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Wow… The fourth story to the "Game of _" series. O_o Feels kinda weird. I doubted I'd even finish the first story, let alone three. |||OTL I think I'll have a little more fun writing this. I mean, c'mon! Who wouldn't have fun with gender bending role holders? XD

I don't really have a big plot planned out for this- it's mainly just a big build up for the last chapter… again. |||OTL I can't help it! I have a perfect idea on how to end this story- one of my dear partners in crime came up with it ;D-… it's just what's inbetween that gives me trouble. ^^;;

I think you Ace x Julius fan girls will hopefully enjoy this one. ;D Now, would that count as yuri or yaoi? XD

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The Game of Fools

Alice had decided that no matter what, she wouldn't pick up another key in her life. That's soon over when she accidently discovers a key of Jokers which soon switches the gender of all roleholders in Wonderland! Can she fix this mess before the month is up, or are all the role holders sentenced to opposing genders… permanently?

1. April Fools! …You're in Trouble

Working for the Jokers wasn't bad.

"Alice, the elephants are untidy."

"Hey w****, you f****** skipped a cell!"

"Miss, the net isn't tight enough."

"Bitch, you call this food? It's disgusting!"

"Princess, the acrobats won't be able to catch you if you flail like that."

"F****** w****! Who said you could wear a longer dress?"

"Young lady, the costume isn't tight enough. It'll fall right off."

"At least give me some f****** eye candy while you work!"

No. It was worse.

It was a living hell.

Alice dragged herself tiredly down the halls of Black's prison; a bucket in one hand and a dirty mop in the other. Her eyelids were heavy and drooped, a dark cloud hanging above her head while she forced herself to continue down the gray stone. It seemed the inmates were getting sick left and right around the prison. Even a few jester children had colds. Was there a virus going around? Was it even possible to get sick in Wonderland?

Alice sighed, pushing her thought away as she attempted to focus on her single, simple destination; the closet. She had to put away the formally puked in bucket.

The foreigner felt relieved when she saw the steel door at the end of the hall, quickly pulling it open and shoving the smelly clean-up crew inside before slamming the metal shut. Alice sighed, spinning on her heel back to work. She still had another hour, at least.

The brunette placed a hand over her mouth, a yawn threatening to overcome. Things weren't this bad when she started. She's grown accustomed to the tasks quite well. However, lately she could feel her lack of sleep catching up to her, and the Jokers pushing more and more work on her shoulders.

Did they intend to kill her? Were they purposely trying to suffocate her in work? Alice shuddered at the thought, though was not entirely surprised by the idea. Those men were surely sadists, after all.

The foreigner struggled forward, feeling as though her legs would give out at any moment. Just a little longer and she could go take a shower and plop in bed until the next torturous morning. Tonight would be her last night working for the duo, after all- April was rolling in the following morning, and she would finally have repayed the men for their help back in February. It was a small price to pay, really, for them to save her virginity. She planned to follow this out until the very end.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'll ever pick a key up again in my entire life. Alice thought bitterly. She just wouldn't risk it.

A small, whistling noise caught Alice's attention to her left, snapping her out of the pleasant thoughts tomorrow was sure to bring. The outsider rose an eyebrow, turning towards the cell.

A man in a stuffed toy mask stood there; the oversized head tilting, reminding her of a broken doll. Even after working here for so long, Alice still felt that the use of toy costumes for prisoners was rather disturbing. It was like her childhood becoming tainted before her very eyes.

The maiden blinked, and the inmate whistled again; the noise attractive, seductive. She could already imagine the smirk behind the forced mask. "Mind bending over, sexy? Your skirt's blocking the way."

Alice flushed, taking an abrupt step backwards; her hands already trying to pull the maid's uniform lower. She suddenly felt quite violated. "D-Don't you know any manners?" she hissed, her face stained in red.

"Why don't you come in? Just for a little while. I'll be gentle." the prisoner promised, and Alice could easily see the smile behind his voice. She turned away, her face bright scarlet.

"K-Knock it off! That's harassment!" she clarified, clearing her throat to gain composure.

"It's not my fault. You're the one in that little uniform… It's almost like you're begging for it." the inmate taunted. Alice gritted her teeth.

"Leave me alone." she demanded, her tone nervous. No matter how many times she was harassed in this world of perverts, she still felt uncomfortable under such a gaze, even if it wasn't seen.

"Aww, doesn't the little maid want to play? I'd love to f-" The man's voice paused, and Alice blinked, glancing at him curiously. He's dropped that sentence rather quickly, after all. What made him stop? Oh. That did.

"Didn't you hear the bitch? Leave her the f*** alone. If anyone's going to f*** her, that's me." The warden hissed, standing between the two; glaring at the inmate through the bars with his lone ruby eye. This was Alice's landlord- sorry, "master"- Black Joker. He ruled the prison with a watchful eye, and was part of the reason she had to work here in the first place.

