- is Luffy. Short One Shot
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"Sit still…"


"One stroke and it's done…"


"Do you want me to finish? You can do it yourself otherwise…"

-"Buuuuttt Naaaaammmiiii~!"

"Be quiet before someone comes! You don't want them to find out right?"

-"Noooooo~! Naaaammmiiii~! Hurry uuuuup~!"

"Don't nag!"

-"But it tickles!"

"Shut up or I'm going to hurt you!"




"It's a bit messy now…"

-"I like it! You have to do that more!"

"Yeah? I don't…" said Nami putting her make-up material on her desk.

Luffy looked into the mirror with a slight smile. Nami camouflaged Luffy's scar with rouge, so it was totally gone now. He looked different now. He looked younger.

"Let's take it off… You look kinda creepy…" said Nami, rubbing it from his rubber cheek. Luffy grinned softly.

"I hate rubber… I have to rub too hard… And it stretches…" she said, referring to his flexible cheek. The door slammed open and the whole Mugiwara crew fell into the womenquarter.

"What the fu-" asked Nami, but she got cut off

-"Hey guys, what's up?" asked the captain

"Nothing…" everyone said in unison, standing up slowly. They thought Nami referred to something else…

And I am sure they weren't the only one ^^ I'm now busy with after the scenes =D Thanks The Mercenary for the tip ^^