"You are so mature," Tallulah grumbled under her breath, as she trailed after Damien, tucking loose strands of blood red hair under the starched white cap that was tied to her head. Damien turned his head, a half smirk twitching at his lips as he caught Tallulah's dark oil painting eyes with his own green orbs that glinted with mischief.

"Tallulah, you worry for naught." He grinned, rumpling his hair that was already tousled from slumber. "Julian may look… intimidating for lack of a better word," His grin turned into a smirk. "He honestly is not. He is fair and quite able to jest."

"I dare not contradict you, sir," Tallulah shot back through gritted teeth. "But if you even try and put the blame on me, I will backhand you!" Damien winked at her, making her cheeks turn pink with a blush only he could arouse from her.

"I won't," He assured her as he opened the mahogany door that led into his chamber. "I am too kind." Tallulah let out a little snort and entered the room, automatically going to the cupboard where she withdrew several neatly washed and folded sheets of linen. The door shut behind Damien with a soft click that echoed around the practically empty chamber. Two warm, strong arms curled around her waist suddenly, unconsciously hitching her skirt up so the hem was now around her calves.

"Sir, let go of me." Tallulah sighed, trying her damned hardest to get out of his grip.

"You know," Damien said conversationally, as if they were mere commoners talking about the weather. "That dress would suit you better if the hem was cut up to here." With his rough but skilled hands, he grasped the material and jerked it up to her knees. All of the breath left Tallulah's lungs as the cool crisp morning air hit her creamy pale legs. Her mouth could not seem to find the words she wished to speak.

"Sir!" She finally managed to gasp. "You are being indecent!" A low sensual chuckle sounded in her ear, giving her goosebumps and sending a violent unsubtle shiver up her spine. "Tallulah," Damien scolded, ignoring her protest with a devil-may-care smile that both he and Julian shared.

"We are on first name basis, non?" Tallulah scowled that quickly disappeared when her capturer's hand brushed her milky-coloured legs in a sexual manner.

"S-Stop it!" She stammered, the sheets of rose-water scented linen that were so neatly folded, slipped out of her arms, pooling at her feet. The linen was the least of her concerns though. Her first priority was to get the elder off of her without hurting him. Although, a tiny part of her buzzing mind whispered, you don't want him to stop. She mentally slapped herself for thinking something so atrocious as that and then slapped herself again for even daring to agree with that statement.

It had been two weeks since Jenny and herself had agreed to work for Damien and Julian and both of the girls had settled in well with the work. Their routines were very simple and the rules were easily bent, but it was clear to the other servants that Julian and Damien both favoured Tallulah and Jenny more than the others. Most of them didn't mind that and took a liking to them all with the exception of Baines who did not like that and ever since Julian ridiculed him in front of the two girls, he made it his top priority to torment them and make their lives Hell.

Especially Tallulah whom he thought very little of; he considered her as a tarty harlot that needed to learn her place. At first, Jenny was offended by his comments and then feared for Tallulah when the red-head started insulting him. Of course, this went down well with both Julian and Damien who gave them permission to taunt him and insult him back. Tallulah almost jolted out of her skin when she felt Damien caress her thigh lovingly and she shuddered.

"Damien, get off of me." She hissed, now becoming impatient. Did this silly fool not realise she had work to do? She didn't want Baines bitching at her again for not changing the bed sheets.

"No," Damien purred, almost seductively in her ear, making sure his lips brushed her lobe as if trying to taunt her. Tallulah almost growled in frustration, even if his touch make her feel hot and cold at the same time.

"Damien, let me go and I will not hurt you." She warned, her eyes darkening distastefully. Damien laughed again.

"And what exactly might you do to me, Tallulah? Hm?" He said, unbelievingly. She didn't answer him with words; she elbowed him hard in the gut and brought her right arm around and elbowed him hard in the face. Damien stumbled to the side, groaning in pain and Tallulah smirked triumphantly as she smoothed out her skirts and arranged herself.

"Now, maybe, you will realise I am not a tart." She said, bending down and gathering up the linen. "Good day, sir." And with a smug smile, she left the room and shut the door with a click. Damien groaned once more, sinking to the floor, rubbing his gut with one hand and the other was occupied with massaging his jaw.

"That girl is a fighter," He said to himself. "And everyone does like a fighter."


Julian crawled out of his bed, yawning and rubbing his eyes with his fists like a small child would. Of course, unbeknownst to him, at that very moment, he did look like a small child. His white hair was stuck up in random tufts and it looked extremely messy. His night clothes were rumpled as was his bed and his face had the appearance of a tired infant. He stretched and heard the satisfying pop of his elbows pulling. He let his arms hang loosely at his sides again before discovering that Jenny had left his clothes for the day out on the table for him. He smiled to himself and it widened when he saw that there was a roaring fire. Jenny was brilliant. As Julian got dressed in front of the fire, his mind was on the girl with golden hair.

