Characters: Adelheid, Strauss
: A brief glimpse of beauty.
: vague Strauss x Adelheid
Author's Note
: Strauss and Adelheid the only one seen to have wings when he flies. Maybe it's a pure-blooded vampire thing?
: I don't own Record of a Fallen Vampire.

Princess Adelheid of the Kingdom of Night sometimes takes to late night walks. If it was any other member of the royal family, such as her father or mother or even her cousins (Imogen, Bernadetta, Sigrid, Helena and Iseult, being highborn ladies—even if they are dhampires—are looked after closely) committing to such behavior, the guards would be notified immediately to monitor them. While it's nothing unusual for vampires and dhampires to be awake at this hour, Adelheid isn't suppose to go anywhere alone. However, she escapes notice. It doesn't surprise Adelheid; she's fifteen and doesn't cut a very imposing figure. It's easy for people to ignore her.

And truth be told, Adelheid doesn't mind being ignored, so long as she isn't being stared at and found lacking by all sundry human and vampiric officials and nobles.

In the darkness (this corridor of the palace isn't regularly traveled and thus isn't lit), Adelheid roams the halls, hearing only the rustle of her silk skirt and her own breath. It's a… lonely feeling, being all by herself, but Adelheid can only smile as she sits down on a velvet window seat and stares out at the moon.

How lovely…

How can silence be considered inferior to speech?

Adelheid stares at the moon. It is full and swollen, cold with a faint blue tinge. Beautiful and alien, she can't grasp how it can be so far away in the sky and yet loom so large on the horizon.

It's beautiful.

Suddenly, something dark flashes across the pale, perfect surface of the moon.

Adelheid doesn't know what it is. A bat, a bird in flight, with those great wings stretched forth? No, whatever it is, it's too large against the moon, even if it seems tiny compared to the lunar body.

Then, she realizes, watching the graceful arcs of flight.

Oh. Strauss.

True, Adelheid has watched him for three years now.

Still, she'd never realized how beautiful he was, until now.

In a moment he's gone, and Adelheid returns to the light and the clamor of a feasting hall, suddenly craving company.

His solitude has made her despise hers.