My name is Lily Evans and my sons name is Harry James Evans, well his really name is Harry James Potter but I just couldn't let him know that his father left me to go be Irelands new Chaser. So it has just been the two of us for about 14 years. Harry is now 15. I did have friends to help but then I had to leave my world and return to the world that I had left so many years ago. Maybe I should start from the being because you have to be lost.

When I was young I use to dream that a Prince would come and save me from my nightmare that was my life. The first person to seem that made me happy that made me enjoy life was Severus Snape. We been best friends since the day that he told me that I was a witch. When we were together he made me forget that my mom drank to forget that my dad slept with any women that he could get his hands on. Severus never knew about my family, he thought my dad worked a lot. We had to act as if we are the most perfects family known to man. I hated everything about my family. Then I finally get my letter to Hogwarts and I was so happy to leave my family, well not my sister Petunia. She hated that I was leaving her for a whole new world and she couldn't come.

Well at Hogwarts I meet the man that I would fall in love with James Potter. His friends and him soon became the Marauder, and were known for the pranks that they would pull. Mainly on my best friend Severus, who was in Slytherin and me and the Marauders were in Gryffindor. Well our two houses hate each other. Our friendship was very odd to…well everyone in Hogwarts. It's like unspoken rule that our houses should not be very friendly to each other. We stayed best friends till the end of 5th year when he called me a Muddblood and that was the end, we never talked again. I think James got him pretty good for making me cry in front of everyone like that.

In my 7th year I and James became Head Boy and Girl. It seemed like the worst day of my life when I found out that James was Head Boy. I was really hoping that it was going to be Remus; he's the only Marauder that I am friends with. I think I even said why him, why not Remus? Or even Sirius, hell why not Peter? Why do I have to be with Potter? Well it turned into a really good thing that me and James were Head Boy and Girl, I fell in love with him that year. Hogwarts ended with my parents kill half way through the year, ya they sucked at the whole parenting thing but I still loved them. I took the whole thing really hard a James was there for me. We live together after Hogwarts because Petunia blames me for our parents death, and to tell you the truth so do I. We live together till James get to play Chaser for Ireland and had to choose between me or the game. Well he went with the game, we stayed together till her had to move away. We partied with his friends the night before and a month later I found out that I was carrying Harry. Lucky for me I fished my Auror training and I was put a paper work for about a year and half.

I told Sirius and Remus to pick who the Godfather would be. Sirius won, I think that Remus gave it to him. Alice was made the Godmother to Harry and I was made the Godmother to her son Neville. Still send him a birthday and Christmas girt every year even when I was living in the muggle world. My life had seem to be going great even though James didn't hear Harry's first word witch was Padfoot James would hated that, or with first steps, of the first time that he flew on a boom. That's the one that I think James would kill me for. I went into hiding and somehow Sirius get me to have peter as my secret keeper I should have killed him for that one. Well I make it out a live because the Order was always on call by a flick or my wand thank God that Remus came up with that. Voldermort was still got to Harry but only by knocking me out, he couldn't kill him. I guess me not moving saved Harry; I just want to know why the hell he didn't kill me.

I ended up staying with Petunia, I guess seeing that she almost lost her baby sister opened her eyes to forgive me. I stayed there for about two weeks. I didn't get anything about what was happening in the wizarding world till I went back for money and I found out that Sirius had kill Peter. Witch he didn't. Found that out in Harry's 3rd year at Hogwarts I was so happy to hear that. Voldermort came back at the end of Harry's 4th year and my world fell apart everything seemed to be going so good. My dreams for Harry may never happen now. With that I also fear that James will be coming back in to my life with the Order back.

I just hope that Harry came out of this alive, because if he doesn't I have nothing else in my life to keep me alive. My son is my world without him I have no life to live.

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I sure would love to have Sirius and Remus...yummy!

R: You think that a werewolf is Yummy?

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