Yes, Jennifer Thornton was beautiful and there was no denying it. That moment when he saw her at the ball, he just knew he had to have to her. He had to have her by his side and she could be his Lady. His beautiful wife. He did wonder who the boy she was dancing with was and there was an aura about him that Julian just didn't like. It was one that seemed to radiate trouble and arrogance.

As per usual, Julian was right about that when he met the boy for the first time out on the balcony. He had made a bold move kissing Jenny's hand but he just couldn't stop himself. Jenny was a temptress and she was oblivious to that fact. She just didn't know the power she had over the lord. Only Jenny could make Julian do irrational things. If she even ordered him to jump off of a cliff, he would do it. He would do anything for that girl and she just didn't know it.

The boy, Tom, was the kind of person who wound Julian up. He had an arrogance about him that made him think that he could have any woman he wanted and he would get anything he wanted and when he wanted it. Julian detested boys like that, all of them but Damien. Damien was a male version of a harlot but he was not as cocky as Tom was.

Julian already loathed the boy on sight but his loathing turned to hate when it was revealed that Jenny, pure sweet little Jenny, was engaged to such a swaggering little toad. It infuriated Julian to say the least and he wanted nothing more than to kill the swine but alas, he had to hold himself in check and behave like the lord he is. He was glad that Jenny had accepted the job and now, he was able to court her freely and he had her right where he wanted her. It was perfect.

Julian finished buttoning his shirt and looked himself over in the mirror, looking for any flaws. There was one; his messy hair. He scowled slightly as he picked up the hairbrush that was placed on his desk and brushed his hair until it looked presentable. He placed it back down and ran his fingers through it a few times before becoming satisfied with his appearance. He checked his pocket watch and discovered it was almost time for breakfast. Eager to see Jenny, Julian practically ran to his ajar chamber door and threw it open. A skilfully placed bucket of water toppled off of the edge of the door when it moved and the cold water landed right on Julian. Julian froze for a few seconds before glaring darkly.



"Another ball?" Jenny repeated disbelievingly, eyebrows raised and she really couldn't believe her ears. Julian was planning on hosting another ball even though the last one he had was two weeks ago when he first met her but that was beside the point. Jenny was almost bug-eyed in astonishment. Julian grinned at her, leaning back in his chair.

"I do not see why not, mon Cherie." He said, looking at his nails as if disinterested with the entire conversation. "Besides, I have nothing better to do and my paperwork is complete." Jenny snorted a little and directed her green –eyed gaze to the stacks of parchment that were spread all over his desk in a messy disarray. Julian unwillingly followed her gaze and huffed. "Fine, I just do not want to do it and I want to do something fun." He altered, now looking at her and tilting his head adorably. Jenny just blinked.

"Why not just complete the work and get it out of the way?" She asked him finally, but he didn't answer her because the door opened and Damien walked in, Tallulah at his heels.

"Where have you two been?" Julian demanded, watching Damien flop down on the armchair carelessly with narrowed blue eyes. "I called for you an hour ago." His brother shrugged.

"I was talking to Tallulah," He answered. "Did you know she likes-" Tallulah decided now would be a fine time to interrupt the older man.

"He was not talking to me, Julian." She scoffed. "He was trying to court another one of the maids again." Julian grimaced and stood up. He walked over to Damien and clipped him around the ear.

"That is for lying," He said, before clipping him around the other ear. "And that is for dunking cold water over me this morning." Damien laughed, rubbing his ears with the heel of his hands.

"I have been badly picked on today," He stated. "I had an elbow to the stomach and face and now I have got bruised ears. My good looks will be gone if we carry on this way." Tallulah rolled her eyes.

"And what good looks are they, Damien?" She asked with a faint trace of a cheeky smile. Damien gaped at her whilst Julian and Jenny laughed, the sound soft and blending together in perfect harmony. She continued to grin at them and when they both stopped laughing, Jenny caught her eye and flushed a light pink.

"Back to the conversation we were just having," She said quickly before anyone could speak up about her blatant blush. "Why not just complete the work so it is out of the way?" Julian shrugged, sitting down on the floor and crossing his legs.

"Because it is so boring and dull. I need to do something fun." He replied, putting a firm emphasis on the word fun.

"I like the sound of a ball," Damien said thoughtfully, rubbing his smooth chin with his forefinger and his thumb. Tallulah rolled her eyes.

"Only because there will be random harlots there for you to mess around with," She said and Jenny stared at her with wide eyes. Ever since Tallulah had joined her in work, she had become more and more outrageous with her comments. She would have to remember to keep her toe in line when they visited her parents next. Julian clapped his hands with glee, a bright smile on his face. It was so radiant, like the sun that it felt like it was blinding Jenny. It was so beautiful that her breath caught in her throat. She gave herself a mental shake; Remember Jenny, you are engaged to Thomas.

"It is settled then," Julian beamed, leaping to his feet. "There will be another ball tomorrow night!"

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