I Was Toying With This Idea In My Head While I Was Writing Regretting But Never Forgetting (Which I'm Still Writing ;) ). Soo… Yeah. It's Basically Jenny And Julian In A Past Life. Title Inspired By Madina Lake :)

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Jennifer Thornton twirled around in her new gown, admiring the way the green silk clung to her in all the right places, the way it brought out the colour of her eyes and hair.

"My Lady, you look beautiful!" Her best friend, Deirdre Eliade, commented from her perch on the bed. Jenny smiled at her, eyes sparkling with delight.

"You really think so?" She asked, running her fingers down the side of the dress.

"I second Deirdre's comment!" Another voice chirped. It was Jenny's other best friend, Audrey Myers, smiling and pushing black spiky bangs out of her eyes.

"I third Deirdre's comment!" A third voice added. That too, was Jenny's best friend, Summer Parker-Pearson. Jenny smiled at her three best friends, all of which were dressed in gowns. "I can't wait to go to the ball!" Summer squealed excitedly, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

Ah, the ball. Jenny, Summer, Audrey and Deirdre had all been invited to this ball held by the Lord. Nobody had ever heard of this lord before and since they had a feeling he was new, they felt obliged to go.

Of course, Thomas Locke, Michael Cohen and Zachary Taylor had been invited also. Thomas was betrothed to Jenny, even though they'd been friends ever since they first joined school. Michael was betrothed to Audrey and Zachary, Jenny's cousin, had only just been announced to be Summer's fiancée. Deirdre was the only to not be betrothed, not that she cared as she despised the male race.

"I wonder who this lord really is," Audrey mused, putting a finger to her cherry red lips. Deirdre shrugged carelessly.

"As if I care about some lord who invited me to this ball. I despise all the satin and silk I have to wear!" She complained, plucking at the straps of her black dress. She earned a small smack on the ear from Audrey.

"Deirdre, stop being so moody because you're going somewhere and you have to dress up for it." She scolded.

"Like I really care Ms. Dress-Up-Doll." Deirdre retorted.

Oh here they go again, Jenny thought, rolling her eyes and turned her attention to the mirror in front of her. They're always bickering. Just because Audrey joined our girl-group a few years ago doesn't mean Dee has to be so… jealous. It was as if Summer had thought the same thing, judging by the look she gave Jenny which she saw in her reflection.

"Girls please be quiet and stop arguing. Tonight is going to be fun, fun, fun, yes?" Summer almost shrieked. Both the girls winced at the shrill tone and shut up.

"Yes!" Audrey replied, smiling although her eyes were narrowed.

"If I must. Although I do prefer my hair short and my trousers." Deirdre muttered. Audrey almost lunged for her but held herself in check. It wasn't lady like to go fighting like little boys, she reminded herself and settled for clenching her fists. They heard a knock on the door and Jenny opened it, revealing her parents on the threshold.

"Jennifer, why don't you look beautiful!" Her mother gushed, hugging her daughter, being careful to not rip the delicate silk.

"Thank you Mama. Thank you Father for the dress!" Jenny grinned.

"You're welcome, Jennifer." Mr. Thornton said gruffly. He wasn't a man of words, was her father.

"Now girls, we are leaving now. Behave yourselves and I do believe the gentlemen are not staying over?" Ms. Thornton said.

"Mama!" Jenny protested. "Don't you trust me?" Ms. Thornton smiled at her daughter, whose cheeks were red from embarrassment.

"Of course me and your mother trust you, Jennifer." Mr. Thornton explained, folding his arms. "But we can't help but take precautions, can we dearest?" Ms. Thornton nodded before pecking Jenny's cheek.

"Take care now and enjoy yourselves ladies. I will see you tomorrow morning, Jennifer." On that parting note, her parents walked down the stairs, talking in low voices. Jenny shut the door just as Summer let out a squeal of excitement.

"The gentlemen are here!" She squealed, leaping up from the window-seat and grabbing a cream coloured rose from the vase. She tucked it in her smooth hair and checked her reflection. Deirdre picked up a red rose that looked beautiful against her dark skin and pushed it under the strap of her dress. Audrey chose a salmon coloured rose and put it in the silk ribbon that was tied around her waist. Jenny picked a white one which she placed carefully in her long blonde tresses that was tied up in a bun.

