Hello there, fellow Merlin fans! This short story came to me whilst I was sat down watching (guess what...) Merlin. It was the episode in series 2 (The Nightmare Begins) when I suddenly thought just how much destiny plays a part in our favourite characters lives, and so, this was born. I would really love to know what you think... even if it is in one or two words! :-)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Merlin, else I would be happy... very happy.


A Forced Road Called Destiny

I don't feel the anger I thought I would feel... but I don't feel the passive calm either. Instead I feel grief of the worst kind; the kind that is currently being carefully hidden behind what I can feel is my expressionless face.

You can wipe that victorious smirk off of your face. That smirk that doesn't even reach your cold blue eyes.

My heart may falter when you kick the body of the motionless man beneath you so you can look at his frozen face, but my gaze does not. It takes all of my will power and resolve to not let my eyes wash over the body of the greatest man, King and friend I ever knew. The second half of my coin.

For a good two years, I fought off the thought of having a destiny, of having my life already mapped out and planned like that of a battle. I can now see that was how my life ran its course. I can see now that I tried to fight it because it scared me.

For a year or so now, I had known this day was in the coming. I knew that Destiny caused us all to be forced upon a road that we could not change, no matter how we tried. But oh, how I did try when I fist discovered the road ahead all those years ago. No matter how many crystals I looked into, how many enemies I defeated, how many tears I shed and how many cries I roared, the future remained the same. It was then, one night after revealing Destiny and my fears to the man in question, did I chose to no longer fight it. Not because I gave up, but because of the acceptance he showed. A man who was prepared to lay his life down for something he believed in; Destiny.

As I take step by composed step towards you, a hint of something akin to fear flashes across your bright orbs. You slowly begin to realise that I am no longer the young boy who once saved you from execution, the young boy that did not want to see a child killed.

The battle may wage on around us, but for now we are locked in our own; one that was written before our births.

I continue to walk forwards, one slow step at a time, being careful to avoid the bodies of comrades and enemy alike as I step closer to fulfilling my Destiny. I know what you have done in the past... who could forget? I once lent a hand to help you, trying to ignore and change what you were destined to become, what you were destined to do. Your silence and lack of compassion proves that it was never meant to be.

Your smile wavers as you take in my collected composure, composure that you begin to literally feel power radiate in waves from. In a split second, you return your sadistic smirk, but you don't fool me. All those years ago and time from then until now, you did not know who I was. Who I am. It isn't until the last few seconds of your life, of your now completed Destiny, that the realisation hits you like the striking bolt of blue that is hurtling before you.

Arthur's destiny is complete. Your destiny is complete. My destiny is complete.

I am free.