"Excuse me?" the foreigner objected, placing her hands on her hips in annoyance, glaring up at the Joker. It didn't matter if he gave her a home or not; there was no way she would give herself up so easily to anyone, especially this man. "I never agreed to that!"

"Tch. Don't tell me you'd be embarrassed." Black asked with a mocking laugh, taunting her. "We've already see each other naked."

Alice blushed vividly at the memory, turning away shamefully. It was a recollection she'd rather forget. Only a few weeks ago Alice had accidentally walked in on Joker in the shower.

And he wouldn't let her forget it.

"Y-You promised not to mention that in front of others!" The foreigner argued, clutching the apron of her skirt uncomfortably. Black rolled his wine red eye.

"Tch. Fine, don't get your panties in a bunch." he said, pulling out his whip and aiming it at the prisoner. "I'll just kill him."

"N-No! Death doesn't solve anything!" Alice shrieked, shaking her head rapidly.

"Then make up your f****** mind, w****!" Black ordered, fed up. Alice huffed, looking away. When she didn't answer, the warden rolled his eye in annoyance, putting his whip away. "You're f****** getting on my nerves. Take the rest of the night off. You'll make it up in the morning."

Alice sighed in relief, nodding as she yawned unsteadily. "Thank you."

"Hmph." Joker didn't reply, but Alice bowed a little anyways before heading back to her room.

This was one thing she still wasn't used to yet; Black's kindness. She was sure that he had none in that black soul of his when she had moved in. What made him change so? Granted, he still had a harsh tongue towards her and took any chance he could to manipulate her in his own perverted, sadistic ways, but the cruelty she was so used to behind his words seemed to diminish into something else. What, she wasn't sure, but he didn't seem that intimidating anymore. Rather, she felt something else by his presence. Hmm, was there a word for it? Comfortable? No, that wasn't it. Relaxed? Close, but no cigar.

Safe? Specks of light pink dotted the girl's cheeks as she quickly shook her head, trying to clear her mind. Hah! Safe around the psychotic warden? It was worthy of laughter! Simply absurd! So idiotic! Stupid! So completely…

So completely true.

The brunette gritted her teeth, shaking her head once again as she grabbed a towel from her room and fled to the guest bathroom; refusing to pause in case one of the Jokers caught sight of her. She was an idiot. She would never feel safe around that insane man. What a stupid, preposterous idea.

Cautiously, Alice knocked on the guest bathroom, leaning her ear against the door. "Hello? Is anyone in there?"

Silence remained her answer, and the foreigner cautiously stepped in; eyes closed just in case. She had learned her lesson of assumption by now. The image of Black Joker in all his naked glory flashed through her mind, and Alice shrieked, shaking her head rapidly; chocolate locks flying, attempting to erase the image.

"Hello? White? Black?" she asked, even more so cautious, averting her eyes to the floor as she shut the door behind her and left to the white rack above the toilet; setting her pajamas down. She didn't hear any response or water, so the foreigner took a deep breath, looking up.

Much to her relief, the room was empty, and she relaxed; her muscles much less tense. That took most of her worries away.

When her shower was finished, Alice pulled on her long coal nightgown; enjoying its warmth from the cold stone in the hall outside before brushing her teeth, washing her face, and retreating back to her bedroom. She was feeling quite content tonight; maybe she would get a good night's sleep for once here.

Hah! Knowing her luck, such a feat would be a miracle.

Stepping into her room, the foreigner shrieked, collapsing backwards into the already closed door behind her; the maid uniform fallen on the floor. Her room seemed undisturbed; pictures in their usual places, clothes remained silent in their drawers.

Except for her unusual visitor.

A tall, slender, shirtless man laid casually on her bed, his ivory skin smooth under the golden lamp on her nightstand. His wine red locks hung simply, slightly damp from a recent shower as well. A matching eye watched her, appearing intrigued by her entrance. His thin lips pulled into a strange smile- a cross between a gentleman grin and a devious smirk. The stare made the foreigner uncomfortable.

Alice was about to demand why Black was in her bed when a new realization hit her. This wasn't the darker Joker; his pajama bottoms were the same black color of his soul. The pants this man wore were a scarlet, a strange golden pattern imprinted near the feet.

"White?" Alice asked, finally able to find her voice. Able to move again- free of the shock- she bent down to pick up her uniform, trying to gather all of the pieces.

"Sorry, did I frighten you?" the jester apologized, though his tone made it sound as if he were almost amused. He rose from the bed, striding to her side; helping her lift the pieces of cloth as well.

"Thank you." the foreigner murmured, taking the stray pieces of clothing and tossing them into a nearby hamper before cautiously turning towards the ringmaster. White was already sitting on her bed once more; leaning back ever so casually as if this were quite normal. "Um, what are you doing in my bedroom?"

"Is it wrong for me to be here? Am I not allowed to visit everyone's favorite outsider?" White asked innocently, feigning hurt as he gestured to himself. Alice's lips pressed together in a firm line, looking away.

