Title: Reba Nell Got Married

Chapter 9: Surprise, surprise

Time: March-June 1983

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It was long and slow, unlike the quick kiss that she used to greet him. Reba forgot everything in that moment as she gave in to his kiss, returning it with equal passion. She even forgot Mike was in the room. Mike cleared his throat, and they broke apart. Reba's face turned as red as her hair. Brock flashed his signature grin at Reba. She stayed quiet and shy around Mike.

She wanted to look like the perfect girlfriend, but she didn't want him to find out that she gave her virginity to Brock! She figured that would be a game changer. She'd like to pretend that the whole thing never happened, the product of too much alcohol and leftover feelings from a dead marriage. When Reba married Brock, she'd always wished she'd waited to give her virginity to him. Now she did, but she didn't want to suffer for it. She was marrying Mike, and she wanted him to think she'd waited for him just like the first time...

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Doc Shelton accessed Brock's condition. "Without my equipment, I can't make a specific and accurate diagnosis. But one thing is for certain-this young man shouldn't be moved. He needs time to heal. He's got some cracked ribs with sprained muscles and a few ligaments, I suspect. I want to see him for a follow-up in my office in four weeks to see how he's healing. I'll leave him in your care, Reba. After all, he did fall on your property. What was he doing here late at night?"

"Brock was being a good friend. He was looking for Mike. Mike had a rough night. Brock took a hard fall while stumbling around in the dark. That's all," Reba explained.

Dr. Shelton patted her on the shoulder. "I leave this future doctor's care in your capable hands, young lady."

"Future dentist," she reminded him. He left before he could hear her correct him.

Brock looked sternly at her. "They're both equally important and carry the title of Dr."

Reba rolled her eyes at him, sticking out her tongue at him for good measure.

"Reba!" he challenged.

"Brock!" she challenged back, with her hands on her hips.

Brock threw his head back and chuckled. He grabbed at his chest, "Ouch, that hurts. Remind me not to laugh."

Reba's face flashed from teasing to concern in a nanosecond. "I'm sorry, Brock. I forgot about your ribs."

He covered her hand with his. "It's okay, honey. It won't kill me. I'll survive."

"Unfortunately," she teased with a wide grin.

Mike went at school. He was in almost all the same classes as Brock. He took Dr. Shelton's note about Brock's condition up to the college. Brock was put on homebound for his classes. Mike took notes in all of Brock's classes for him. Reba agreed to tutor him so he could finish his semester. She didn't want to change his future too much. She wanted him to stay on track for dental school. She felt the weight of responsibility on her shoulders not to ruin his entire life with her plans. He deserved to become a successful dentist like he always planned.

Two weeks went by. Reba's parents were home at random times. Brock tried to get her mind off the situation. The biggest surprises came when Reba's mother announced that she was going out of town, and Reba was expected to babysit for some friends from out of town. If that weren't enough, John D and Terry had one more surprise for the pair.

Cheyenne made a visit to Grandma Cheyenne's house before heading to the McKinney house. She had been briefed on the situation and her appearance had been altered. She created an identity and a back-story for the role that she was about to play. She knocked on the door, taking a deep breath. She had to stop her mother from erasing her existence. Where was Marty McFly when you needed him? She figured that he could do a better job than she could.

Mike answered the door. "Hi, can I help you?"

"Is Brock Hart here?" she asked tentatively.

"Finally, one of his groupie has come to call on him. This should be interesting."

"Eww, gross. I'm family. He's my cousin."

"Sorry, he's right upstairs. I'll take you to him." Mike was ashamed that he jumped to conclusions so quickly, leading her up the stairs to the guest bedroom where Brock was staying. He opened the door to find Reba bent over a history book with Brock.

Reba was startled when the door opened. Mike entered the room, and Reba felt all the color wash out of her face when she saw the girl that was with him, Cheyenne.

Brock was happy when he realized that it wasn't just a dream. He really did travel to another timeline where he got to marry Reba again. Cheyenne had arrived here to help him as promised.

Reba's mouth went dry. She managed to stammer out, "Who's this?"

"Hi, I'm Elizabeth, Brock's cousin."

Reba felt her link to reality fading fast. She was passing out like she did at Cheyenne's second wedding.

Mike ran to catch her before she hit the floor. Cheyenne helped Brock get on his crutches while Mike carried Reba to her bedroom. The three hurried to tend to her. Mike ran to get supplies while she lay unconscious on the bed.

Cheyenne looked at her mother before taking a look around the room. "Wow, I've never pictured Mom as a teenager. So, this is what she was like?"

"Yeah, careful, she could wake up any time now."

Mike came back in the room. He got a wet washcloth and started rubbing her face with it. She started to come around. She slowly opened her eyes to seeing Mike's face staring back at her. "My hero." She couldn't stop the words from coming out of her mouth. "What happened?"

"You fainted," Brock answered. He was outside of her vision, sitting on the other side of her bed.

"And you shouldn't be out of bed," she fired back, after she saw that he left his room.

"You could've been seriously injured."

"That's not important. I'll be okay. You have to follow Doc Shelton's instructions. Do you understand that?"

