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Sherlock walked through the trees and down the path towards the falls. He could already hear the water rushing over the top and clashing with the rocks that met it along its way down. He had left his coat somewhere behind him, and only had his suit jacket to protect him from the cold wind that was coming in.

He continued to walk, finding himself at a bridge, which he also continued across. Once across, he found himself at the start of another trail. He took a moment to look back. For the first time in his life, he was unsure if he was doing the right thing. He was unsure if he could really go through with this, go through with what he had planned. He looked back in the direction he was walking and shook his head at himself. He had to do this, he had to continue. So he did.

Walking down the trail, he walked slowly, looking around him, waiting for the man to appear. He knew he was here somewhere - he always got a weird feeling when he was being watched and he had that feeling right now. He finally found himself looking at a path that lead back to the falls, and knew that Moriarty would be along there somewhere.

He could see the waterfall from where he was now. From his knowledge of the area, he knew that there was a hydro-electric power company somewhere near that used the waterfalls flow sometimes, but he knew that it was shut at the moment, as the Reichenbach falls were in full flow.

And there ahead of him was the man he was looking for, in another of his showy suits. As he saw Sherlock, a huge grin appeared on the madman's face.

"Sherlock! Glad you could make it!" the Irish accent started.

Sherlock noticed that he had gone past the end of the path, and had continued closer to the edge, nearer to the waterfall. Despite the warning in the back of his mind that this was a bad idea, he also continued so that he would be nearer Moriarty when he went through with his plan.

"Well, I am glad to see that you came alone, Sherlock. I was thinking that you would try to bring Lestrade and that annoying brother of yours along with you".

"Surely you've been watching me, you would know that moment that they followed me onto the plane, even if they were in disguise" he replied.

"Yes, well, they didn't! They didn't get on any flight - you've made me so happy, Sherlock! It's nice to know that you've done something that I've asked you to do" he continued, the crazy smile getting wider.

"Don't be happy, James, I'm only here to listen to what you have to say. Then I'm leaving" Sherlock replied.

"Don't call me that, Sherlock. You've no idea how much it annoys me-".

"Even more than my brother does, I should imagine. You should really not tell me how much it annoys you, by the way, it will only make me use it more often" he commented.

Moriarty shook his head in anger, but the anger was no longer present on his face.

"What it is that you want, James, apart from my involvement in your crimes coming to an end?".

"Ahh! That's what it's all about isn't it?" he replied. "Your involvement. You always - and I do mean always - get involved, even when you know you shouldn't. If you even get a hint that I might be behind the crime you get involved, despite how trivial the crime is - I thought you were only interesting in the challenging ones, Sherlock?".

"Not when it comes to you".

"I'm flattered!".

"You really shouldn't be".

"And why's that?".

"Because it means I'm more determined to see you behind bars than anyone else".

"Oh, don't be like that, my dear. It's all fun and games!" he yelled to the sky. "But you didn't come here to play my little game this time, did you Sherlock? You wanted to know what my offer was, don't you?".

"It sparked a little interest. I wondered what you could possibly have to offer me that I would actually take in order to leave you alone. I don't really imagine much can stop me from destroying you and your organisation, James, so you're really hard-pressed to make this offer worthwhile".

"That's because I don't want you on an opposite side, Sherlock! Imagine what we could accomplish when working together!".

"You can't be serious…that's why I'm here - to hear you ask me to work with you, instead of against you? What would ever make you think that I want to work with you?".

"Because you love the challenge, Sherlock, you love the danger and the risks. Together we could not only take on twice as many tests, but also create them - imagine! To have people acknowledge you for the brilliant man you are!".

"I don't want that sort of thing, James, I'm not like you".

"You're exactly like me!" he retorted. "You are like me in every way, that's why we should work together, Sherlock! Do you remember the last time you were here, Sherlock? I do".

"You were not involved in that case-".

"Not personally, but then again I hardly ever am" he interrupted. "You had him arrested, remember? You chased him around these hills, and finally you tricked him into revealing himself. You know who he was?".

"Another homicidal maniac?" Sherlock replied, his voice dipped in sarcasm.

"No, no…" Moriarty chuckled. "He was the man who taught me so many things. I used to think that he was the greatest and smartest person alive…and then you came along to spoil it all".

"So…what? You've been waiting all this time to get your revenge on me for having your mentor arrested and sent to jail - where he rightfully belonged?".

