Don't you hate it when you get ideas and they won't leave your head? This is one of those stories, but I've been meaning to write a Hetalia/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover for a while, so this works out pretty well on my part.

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"What's the Colonel want now?" Edward Elric, a rather short blonde with golden eyes sighed.

"I don't know, Brother, but if he told us to get to East HQ quick, it's probably something important," Alphonse Elric answered. He was the younger of the two, even though you wouldn't be able to tell, because he was an armor suit with nothing except a seal written in Edward's blood inside.

The brothers were currently on their way to East City from Resembool, where Edward was getting his automail fixed by Winry Rockbell, his mechanic. They received a call in the middle of the night from Colonel Mustang, the one in charge of running the military stationed in the East, though he might as well have done anything and everything but that.

"We're now entering East City," a voice over the train intercom said as the train started slowing.

Edward and Alphonse, along with a few other people, got up so they could leave the train. In no time, Edward and Alphonse were in a car on the way to the military headquarters.

Edward knocked on the door, and when he heard Mustang say, "Come in," he opened the door.

Just to be hit square in the face with a tomato. From somewhere inside the room, probably one of the couches, a voice shouted, "About time you showed up, bastard!"

"Loviano!" someone else, older, scolded him. "Don't be mean to your new guards."

Edward got the tomato off his face and found that he was staring at probably two of the smallest people in the world. He didn't think people could be this small! Both of them had red hair, though one looked more brown than red, and were in white robes with caps on their heads. The older one – he had to be the older one – was standing there with a tomato on his hand, but the one thing that caught Edward's attention was the curl sticking out the right side of his head. Behind him was the younger one, hiding from the looks of it, and had a similar one sticking out the left side.

Edward turned his attention to the two older ones. One looked like a teenager and the other a young adult. Mustang said, "Fullmetal, these are Roderich and Antonio. They've requested we have military personal look after the two young ones on the couch, Loviano and Feliciano."

"Don't tell me what to do, bastard!" Loviano, the older one, from Edward's guess, shouted at Antonio.

Roderich walked over and explained, "This isn't permanent. We just need someone to look after these two while we try to hold off Francis from getting them."

"One of our friends recommended we come here," Antonio continued, ignoring Loviano's constant yelling. "He said the Amestrian military would be able to help them."

"Mr. Roderich, are you going to be all right?" the younger one asked.

Roderich said, "We'll be fine, Feliciano. You just need to make sure Francis doesn't get to you guys first."

"But big brother wouldn't do anything wrong!" Feliciano defended him. This caught Edward and Alphonse off guard. From the sounds of it, Roderich and Antonio weren't related to these two, but they were trying to protect them from their older brother?

"The bastard can go to hell!" Loviano shouted, starting to eat the tomato he was holding.

Edward looked at Alphonse, like he was asking, What do you think?

Like he read Edward's mind, Mustang stated, "You don't have a choice in the matter, Fullmetal. If you don't take care of Loviano and Feliciano, I'll withdraw letting you search for the Philosopher's Stone."

Edward grimaced. He wasn't sure which one we would have a harder time with, the older one with the apparent mouth, or the younger one who looked practically defenseless.

It suddenly came to him he might be able to leave them with Winry and continue after the Philosopher's Stone on their own, but again Mustang seemed to know what he was thinking. "I'm also going to be calling you constantly, to make sure that they're well."

"Yea, yea," Edward muttered. Great, he was stuck with two kids and couldn't do anything about it.

Feliciano jumped off the couch and ran over to them. "Will we have lots of pasta?" he asked.

Roderich explained, "Feliciano really likes to eat pasta and pizza, but so does Loviano. It's possible to get them to eat other things, though, so don't think you need to give them pasta or pizza for every meal."

They sound like they come from Aerugo, Edward thought. He didn't know much about Aerugo, just that they had shaky relationships with Amestris. But if they do come from Aerugo, why ask Amestrian military to look after them?

"Don't worry," Alphonse said, breaking Edward out of his thoughts, "I'm sure we're going to have lots of pasta and pizza for you."

"Yay!" Feliciano cheered.

Roderich smiled and patted the tiny Italy on the head. "You be good for them now, all right? They're going to a lot of trouble to take care of you guys."

"Ok!" Feliciano said. He ran over to the table where Edward just noticed there were a bunch of papers. Feliciano looked through them before finally finding one and ran back over to Roderich. "Here! It's me, you and Ms. Elizabeta!"

Roderich took it and smiled. "Thank you, Feliciano. This is lovely."

Feliciano looked really happy before running back over to the table and gathering the rest of the paper. Edward decided that Loviano would be the harder one to take care of; it actually looked quite simple to make Feliciano happy.

Speaking of Loviano, Edward looked at the older of the two and found that he was still yelling at Antonio.

"Hey, we're going to need to get going. I told Winry and Granny we'd be back by tomorrow," Edward stated.

Mustang nodded, though it was easy to tell that behind his hands he was smiling, though it was hard to tell who the one that made him smile was.

"Loviano," Antonio finally managed to say over Loviano.

"What, you bastard?" Loviano grumbled.

Antonio held up a basket full of tomatoes. Loviano immediately perked up as Antonio handed Loviano the basket. "Make sure they last," he told Loviano. "I'm not sure how long it'll be before I can get more ready."

Edward made a note of that as well. It seemed like Loviano would be happy with tomatoes, but with the way he was acting, it probably wasn't happy to keep him content.

Loviano walked over to Feliciano, who smiled. "We can make sauce out of these!"

"Not all of them!" Loviano shouted.

"Hey, now," Alphonse interfered when it looked like Feliciano was getting sad. "From the looks of the basket, there are a lot in there. We won't need all of them."

"If you say so, bastard," Loviano muttered, going back to eating one of the tomatoes.

"Oh, and he calls everyone that," Antonio told them. "Don't let it get to you, it's nothing personal."

"Well, we must be going before Francis realizes something's wrong," Roderich said.

"Tell Ms. Elizabeta I said bye!" Feliciano called out after them.

"Don't worry, I will," Roderich replied. "I'll also tell Holy Rome."

Mustang chuckled. "Well, we're leaving them in your care, Fullmetal."

"That makes me feel so much better," Edward grumbled.

By the end of the day, they were on another train back to Resembool. Feliciano appeared to be painting something and Loviano was eating more of the tomatoes.

What did I get myself into? Edward asked, sighing in defeat.


I claim a time paradox happened for Lovi and Feli to be tiny but Ed and Al be alive and at their normal age as in the manga.

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