A lot of men orange suits with big, black flashlights were walking around in the wood. The whole town was in panic. In such a little town, things like this rarely happened. Therefore they were all chaotically trying to find that ten year old girl who was currently missing.

Even an eleven year old boy, whose name was Steve Leonard was looking after her.

But he wasn't walking organized around like the men in the orange suits was. No, he was running around in panic.' Causeheactually had something to lose if they didn't find her. His whole life would be ripped to shreds if he didn't find her. The men in the orange suits did not care about her, they didn't care that her name was Annabelle. They didn't care that when she was younger, she could not pronounce her own name, so she just called herself Belle, and the nickname had struck to her like glue. They did not care that she was the best and only friend Steve ever had. They did not care that he felt like he would die without her.

She wasn'ttheir best friend. She was his. She couldn't be gone. Couldn't just vanish. She could not just disappear from his life, just like that. It was impossible. It just could not happen.

She had to be somewhere. Somewhere. Somewhere he could find her. Anywhere he could find her. She had to be. She had to be.

The mud was slippery, due to the rain that had kept drowning the ground over the course of the past week.

Steve had slipped four times already. He didn't care. He couldn't. It did not matter. It could not matter. If he was going to let every fall affect him, then he would...

Then he'd never find her. Ever. She would be lost in the big cruel world, and e would be alone again. All alone, with no one in his life but his mom. His drunk, promiscuous mom, that never cared about him, just about her men and her alcohol. He could not do that again. He simply couldn't. He needed Belle.

And if he so fell and broke every bone in his body, it'd be worth it if she'd just come back to him. If she would just not be gone, and lost, and dead. He'd probably sell his soul to the Devil for her, even at such young age. But the Devil did not show himself, and so Steve had to keep going on his own, with his soul. But without help.

Darren was probably looking for her too, with his parents. Even if Darren had never been specially close to her. Darren andBelle just didn't fit together. But that didn't matter to Steve, he was happy as long as they didn't hate each other. But Steve had been so close to her, he had adored her very being, everything about her. Darren had actually said it was cute once, calling Steve and Belle's connection for 'puppy love'. Steve didn't understand the comment then. But now he did, even if it was too late.

Darren and Belle were pretty good friends, but considerably less close than they both were to Steve. They were really just being friendly with each other because they both cared so much for Steve, and the fact that they got along meant so much to him.

But Darren had other friends, while Belle didn't, she only had Steve. That put them closer to each other automatically. They were the only one for each other. They needed each other, one could not just leave the other, because then they would both just be alone.

And now she had left him and Steve was all alone, because nobody could ever understand how much he missed her, how much she meant to him. The grief isolated him, and Steve hated the pitying looks people gave him. He hated to seem weak. So he covered it up, with anger and rebellion and mischief. The sad part was that everybody noticed the change in character, yet nobody seemed to understand why it had happened.

"Help, please!"

"GET UP!" Mr. Tinys sickening voice cut trough the air like a knife. Steve woke up, and was thankful to Mr. Tiny for a second, because Steve knew that after that part of the dream, it would get much, much worse. It would be torture. The gratefulness was short lived, however. The normal rage and contempt took over.

"I'M FUCKING UP!" Steve yelled loudly back, hoping Mr. Tiny would get angry at him, that he would snap. But Mr. Tiny never did. He just looked smug, like he knew some grand secret Steve did not.

He got out of his coffin, and dressed quickly, not caring how it looked. It would not make any difference if he looked bad. As he was about to exit the room, however, he changed his mind. After all, he wanted to impress Mr. Tiny; to show him that he could be a great leader to an army. With that in mind, he fixed his clothes hurriedly.

As he walked trough the halls some minutes later, the nightmare was already forgotten. It was not like it was a new occurrence.

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