Many to Love

Haruhi/Host Club Males



They couldn't believe it they were all drinking Haruhi's commoner coffee that Renge had made, then a poof went off in the corner where Haruhi usually sat and all that was left was her uniform and a naked three year old trying to sit up right.

"Where did my daughter go to", Tamaki wailed with tears in his eyes.

"You simpleton 'THAT' is Haruhi", Kyoya said.

As they were arguing the twins, Mori, and Hunny walked up to Haruhi. Mori grabbed Haruhi and put her in his lap while he sat on the chair she was in a while ago.

"Hello Haru-chan do you know who we are", Hunny asked as Haruhi put her finger to her lips and put on her thinking face.

"I don't know you people", Haruhi said in a babyish voice.

"Okay, well I'm Hunny can you say Hunny?"

"Hunny", Haruhi said while clapping once she said the name, "I like Hunny".

This made Hunny blush at the thought of Haruhi actually liking him, "well I like you to Haru-chan".

"Hey, can you say Mori", Hunny asked, "Mo~ri", she tried pronouncing his name and she smiled after she said it bouncing up and down on Mori's lap.

Haruhi turned around and looked at Mori and analyzed him, "you are so big and I'm SO SMALL", Haruhi said amazed trying to get up so she could touch his face.

"Hn", Mori said leaning his face down so she could touch it which was quite funny once she got his face and started making faces on him making her laugh.

"Haruhi can you say Hikaru and Kaoru", Hikaru asked.

"Hikaru and Kaoru... no you are Kitties", Haruhi exclaimed as the twins looked at her strangely but shrugged it off.

"Move out of the way daddy wants to see his baby girl", Tamaki said with a dramatic tone.

"Hello Haruhi can you say Daddy", he said with hope of her actually calling him daddy since she didn't know them, she looked at him then at herself and concluded who he was.

"You're not my Papa because he wears girl stuff or maybe he is a girl like me", Haruhi said giggling while looking at herself.

"Hey, why am I naked", Haruhi looked around waiting for an answer which was Tamaki fainting and everyone else staring and blushing.

"U-um Haruhi you are too small for your clothes", Hunny said blushing finally noticing her nakedness.

"Well the only way is for us to wrap her in her shirt,"Kyoya said while getting out his phone to get clothes and other things for Haruhi ordered.


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