"Meow," went the tiny kitten bot prototype with the huge, expressive eyes. It rubbed it's body against Megamind's leg, purring. It had a large head with disproportionately huge eyes. It's body was covered in a knit material, similar to a sock, only with hearts and sparkles worked into the material. It's hard, robotic skeleton was padded with plush foam and cotton fill. It was wearing a tiny faux leather jacket and had a slot to insert an ipod in its back. Megamind reached down to stroke the sickenly adorable bot, which promptly rolled over on its belly to batt at his hand playfully.

"Well, Minion, is it cute enough? Do the eyes need to be bigger? Is it's body soft enough? Are its antics disarmingly endearing?"

"It looks adorable to me sir."

"Good. Now let's add the claws and teeth."

BWAHAHAHA! To be continued...