~ Prologue ~

~ Finally, I came up with an Idea! I'll be posting them each week on Monday. Four Chapters, and a prologue. One month filled with Kate. ~

Derek tensed. His hackles rouse as he searched the night before him. His nose caught the scent a millisecond before it happened.

A furry lump of fur raged forward, muscles turning as it ran on its hands and hind legs. Matted hair hung from his entire form. Brown fur. A squished in face which looked dumb and brooding.

Derek lunged at the brute, his body morphing into that of a timber wolf. Gray fur spread the length of his body, and his jowls grew. He was too tired from running to go into Warrior form.

They both collided, Derek's claws raked against the Apes face – the Apes huge slabs-of-meat-for-hands coming together to squeeze the life out of Derek's body.

Derek lunged his ferocious jaws into the Apes neck, biting away at the soft flesh, making his way to the lungs underneath.

The Ape, in turn, yelled a painful scream out of primal instincts, then wrenched the wolf off his neck and threw him across the field to a tree.

The tree was a low branched Maple. The field in which they had finally found themselves was a littered with thigh high grass, weeds and roots to trip over, and stones on which to fall and bruise with. There were few other trees besides the Maple tree, being only a small grouping of Ash trees. The sky overhead was littered with bright stars, and a crescent moon lit what it could.

Quickly, Derek got out of the tree. He leaped down to the ground with little effort as he ran once more to meet the Gorilla.

Coming out of nowhere, with a massive fist, the Gorilla slammed Derek's head. He stopped for a moment, to assess the damage.

The young wolf's head looked badly damaged, and blood leaked out of a gash.

The Gorilla smiled, his body rippling as it changed back to human. His features where sharp and bold. His black silk hair was held in a cow-lick, and his face looked boyish as well. Burgundy eyes looked peered through his eye-sockets.

He wore a poorly tailored suit, and as he knelt done beside Derek, his own wound forgotten, he brought a knife out from somewhere inside his suit.

He slid the pale blade across Derek's unconscious face, and his eyes filled with insanity. He licked the blade once, than brought it back down to Derek's face . . .

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~ Kalen Bloodstone ~