Transit the Sun

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Warnings: Language, General spoilers for both series

Part Five

The blind chick won't stop laughing.

It echoes in the cave around them and makes an altogether eerie sound. The green crystals seem to glow even brighter as she sniggers and digs her toes into the dirt.

"It's not funny, Toph!" Mr. Ponytail – excuse her, Sokka – all but shouts.

"Sure it is," the girl cackles.

He makes a face at her and rubs his wrists. An annoying habit he's suddenly acquired. And really, it's not like Buffy had him tied up that long. She hadn't even had time to break out threats of machetes and toothpicks either before Mushi had swept them off to wherever the hell they were now.

She's smart enough to keep that to herself though. This time at least.

"Don't say 'I told you so'," Sokka commands, not privy to Buffy's thoughts.


Toph snorts and gives a wicked grin. "Okay. I won't."

But her smirk says more than enough. As does the tilt of her head as she turns to Buffy.

For her part, Buffy just fights not to sigh. She takes a second to scan the cavern for more Dai Li, but those guys are never around when she needs a handy distraction.


She's really not sure if there's some god out there who just hates her on principle. Maybe a whole pantheon of them or something. Since really, there's no other explanation for why stuff like this keeps happening.

First, there's her run in with Sokka. Then, there's going through these weird tunnels that Mushi somehow magically knew about but not when she actually needed him to, you know, get her back to the Kyoshi Girls. This, of course, was followed by a run in with no less than a dozen ridiculous earthbending guys. Before having an even more ridiculous blind earthbending chick show up. Next, losing Mushi and Lee somewhere along the way but keeping Appa. Since that makes so much more sense.

And now, this.

Being lost in dark dank caves beneath the city without a real destination in mind. Accompanied by Sir Pout-a-Lot. His now returned boomerang. Appa the always cute buffalo and his mad airbending skills. And the aforementioned blind girl, who had apparently invented a new form of bending just today.

Whoop dee do.

Thanks, life. For being so awesome. No, really.

Buffy fights not to pout. This really isn't working for her. At all.

She sighs.

Buffy's still sighing as she idly listens to them squabble like the kids they are, but something else catches her ear then. It's faint. Barely audible. And how she hears it, she'll never know. But Buffy knows this sound like she knows Dawn's face or her mom's hands. It's a part of her just like they are.

Feet pounding against rock and dirt. Grunts of pain. Breath forced from lungs. The crack of bone. The splash of blood on the ground.

A fight.

She's already racing forward before Toph and Sokka even think to run after her. Appa gives a bellow and thunders not far behind them. Two corners and a duck around those weird green crystals later, she just misses the trail end of an enormous flash of light.

She is in enough time, however, to hear a feminine cry and the roar of water turning to ice. But the scene before her is too confusing to make much sense of what just happened.

The first people she really sees are Mushi and Lee. But Buffy honestly can't tell which side they're on. Or if they even seem to know. Though they do block a burst of blue flames that comes flying by Appa, who has already moved past her to jump in the fray.

The rest of the battle is like a bad TV rerun. Or maybe a hallucinogenic flashback caused by magic mushrooms or Mushi's cooking.

Miss Bitch and her badass posse are back and again fighting the Fan Warriors. Only this time, the three evil chicks are joined by those strange earthbending guys, Lie Big or whatever they're called. The Kyoshi Girls are on the defense, all in a circle around two other people, a freaking bear of all things, and something – someone – on the ground.

Mr. Pouty and Toph are quick to abandon Buffy and rush for their own team.

"Katara! Aang!" Sokka shouts even as he runs.

But then, they're out of sight behind the Kyoshi Girls.

Buffy doesn't have time to make sense of things, much less follow. There's already a crackle to the air. The feel of static electricity stinging at her skin. A phantom zing at her back that urges her forward without permission and right at Miss Bitch.

The girl hasn't noticed her. Not then. Not yet.

She's too focused on the whirlwind of battle around her. At her own forces and the enemies in front. She doesn't see that she's about to be flanked.

Buffy watches as she slides into a familiar stance and aims directly at Suki. As the cling and pull of static grows and the world pulls back from the edges.

She knows what'll happen next. Sees it play out behind her eyes like an old-timey movie. Lightning and laughter. The sizzle and stench of burning.

Already, there's a bald boy in the dirt, visible as the Fan Girls shift in position. Buffy doesn't need to see to know that he's been hit, but she still catches a glimpse of his pale face and forehead arrow as another chick in blue leans over his prone form.