"Do you understand that I couldn't stay in that bed, not knowing if you were okay or not?" He took her hand in his. She smiled.

This was unnerving to Reba. She was leading a double life, and it was hard to juggle. She had two boyfriends. Brock wasn't supposed to be the one. Mike was. She needed to find a way to dial back the intensity with Brock. He was very intense with her, as if he were in love with her. That couldn't be possible. It was all wrong and messing up her plans.

Cheyenne cleared her throat. "Hi, I'm Elizabeth, Brock's cousin. It's so nice to meet you." She shook Reba's hand.

"Hi, I'm Reba McKinney, Brock's girlfriend. Forgive me for asking, but what are you doin' here?"

"My parents are having problems, and Brock said that I could come to McAlester to stay with him anytime I needed to."

"And since I'm staying here, that means that she needs to stay here, too. Is that okay with you, honey?" Brock asked expectantly.

Reba smiled. She was not one to turn a person in trouble away. This girl needed help. She was also related to Brock. She racked her brain to remember. There was a cousin that died before they got married. She'd never met the girl. This had to be her. "Of course, you're welcomed to stay here. You can stay in Paige's room."

"Who's Paige, Sal?" Mike asked.

Reba blanched. Oops, what a mistake! "Just someone who comes to stay with us once in a while." Reba guided the girl to the old guest bedroom, otherwise known to Reba as her sister's future room. It was fortunate the McKinney's lived in such a large house. JV and Helen wanted a big family and bought the house with such an intention, but it was never meant to be. Now, Reba nestled that same dream deep in her heart, and she still had time.

Cheyenne carried her belongings into the bedroom. She looked around, surveying all the changes from the pre-Paige era. She sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"What's wrong?" Reba asked cautiously.

Cheyenne struggled to come up with a clever response. How she wished Kyra were there! Her sister would have no problem formulating anything needed to carry out such a disguise effectively. She chose to stick with a version of the truth. "Not much... it's just my parents. They are having so many problems. It's hard for me to deal with. They love each other, but my mom is just so stubborn. My dad made a colossal mistake. My mom claims to have forgiven him, except... she never lets him forget it. She always holds it against him, throwing it up in his face when they're fighting.

Reba sat down on the bed next to her. "Parents can be like that. My parents are incredibly self-absorbed at the moment. It's not that yours don't love you. They're just going through their own personal crises. It'll be over soon and they'll be back to their old selves again. You just watch. I guarantee it." She wrapped an arm around the girl and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

Cheyenne took in a breath filled with her mom's familiar scent, so comforting and reassuring, same old Mom, different time. Suddenly her heart swelled at the thought of helping her parents find their way back to each other.

The doorbell rang. Reba was hit with a feeling of impending doom, but she didn't know why. She ran to open the door. As the door opened, two children stepped forward, pushed in the doorway by their mother.

The woman held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Josie. You must be Reba. Your mother said that you wouldn't mind babysitting my two little ones for the weekend. This is Barbie and Buzz. Here are their things. Thanks so much for doing this." She shook Reba's hand.

Reba shook the hand that was offered. "No problem. I'm an experienced babysitter. Your children are in good hands. I don't mind doing favors for my mama's friends."

Josie smiled. Her features showed the stress easing from her face. "Come here, you two. Say goodbye to your mama." She wrapped her arms around each of her children before walking out the door.

Reba looked at the eager faces of the children. "Let's make some chocolate chip cookies."

The kids cheered. Reba pulled out the cookbook and the ingredients in the kitchen with the pair.

Cheyenne walked into the room. "What'cha up to? Who are they?"

The little girl wiped the blonde hair hanging in her eyes. "Hi, I'm BJ Booker. I'm eight years old."

Reba whipped her head around to look at the girl. "BJ? I thought your mother said your name was Barbie."

"She's the one who calls me that. She doesn't like my nickname, BJ. She says it isn't very ladylike."

"Are you from Fisheye Bottom?" Reba asked. Slowly, the information was sinking in.

BJ nodded.

"And I'm a real Texas cowboy, Miss Reba. What do you think of that?" Buzz piped up.

"I've already got one of those upstairs." Reba saw the boy's face drop. She quickly covered. "I mean, my boyfriend is from Texas, too. He's right upstairs, resting. He's injured."

"I'm gonna be a nurse when I grow up. I can help take care of him with you. Let's take some cookies up to him when we're done."

Reba sighed. "Sure you can." She was not going to get in between a future husband and wife. Too many things were changing and she was unsure of what was next. She remembered the babysitting job. She wondered why she didn't connect the dots before. Brock wasn't there before when this took place. Oh, boy! Things were rapidly changing now.

She looked over at the children. Buzz had to be Buzzard, which is why he had such a crush on her. She understood better why he was determined to have a relationship with her. Talk about rocking the cradle. She grabbed the phone on the wall and dialed Lori Ann's familiar number. "You've got to get over here now. You won't believe what's going on."

"Sounds interesting. I'll be right there."

The group made four dozen cookies by the time Lori Ann arrived. Lori Ann ran into the kitchen breathlessly. Reba leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Meet Brock's future second wife."