"It's not that." she objected. "It's just… I wasn't expecting to see you here, is all. I thought you were already asleep." In your own room. she added mentally.

"I couldn't sleep." White replied simply, leaning back against the headboard. He patted the seat next to him, motioning for the girl to sit. Alice hesitated, and he frowned. "Aren't you going to relax? This is your room, after all."

"Erm, right." The brunette nodded, sitting down uncomfortably next to him, drawing her knees up to her chin underneath her gown. It was silent for a few moments, giving way to an uncomfortable tension. Not enjoying the atmosphere, she quietly asked, "You never did answer me. Why are you in here?"

White frowned unpleasantly, tilting his head at the girl. Carefully, he stroked his thumb against her cheek, soon cupping his hand around the side of her face. Alice blinked in confusion, allowing him to pull her gaze towards him. "I wanted to see you, Alice."

The foreigner rose an eyebrow. "How come?"

"It's your final day working for us, isn't it?" the ringmaster reminded her, and Alice nodded. "You still have to do whatever we want for the next few hours…" His voice dropped to a whisper- his face leaning in towards hers. "Whatever I want."

"W-White?" Alice stammered, her cheeks flushing in a light pink; black eyelashes shielding teal eyes briefly in confusion.

Before she could think, the man rolled over on top of her; his hands carefully pinning her wrists above her head and down onto the bed. His body hovered overtop of hers, and she could practically feel the heat radiating off of his form. His face was inches from hers; his red hair tickling her cheeks. His knees rested on either side of her hips, digging into the bed underneath.

Recovering from the shock, the foreigner struggled underneath of him, her cheeks flushing into red. "W-White! Get off of me! What are you doing? !"

"It's not fair, Alice." the jester said, using one hand to keep both of her wrists against the bed while he used the other to caress her bright red face.

"W-What's not fair?" the foreigner stammered, her eyebrows pushing together in confusion.

"Why don't you ever sleep in the circus rooms?" the ringmaster asked, almost sadly. "I only ever see you while you're working. You never come to just see me. Isn't that unfair?" His lips were leaning in towards her; his breath fanning her face.

Alice blinked in confusion. What was he talking about? "…What do you mean?"

White lifted his face abruptly, smiling sadly down at the girl. "I suppose you wouldn't understand."

He released her then; freed her wrists from his grip and climbed off of her. Alice sat up cautiously, resting on her knees; rubbing the marks left on her skin. She hadn't even realized he'd been holding her so tightly. She wasn't even sure if he knew himself.

White could feel her gaze as he stood up from the bed, preparing to leave. Alice quickly reached out and caught his hand, frowning unsurely. The ringmaster paused, casting a curious gaze down on the girl.

"White…" she tested her voice, almost as if she didn't trust it. "What don't I understand? What's all this about?"

The man stared at her a moment before chuckling softly, running a hand through her hair gently. "Nevermind. Just forget about it." he said simply before heading towards the door, creaking it open softly. He paused then, staring straight ahead as he whispered a quick, "Goodnight, Alice." and left, shutting the door behind him.

Of course, she wouldn't be able to see that devilish smirk that had spread across his face a he spoke.

Alice sat on her bed numbly, hardly able to comprehend what had just happened. She stared at the door blankly, trying to wrap her head around the whole thing. Giving up, Alice sighed, shaking her head.

He said to forget about it, so just forget about it. He's tired- yes, that must be it. He wasn't thinking right. He must be stressed from work all day. the outsider thought, clicking her light off before crawling underneath her blanket; nestling her head against the pillow. Yes, that must be it…

Pulling an arm under the pillow for support, Alice blinked uncertainly; something brushing against her fingertips. It was cool and metallic; smooth underneath her touch. Unsurely, the foreigner reached for it, resting her palm overtop of it.

"What in the world…?" she wondered out loud, clicking the light back on and tossing her pillow aside.




Horror etched itself on the teenager's features as she took in the form of only her worst nightmare. Hadn't she just been freed by this madness? Wasn't she just literally done with this? How could this be happening again?

Right there, in all it's shining glory, was a small purple key; its paint glistening softly underneath the dim golden lamplight. Rather than the heart or a clover she was expecting, the top was in the shape of a mask; like those drama masks you would see in a theater. It appeared to be smiling up at her, waiting.

She reached down, prepared to lift it- just to see if it was real- when she immediately snatched her hand away, shaking her head. No. She wouldn't do it. Maybe if she left it where it was, it would disappear in the morning and she wouldn't have to deal with it again. Yes, it could just go away!

Her confidence diminished in seconds, and Alice slumped hopelessly on the bed, picking up the metal and resting it between her palms. It was such a useless hope, really. She had already touched it anyways. Leaving it alone was a pathetic dream.

Sighing, Alice set the key on the nightstand; sleep pulling over her. She needed rest… Yes, rest was good. Perhaps if she got a little sleep, she could think more clearly in the morning. Yes, rest…

All she needed was a good night's sleep.

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