The girls quickly smoothed down their dresses before they heard two sharp raps on the front door. Jenny took a deep breath to steady her nerves before opening her bedroom door and walking down the stairs, the others in tow. Standing in the hall, was Thomas, Michael and Zachary, each holding a bouquet of different coloured roses. The minute Jenny stood in front of Thomas, he bowed low and held out the roses.

"For you, Jenny." He greeted. Jenny smiled at him and accepted the flowers, putting them in the crook of her arm.

"Thank you, Tom." She replied, as he rose from his bow and took her hand within his own. After the giggles of delight, the group made their way outside and got into their carriage. The journey took half an hour and by that time, the ball was just starting. Jenny was holding Tom's hand warily as they walked through the great doors which were held open by two servants. She gasped in disbelief and delight at the vast hall filled with dancing couples and a long table filled with the most delicious foods imaginable.

The marble floor was smooth and the walls were covered in tapestries and paintings. Tom let out a low whistle.

"This is not what I expected." He frowned, leading Jenny down the steps towards the dance floor.

"Is it not, Thomas? Then what did you expect?" She asked teasingly, as she let him twirl her around.

"A little less grand than what it is, Jennifer." Tom retorted defensively, putting an arm around her waist gingerly. Jenny pulled a face at him before settling down into their rhythmic swaying. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Michael and Audrey spinning around and dancing, obviously outstanding from the couples that were swaying in time with the music, like Jenny and Tom.

Then, somebody made Jenny's heart beat a little faster beneath the green silk of her dress. It was a teenage boy, around the same age as her, Jenny noted. He was standing at the edge of the hall, watching the couples disinterested. His snow white hair fell into his eyes, for it was cropped at the sides and long at the back. However his eyes, was what intrigued Jenny the most. The colour of them was just indescribable. Liquid cobalt blue would be the best description for them and they were so attractive.

No boy should have eyes like that, Jenny thought, eyebrows furrowed. As if her heard her thought, the boy turned to look at her, his blue eyes raking over her face. Jenny flushed and bowed her head, knowing she had been rude to be staring at someone that wasn't her dance partner.

"Are you ok, Jenny?" Tom asked worriedly. "You look a little flushed." She shook her head and smiled reassuringly at him, knowing that the white haired boy was staring at her interestedly.

"I'm fine Tom. Just a little hot because it's quite stuffy in here." She replied, blinking innocently at him. Tom just nodded and disentangled himself.

"I'll get you some water. Go to the side of the hall and wait for me there." He said and walked off into the crowd. It took Jenny several minutes to weave herself to the edge of the hall where she leaned onto a tapestry.

Except it wasn't a tapestry it was a curtain. Jenny caught herself as she stumbled behind it and found herself standing on the balcony where there was the most delightful view of the falling sun. A cool breeze had picked up and seemed to soothe the burning blush on her cheeks. She heard somebody behind her and turned. It was the boy from hall.

"Hello." Jenny mumbled shyly, dropping her gaze from his powerful blue eyes.

"Hello." The boy replied in a voice that sounded like water running smoothly over a rock. He stepped forward and took Jenny's hand gently between his own, fingers brushing her fingers causing the skin to burn with a sudden heat. What surprised Jenny the most, was when his lips gently brushed her hand.

"My name is Julian." The boy said, smiling softly at her.

"I'm Jennifer. Everyone calls me Jenny though." She managed a weak smile and hand to grip the rail of the balcony to stop her legs from turning to water when his blue eyes looked into her Nile green ones. Julian's smile brightened and he stood next to her, still holding her hand.

"Why don't you let your hair down?" He asked curiously, looking at her with his head cocked to one side. Jenny bit her lip.

"I'm betrothed to a boy and he likes my hair up like this." She shrugged. Julian looked closely at her before taking her by surprise. Gently, ever so gently, he eased the hair pins out of her blonde hair and dropping them over the edge of the balcony. Soon, her hair was cascading down her shoulders and he was tucking the rose back in her hair.

"See? You look really beautiful with it down!" Julian insisted, smiling at her disbelief. Jenny flushed lightly, cheeks burning.

"Thank you for relieving me of hair pin ache later." She murmured. Julian chuckled when they heard somebody clearing their throat behind them.

Both of them turned to see Tom standing there, glass of water in his hand and looking evidently furious.

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