A look of shock and dismay washed over her face. When she recovered, she laughed heartily.

Reba continued, "Kids, this is my best friend, Lori Ann. Lori Ann, this is BJ and Buzz."

Lori Ann leaned over to whisper again. "The little tart's name is BJ?"

Reba nodded. She decided to take the opportunity to direct Buzzard's preteen attentions elsewhere. "Hey, Buzz. Lori Ann likes Texas cowboys."

He tipped his hat. "It's nice to meet ya."

Reba whispered to Lori Ann again. "You lead a very lonely life in the future. He's not that much younger than us. Think about it. You've seduced a priest that was ten years younger than you."

Lori Ann smiled proudly. "I've got an idea. Let's let BJ take a plate of these cookies up to Brock."

"Who's Brock?" BJ asked.

"My boyfriend. He's very injured and stuck in bed right now. He's studying to become a dentist."

"I like the dentist," BJ remarked.

"Yeah, she's so weird. She's the only kid I know who likes going to the dentist," Buzz explained.

"Of course, she does," Reba said under her breath. Reba put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in front of Buzzard at the kitchen table while he looked at comic books. She grabbed a plate of cookies and walked upstairs with Lori Ann, BJ, and Cheyenne following her. She lightly knocked on Brock's door.

"Come in." Brock rose up from the bed slightly, lacing his fingers and putting his hands behind his head.

The ladies entered the room.

Brock's eyes lit up with delight when he saw the fresh baked cookies. "Yum, cookies!"

"And milk," BJ added excitedly.

"We have guests this weekend. I'm babysitting for a friend of my mother's. This is Barbie. Her brother, Buzz is downstairs," Reba explained.

"Barbie, this is my boyfriend, Brock. Brock, Barbie wants to be a nurse. She's volunteered to help take care of you today."

"How nice. It's nice to meet you, Barbie."

"It sure is," Lori Ann snickered.

"Lori Ann, be nice," Reba softly hissed at her. "This is Brock's future wife. The age difference never bothered him. This is my opportunity to help repair their fragile marriage."

Reba froze the room. There was just one problem. Cheyenne was not frozen. She was not behind Reba at the time. She could think that she wasn't affected because the O'Hara flowed through her veins, too. She stood still, as if frozen, listening to Reba and Lori Ann.

"I'm going to cast a spell."

"Reba, don't. I may pick on Brock, but I don't want anything to happen to him. Remember the rules."

"I'm fixing his marriage. I'm helping him, not hurting him. I'll make it, so he dreams of lovemaking with his wife. All he'll think about is wanting to be with her. It's simple. It's brilliant."

"It'll get him out of your hair. I guess it's not against the rules to help him. Besides, the rules don't apply to him, if he's not going to be your husband."

"Exactly." She put her hands up to begin.

"And now, the spell will be cast. I cast a spell of lust over this man. Let him/her have thoughts, wishes, and dreams of unbridled lust and passion for his true love, who is his soul mate in the ocean of time. So Mote It Be. And as we light this candle, it is done with no ill consequences to anyone, including ourselves."

Reba lit the candle in the room, giggling.

"Come on, twitch your nose. It's hilarious. Do the Bewitched thing."

"May his deepest dreams and desires come true." She raised her hands, twitching her nose. "Happy?" She rolled her eyes at her best friend.

"I'm gonna let you rest now. Do me a favor and keep an eye on her for awhile, okay?"

"Sure, honey." He grabbed her hand and kissed it.

She pulled away and swiftly left the room with Lori Ann at her heels.

BJ sat on the edge of the bed. "My name's not Barbie. It's BJ."

Cheyenne grinned. "Hey, Brock, her name is BJ Booker. The boy downstairs, having cookies with Reba, is her brother, Buzzard." She snickered for a moment. "Feel silly yet, Brock?"

"I like dentists." BJ handed him a cookie.

He shivered. "I bet you do, but I'm just a college student. I'm not a dentist yet. I have a long way to go until then. It's nice to meet you, but I'm really tired. Thanks for the cookies and milk. I'll enjoy them later. I need some rest. Elizabeth, would you please take care of her for awhile?"

Cheyenne was lucky to have babysitting help from Barbra Jean more times than she could count, so she was happy to return the favor. She took the girl into her room to play some board games.

Mike walked into the kitchen, pinching Reba on the behind.

Buzz stood up from the table. "You don't do that to Miss Reba."

"Cute, kid, relax. We're friends. I was just playing around with her. Sometimes we pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend so we tease each other like that," Mike explained.

"Why do you do that?" Buzz asked.

"We used to like each other. We're friends. It's just a game we play sometimes." He hugged Reba and kissed her on the cheek.

Reba cocked her eyebrow. "A game?"

Mike hugged her again. "Sometimes it's very real. You were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, Sal."

Reba's heart skipped a beat. Her plan was working. It would just take time.

"Would you like to stay for dinner? I'm making chicken."

"My favorite."

"I know. Have a cookie, Jack." She winked at him.

She didn't know what would happen, but things were going in the right direction. She figured that Brock would lose interest in her soon enough. Things were heating up with Mike. All she had to do was stay the course...

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out in the next chapter!

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