A/N: Hey guys! I've decided this really short story. It'll only be about 7 chapters long, one for each main character. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: Cece Jones

Cece Jones is a dreamer.

No one, and I mean no one, can crush her dreams. If Cece Jones wants to sing, she W I L L sing. If Cece Jones wants to dance, she W I L L dance. She is filled with light. She will shine. She won't give up. Because Cece Jones is a dreamer, and everyone knows that dreamer's dreams always come true...

Cece Jones is a dancer.

She didn't get on Shake it Up!: Chicago for being pretty. It took pure talent. Many people tried, and still do, to knock Cece down, but Cece Jones doesn't stay on the ground. She gets UP. Cece Jones W I L L dance, whether she's on a t.v. show or not...

Cece Jones is a crazy, loving, maniac.

Cece Jones is crazy, but that's one of the reason's we love her so much. She creates silly adventures, and "Cece plans". Sometimes, her plans and adventures don't turn out perfect, but she's only human. She may mess up sometimes, but it's always for the best in the end.

Cece Jones is a flower.

She's a small daisy that has already blossomed. She's a butterfly that has busted from her cacoon. Cece Jones is who she is. She's a flower. Sometimes, she's soft and delicate like the petals on a rose, but other times, Cece is like the thorns on the stem. Cece Jones is a flower, but she's a flower that's flying with the wind. She's reaching her dreams, because that's what Cece Jones does.

Last but not least,

Cece Jones is Cece Jones.

She is quiet, but loud. She is unsure, but determine. She is a dreamer. Cece Jones is herself. She is who she is, and no one can change that... =)