The coliseum lobby was crowded with people, all ages and types, laughing and talking about the wild game they had just watched. The Jailyard Dolls Starlettes and the Pretty Pummel Princesses had played a fast paced, rough game and the Pummel Princesses came out on top with a four point lead over the Starlettes. There were no major injuries from either team but everyone certainly skated away from the track with a bruise or two that night. The women didn't mind. They wore their bruises, cuts and scrapes proudly. It was a part of the sport that no one minded because it showed fearlessness, strength and perseverance; there were no precious, breakable China Doll-type women on that track. They took hits and returned them with the same amount of force.

Holly Go'Fight'ly and her teammate, Kandy Barr, were busy shaking hands with patrons and fans and making small talk with some of the people who came by to chat with the Starlettes team.

Holly had a great night on the track but she was beginning to panic a bit. She had promised her best friend earlier in the day that she would meet him for a drink to unwind and to celebrate what they hoped would be a nice, long quiet weekend off from work. If she didn't leave now, she was going to be late and she didn't want him to think that she was going to be a no show. Holly had taken some hard hits and made some pretty outstanding ones in return tonight. She could barely stand to stay in her skates for any longer and if she was being honest with herself, she was really anxious to see her gorgeous best friend. He knew how to light up her day with his smile. She missed his hugs and the warm, fluttery feeling she got inside when he said something particularly sweet and caring.

She leaned closer to inform her teammate that she was going to head to the locker room, change and leave before the parking lot traffic became too unbearable.

"Aww, Holly! Thumbs down! Come on! We gotta toast to your new war wounds!" She flipped Holly's skirt up, exposing the glittery bloomers and the massive purple bruise on her thigh underneath. A few nearby patrons whistled and clapped. "And we gotta toast to that hit you threw tonight. I have never seen anyone go over a rail that fast before!" Kandy threw her head back in raucous laughter and gave Holly a friendly hip bump. "I can see that your mind is elsewhere, though." She smirked, "I hope he or she is worth it. Scoot!"

Kandy gave Holly a push down the corridor behind the merchandise table and she skated into the locker room to get ready for the second part of her night.

She unlaced her skates and tossed them, her helmet, elbow and knee pads into her locker. She washed away her game makeup and the dirt and grime that she had accumulated from being rough on the track. After removing her contacts and replacing them with black, horn rimmed glasses, she reapplied her red lipstick, pulled her hair back into a high, swinging ponytail and left the rest of her face bare; she had had enough pageantry and glitter for one night. She switched her short uniform dress and fishnets out for one of Derek's soft v-neck tee shirts and a pair of jeans.

She put on her heels and then pulled her purse from her locker. She tossed her clothes into her duffel bag with one hand as she fished her phone from her purse with the other and proceeded to send Derek a text to let him know that she was on her way and had not forgotten about him or his beautiful body.

She sometimes wondered if she should tell her friends about her extracurricular activities. She felt that it would be okay with Derek that she was a roller girl, not that she needed his permission. Knowing him, he would probably find it incredibly hot, as most husbands and boyfriends of some of the ladies of the team did, but he didn't need to see her get tossed around on the track to know how strong she was inside. He was her best friend, he already knew that part of her. He knew every part of her-they told each other everything-but this was something that she felt she needed to keep to herself. Well, almost all to herself. Hotch found out accidentally; helped her to scoop up an armful of files she dropped one day and caught sight of a wildly colored flyer sticking out amongst the creamy white papers. After forcing Hotch into a pinky swear, she had first -name -middle -name threatened him, smiling cheekily as she warned him that she could have instant access to his bank account and high school yearbook picture with just a flourish of her fingers across her keyboard.

She had never really wondered about how all of her friends would react. JJ would probably purse her lips in deep concentration, her piercing blue eyes searching Penelope's face for any signs of doubt about her new venture and then after finding none there, she would smile widely, nod and ask when the next game was and if she could bring Henry and Will along, too.

Spencer was very likely to tell her all about the origins of the quad skate and then he would express his curiosity and ask if he could come watch a game sometime.

Emily would show the most excitement for it. Penelope imagined that Emily would try to take up a role as her personal trainer, chasing her around with a whistle as she speeded around the skate park on her quads.

And Rossi would wink at her and tell her to "Stay safe, Kitten." in that warm, comforting tone of his.

Derek was so overprotective . Sometimes, she found it charming and sweet but she was an adult and could take care of herself. The bruises were really no big deal and most of the time they looked way worse than they felt. Penelope envisioned herself taking a hit and having Derek scramble through the crowd to put a band aid on her and then scold the opposing teammate for hurting his baby girl. She rolled her eyes and laughed, not because it was ludicrous, but because it wasn't too far off from anything he was capable of doing for her. She loved him, but she didn't want him interfering in her life that way.

Penelope was so busy texting as she walked down the dimly lit corridor that she didn't notice the tall man standing in the middle of the hallway and walked right into him. She yelped as she teetered back on her heels, her duffel bag swinging back and thumping against her with the quick motion, and the man caught her elbow to help stabilize her. When she looked up to apologize, Derek was looking down at her with a tilted grin and a questioning lift of his brow.

"Oh, shit," she squeaked.

A/N: The idea of Penelope Garica playing derby fascinates me so I decided to write it for myself. Maybe it's a bit OOC for her but I don't think so. Plus, I like this secret better than the theatre one (though I am a theatre nerd through and through). Yes, that is my LJ username (in case it looks familiar to anyone, tee hee). This is for all of the Dallas girls who will be seeing Kirsten V tonight at the museum. P.S., I'll be wearing grey and tons of sparkly things on my armular area. SO EXCITE. Also, This craziness will eventually earn it's M rating coz D and P can't be tamed ;) -Betty T. G. xo