The Change

Haruhi/Host Club Males



They got to Mori's mansion in little to no time because Haruhi was getting cranky.

As they pulled up Haruhi yelled at Tamaki for screaming the whole way from her real fathers house.

"You better have a good excuse for screaming or I will put your head in the toilet and give you a mega swirly,"Haruhi said in her baby voice.

Tamaki stayed frozen to the seat while Haruhi looked him down with dark eyes then said in a sugary sweet voice.

"I know why you won't speak it's because your a wussy and don't have a big enough brain to talk back at a little girl,"Haruhi said shocking everyone for saying such mean words.

"Haruhi that's not nice,"Honey said confused that Haruhi would say such things.

Just before Haruhi was about to speak she started to feel a little funny.

"Kyoya I feel weird,"Haruhi said holding her stomach.

"What feels weird, are you sick do you need something to eat,"Kyoya said while the others looked worried for Haruhi's health.

"My whole bod-,"Haruhi never finished her sentence because she fainted right then and there in the limo.

"Mori-senpai please put Haruhi on the seat next to me so I can examine her,"Kyoya said going into doctor mode.

Mori did as he was told while the others went to the other side to give Kyoya some working space.

"What is it doctor is she going to be alright,"someone said.

"I don't know she may not make it in time,death might be at her door step very soon,"the doctor said.

"Tamaki shut the TV off I am trying to find whats wrong with her,"Kyoya yelled.

"Aw,but Nurse Tanaki was just about to kiss Doctor Watani,"Tamaki wined only to get the glare of hell from the Shadow King.

"Okay,okay what ever do your work,"Tamaki huffed.

"Thank you now everyone out,"Kyoya said as everyone clambered away from the demon from hell.