancing around the room. "This is the best day, hey! She has gone away, hey! All I did was pray, hey! Nothin' left to say, hey! No more Barbra Jean, hey! All I do is grin, hey! No more Barbra Jean, hey! All I do is finally win, hey!" she sang proudly.

Meanwhile back at McAlester Regional Hospital, Reba was lying unconscious in her hospital bed. Brock was sitting in a chair beside her bed, holding her hand with tears running down her face. He had persuaded Mike and Barbra Jean to take everyone else out to dinner so the kids wouldn't worry about their mother so much. Suddenly he saw a glowing figure near Reba's hospital bed. It was Terry Holliway.

"Brock, you have to come with me right now. Reba has made a wish and you have to stop her."

"What are you talkin' about? She's just had surgery. She hasn't come out of the anesthesia yet. I'm not leaving her side until she wakes up. Look, who I'm talkin' to. I'm talkin' to a guy who's been dead for the last four years. I need to get some sleep."

"No, Brock. I'm really here. When she passed out, she was given a chance to go upstairs for a little while. I'm her guardian angel. She's been given the chance to travel to the past to change anything that she wants. She wants to marry Mike and save the baby. She can wipe everything else out if she wants to. That means that she can make it so she's been married to Mike for the last twenty-five years."

"If that's what she really wants, why should I stop her? She's been tellin' me how much she wishes that things were different."

"I hate to tell you this. If she does wipe everything else out, then there will be no Kyra and Jake Hart and no Cheyenne, Elizabeth, or John Montgomery. Unfortunately, the baby's death was meant to happen. It has to be that way or your children and grandchildren will never be born. You can let her make the decisions or you can do something to stop her. You will lose her. It will be as if she never loved you. Your home and family in Houston won't exist anymore.

Can you imagine your life without them in it? It will leave your present and future uncertain. Everything you've had for twenty-five years will be gone. Something else will be in its place. I'm not sure what that will be. I can't even guarantee that you will still have Barbra Jean and Henry left in your life. Each decision builds onto another one. Those are the building blocks of your life.

Reba hired Barbra Jean to work for you. That's why you met Barbra Jean. You live in Houston because that's where you wanted to live with Reba. You started a relationship with Barbra Jean because your marriage to Reba was in trouble. That won't happen either. You say that Reba is your best friend and you love her. Do you think that she'd truly be happy in that other life that she's been fantasizing about all this time? Will it be a life that truly makes her happy? You have to decide what to do right now. You can come with me and help her find the peace that she needs to make with her past. There are some things that she can change that won't hurt anything in the present or future. Shouldn't you be there to help her with that?"

"Okay, Terry. You're right. I wanna fight for her. I don't wanna lose her. I don't even want her to marry Mike in December. I can't let that wedding happen again in the past. So where are we going?"

"We're goin' back to 1983. It's March 28, 1983. You will slip into your old body and your old life from back then. Reba is in her old body and she's seventeen. She doesn't know that you are this Brock. To her, you are the annoying pain in the butt that she couldn't stand back then. You'll have to remember to live your old life from your past. You'll have to find a way to get Reba off this path that she's determined to go down.

Good luck. You're gonna need it. This is the Reba with the temper, magic and all. She sees the old you as an obstacle to her happiness. It's gonna take a lot to change that stubborn mind of hers. You can change things, too. If you want a better relationship with her, you're gonna get her to really trust you. She's never really trusted you completely before. That's why there are so many things about her that you are just finding out now."

"I get it. I know what I have to do. Thanks, Terry. You're a good friend. I can't believe that you're helping me like this."

"This is your last chance, man. You won't get another one. She'll either love you or hate you. I love my nieces and nephews. I don't want to see their lives erased either. Reba's been through so much. She won't find real happiness until she makes peace with the past so she can move on in the present."

When Brock opened his eyes, he was lying in bed in his old dorm room at college that he shared with Mike. Terry was gone. He got up from the bed and looked at himself in the mirror. He was very pleased with the image he saw in the mirror.

"I can do this. I'm in great shape. I can get her to fall for me again. I have to get my family back!" he thought to himself. He hopped off the bed and ran out of the dorm room.

Brock tried to remember what he was supposed to be doing at this moment in his old life. He wondered when he would see Reba again. He wondered how she'd react to seeing him again like this in his twenty year old body. Reba also tried to remember what she was supposed to be doing in her old life. She wanted to find Mike. Where would he be right then? What did she want to do right then? What were her instincts telling her to do? ….

When will Reba and Brock run into each other? Will Brock be able to get Reba to love him again? Will Brock be able to get Reba to finally trust him completely? What will Reba's next move be? What will Brock's next move be? Who will Reba choose to confide in? What decisions will Reba make about her future?

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out in the next chapter!

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