Buffy doesn't have time to think about that either. To see both Mushi and Lee falter as they notice her move into the line of fire. To hear Suki call her name before falling back.

She steps forward thoughtlessly but with the grace of a leaf on the wind. Her hands are already moving on their own, gliding into position.

Buffy breathes out. Her eyes slip half-shut on their own, which is the only thing that keeps her from being blinded. She feels more than sees the arc of light racing towards her. Catches a faint whiff of ozone on the air.

All she feels is a tingle. A bright warmth that is soothing more than searing. Racing through her outstretched hand to her chest and belly then down her legs and out her feet.

There's a gasp. It's followed by a shriek. Furious but somehow fearful. Golden eyes beneath dark bangs that are wide with horror before the girl – and yes, she's still very much a girl – whips around. She doesn't even try to fight, just makes a break for it. Her minions are quick to follow.

This time, just like last time, Buffy doesn't chase after.

Nobody else does either. They're too busy huddling around the boy on the ground, but only one girl – the one in blue – has made any real move to help him. And all she's done is bring on some water and hold it over his head.

Buffy takes a second to glance around, but when nobody does anything further. She starts shouldering past them, and she's kneeling down next to him before she's even realized that she's moved. The water chick looks at her in surprise and opens her mouth, but Buffy just gives a gentle shove to put her out of the way. She feels for a pulse that she already knows won't be there; she can't hear his heartbeat or feel him breathing. But she does it just like she was taught anyway. Then, she puts her hands together and starts to count as she pushes on his chest.

A pause to tip his head back and give air. Before pushing on his chest again.

Rinse and repeat.

Again and again and again until…

There's a fluttery feeling beneath her hands that quickly turns into a beat. She stops in surprise, but it's all the opportunity he needs.

He coughs. Once. Twice. Sucks in air like a dying boy.

Which he isn't anymore.

Then, Buffy's being half-shoved, half-pulled back as the blue chick moves in with Sokka and Toph. Buffy is already out of the circle of onlookers before she realizes that Mushi has an arm around her shoulders with one hand on her wrist. Lee is in front of her then. Even his scarred eye is huge, but he's all business as he looks her over, ostensibly searching for any sign of electrical burns. Turning her arms this way and that. Shaking his head when he finds nothing.

Buffy lets him do as he will but says nothing. Just as she says nothing about how Mushi has put himself between her and everyone else. Even the Kyoshi Girls.

But the looks they send are grateful. Relieved even. They've seen the show before, after all. They know already something screwy is going on.

It's only Mushi and Lee who're now acting all weird. Toph, Sokka, and the water girl are too busy with the bald boy. The random dude with the bear doesn't seem to have realized anything strange has even happened.

He probably thinks she's a lightning-bender or something.

But there's just no time to explain. Not when Sokka and the blue chick – who looks suspiciously just like him – are moving their bald buddy to Appa's back. Toph is all but pushing the bear-guy and his furry friend to follow.

Buffy, however, falters.

She looks to Appa, cute buffalo face full of concern and gazing back at her. Then, at the Kyoshi Girls, now reassembled and heading to the exit Toph just made for them. Next to Mushi and Lee hovering around her. Finally at the group settling onto Appa's back.

She has no idea who the hell some of these people are. Not the boy she's just saved. Or the blue girl who looks like Sokka. Or that weird dude and his bear.

But Mushi is already herding both her and Lee forward as Toph sticks her hand over Appa's side and urges them all to get the hell over here.

Buffy casts a glance back at the Kyoshi Girls, but Suki gives a shake of her head and a wave. Her warriors are now moving away, towards the exit to the surface. They don't even hesitate as they make a break for it, but Buffy still catches their eyes as Lee goes to help her on Appa's back.

"Go!" she hears more than sees Suki call. "We'll catch up!"

Lee grabs her hand, but Buffy jumps up on her own. She's already stepping over to the bald boy's side before her mind registers what she's doing. Moving past Sokka as he goes to take the reins. By Toph as she inches away from the edge and pets the lemur now on her shoulder.

This time, the water chick moves before Buffy can make her. Instead, all she does is help settle him more comfortably against the two of them.

Her eyes, when she finally looks up, are blue and watery with unshed tears. Her hands have a death grip the bald boy's arm, but her smile is grateful.

Buffy manages to smile back as she hears a "yip, yip."

Then, they're flying.

Ever Hopeful,