"No, of course not. I knew from that moment onwards that you were better than him, and now so am I. That's why we should work together. He was the best and smartest criminal of the last generation. Together we could be more than better than him. We could be the best for a very long time, no one will ever be able to compete with us, or even come close to the same level…".

Sherlock had walked forwards so that he and Moriarty were of equal distance to the edge of the cliff. Sherlock stood with his back to the path that he had come from, and Moriarty with his back to the falls.

"I would never ally myself with you, James, you would do well to remember that".

"Shame. We could have accomplished so much together, you know…".

That was when Moriarty looked away from Sherlock and towards the path that had ended a few hundred yards away from them.

"Oh, really? You guys are terrible at hiding!" Moriarty mocked.

Sherlock spun around, honestly shocked to see John, Lestrade and his brother stand up from behind their hiding spots.

"Sherlock!" John shouted.

Before he could react, he felt a knife at his throat, and saw John and Lestrade's look of shock on their faces, as Moriarty behind him forced him to face them. Sherlock couldn't help thinking that this was like the situation at the pool, except the positions had changed.

"What exactly do you think you're going to accomplish by holding me hostage?" Sherlock asked, calmly.

"A ticket out of here, Sherlock. What else?" replied the Irish voice in his ear. "I should have known that these pests would find a way around my surveillance and get here, they're all so pathetically predictable".

"You really should choose your hostages better then, if that's what you want from this" Sherlock commented. "I am a very poor choice. I'm warning you now, James, that you should really let me go".

"Oh really? And why's that then?" came the snarl in his ear.

"Because I'm usually have a very bad reaction to being held hostage".

Suddenly, Sherlock grabbed the arm that was holding the knife and moved it forwards - away from him - as he threw his head backwards, into his attackers face. On feeling it connect with its target, he jumped to his right, and elbowed the man in the face, still holding onto the arm. Turning 180 degrees, he elbowed him with the other one. Moriarty's arm was suddenly twisted behind his back, and he was forced to face the same way as Sherlock, who threw a punch to the man's back, forcing him to his knees, turning him around to face him again. Striking the man's head with his knee, Sherlock saw the madman fall onto his side and then onto his stomach, and Sherlock let his arm go. It all happened so quickly, that the others had barely enough time to realize what just happened.

Sherlock turned away from the man, and walked back towards John and Lestrade, while other police officers rushed forwards from behind the three that had previously arrived to handcuff the unconscious man.


As soon as they had touched down, Mycroft had informed the local police of everything that was happening and instructed them to follow them to the falls. It was lucky the chief of police remembered Sherlock from the last time that he had been there, and immediately knew that they were telling the truth.

"Are you alright?" John asked, watching as Moriarty was dragged away back along the path, a team of police carefully keeping guard.

"Me? Yes, of course. I'm not the one unconscious, or with a broken nose" Sherlock replied, looking back to the man in question. "I did warn him, he really should have let me go".

"Yeah, well…I doubt he thought you were being serious. Moriarty is crazy and most people try to bluff their way out of situations like that, not actually being able to mean what they say".

"I always mean what I say, he should have known that" Sherlock replied. "Especially him, of all people I would have expected him to believe me…"

"True" John agreed. "That was amazing, by the way" he added.

Sherlock smiled a little at that comment, wondering if John would ever change. John smiled back, almost wanting to laugh at how easy his room mate, and closet friend had just made that all look.

It took both Sherlock and John three weeks to get back to London, as a very interesting murder had taken place just outside Bern - and of course it had captured Sherlock's attention. They decided to make their own way back to Britain, solving murders, kidnappings and unexplained events along the way.

Finally unlocking the door to 221B Baker Street, Sherlock and John walked in laughing about a robbery they had just stopped taking place along the road at an outdoor café.

"Did you see his face?" John managed to say, almost crying with laughter.

Sherlock was unable to reply, holding his stomach as he laughed, and leaned against the wall as they once did before.

"That's the last time he'll try that again near a large group of pigeons, anyway!" he finally chuckled.

They fell about laughing as they remembered how the robber had reacted when Sherlock threw the plate of chips at him, lodging half of them in his hair and jacket, causing the pigeons to start pecking at him like crazy. The man had thrown his hands up into the air, and his girlish screams could be heard at the other end of the park. The police who had shown up were having a hard time arresting him, not just because of the birds that refused to leave him alone, but because they were almost doubled over in laughter.

Making their way upstairs, Mrs Hudson made them a cup of tea - in spite of her insisting that it had previously been a one-off.

"I'm not your housekeeper!" she said, as she passed John a digestive biscuit, smiling despite herself.


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