"I'm Your Next Class President!"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

The results of the readers' vote: Isabella 50%, Baljeet 50%, Adyson 0%.

So, who wins the election? Read on to find out who is going to declare "I'm Your Next Class President!"

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Chapter Eight - I'm Your Next Class President! (05.23.11)

Election Day!
Warning to all Chads: No hanging!
[School bulletin board out on the street.]

The school was abuzz as the bus carrying the three candidates running for sixth grade president pulled up to the curb. Students were holding up picket signs showing their support for their choice. Among them: 'I Want a Cute President,' 'Izzy for Prezzy,' 'Isabella is the One,' 'Curry Baljeet to the Top,' 'Honor Roll Students Vote Smart,' 'I Want 'Jeet... as My Leader,' 'Sweet 4 Sweetwater,' 'Adyson Speaks the Truth,' and 'Brunettes Make Better Leaders.'

Adyson was the first to step off of the bus, and she waved to her adoring public. She had come to school dressed in a red blouse and an elongated yellow tennis skirt that stretched down to her knees. She quickly scanned the crowd, as if she was looking for somebody. When she spotted her targets, she snapped her fingers. A split second later, Holly ran off of the bus with what looked to be trading cards. Adyson pointed towards a group of boys off to the side. Holly sprinted over and distributed a card to each of them, five in all. The handouts looked exactly like baseball cards, with a photo of her in her Fireside Girls uniform on the front, posing with a metal baseball bat resting on her near shoulder, and an assortment of her Fireside accomplishments on the back.

But the value was in the personal touch she had added. Adyson had not only signed each of the cards, but had placed a couple numbers on each... numbers that, when all five cards together, combined to form a phone number.

"WE LOVE YOU, ADYSON!" the quintet screamed with glee.

Adyson and Holly stepped aside as Baljeet came off the bus. Dressed in an all-black tuxedo, a top hat, and a fake black beard, he bore a striking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.

"I am not sure this will work," he said, with one eye on the cheering crowd, and the other at Ginger, coming off the bus behind him.

"Trust me," Ginger told him, dressed in a black, bare shoulder gown that look that it came right out of the 1860s.

Baljeet cleared his throat, then addressed the crowd.


The crowd gasped...

"...when I make them my friends!'"

...and then sighed with relief.

"And when I am elected president, I promise equal rights for all students! Equality rules!"

They cheered as Baljeet and Ginger stepped over to where Adyson and Holly were snickering.

"When's the honeymoon?" teased Adyson.

"It was not my idea for her to dress as First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln!" explained Baljeet.

Ginger giggled, unable to muster a coherent response.

Finally, Isabella emerged from the bus. Unlike the other two, she stuck to her tried-and-true pink pinafore instead of getting all gussied up. Gretchen came out right afterwards, and she was dressed in her Fireside Girls uniform. She handed Isabella a handheld microphone so that she could address the crowd.

"So... whatcha dooooooin'?" she asked them.

The crowd cheered in response.

"Now," Isabella continued, as she trotted over to where Adyson and Baljeet were standing, "I know you all adore me, but I want to make sure that whomever you vote as your next class president, it's the person you know that'll make a difference! Whether it's me, Adyson, or Baljeet, make your vote count! The winner's going to be your collective voice for your last year of grade school! One of us will be your next president, and trust me... whomever you choose, they're going to be great! Thanks!"

More cheering could be heard as Isabella handed the microphone to Gretchen before putting her arms around both Adyson and Baljeet as the school newspaper photographer came up to take a picture.


"Good luck, guys," Isabella said to them.

"You, too," Adyson replied.

"Likewise," thirded Baljeet.

The three shook hands, effectively leaving their fates in the hands of the democratic process.

Voting took place during the lunch periods. Ferb and Irving were on stage, checking the class rosters as students came up and making sure they received the appropriate ballot.

"Be heard, be proud, be strong," Ferb said as he handed a ballot to a female fifth grader.

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed. "That's so poignant! Dang, Ferb, I wish you were running!"

"Yeah, yeah," Irving shooed her off towards one of the curtained booths, "vote with your pencil, not with your mouth."

Ferb thought to himself, wondering if he should have run...

Lunch was almost over, and the last few voters were in line. And at the tail end were Phineas and Isabella.

"So," Isabella queried cutely, "who you votin' for?"

"You know I can't tell you that," replied Phineas sternly.


Phineas then laughed.

"Kidding. Seriously, I probably won't even pick someone until I get my ballot. You?"

"Well... the obvious choice would be voting for myself. But Baljeet is pushing his 'equality for all' platform, and Adyson's ideas are far more focused than my '180 ideas in 180 days' endeavor."

"It's like you said this morning, Isabella! Vote for the person who's going to make the biggest difference! I'd say more, but... it's my turn to vote! See ya back in class!"

Isabella sighed as Phineas walked to a booth and she became lost in thought. Before she knew it, Ferb was tapping her on the shoulder, trying to get her to take the ballot. She did so and went over to the booth to vote.

Isabella stared long and hard at the top of the ballot, as the 6th grade presidential race was first. There were four choices: Adyson, Baljeet, herself, and a space to fill in a write-in vote.

"I hope I know what I'm doing," she told herself.

She ticked off a box, then proceeds to fill out the rest of the ballot...

At 2:30, the principal began reading the election results over the PA system. It would take a few minutes before he would get to the race that had garnered the attention of most of the school.

The race for sixth grade class president.

Baljeet was gnawing at his fingernails, Adyson was sweating as if she was in a sauna rather than a classroom, and Isabella attempted to relieve the tension by doing the only thing that would calm her nerves.

Staring at Phineas.

"...and finally, in the closest three-candidate presidential race in school history, Danville Elementary's next sixth grade class president is..."

The three candidates leaned forward in anticipation...

"Will the owner of a brown station wagon please move your vehicle? You are currently parked in the bus loading zone."

In the school lobby...

"Oh, bugger, that's me, isn't it?" Lawrence Fletcher asked aloud.

"Where was I? Oh, yes... your new sixth grade class president is... Adyson Sweetwater!"

Adyson gasped in disbelief. She could not believe it.

"I... I won?"

She glanced around the room, and saw that all of her classmates were staring back at her. That could only mean...

"I WON!" Adyson screamed, leaping out of her seat as the class erupted in jubilation.

Her classmates lifted her up as they cheered her name...

"A-dy-son! A-dy-son!"

...and carried her out of the classroom, despite the fact that there was still about half an hour left before the end of school. In the hallway, they were quickly joined by the students of the other fifth grade classes.

They eventually hauled her outside, where someone had surprisingly taken the time to set up a stage for the winner to deliver his or her victory speech from. The impromptu friendly mob lowered Adyson to her feet just short of the stairs leading up to the stage. They stopped shouting her name and started yelling something else.

"Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!"

"Speech? Oh, no!"

Despite all her posturing and confidence that she would win the election, Adyson had not even expected to emerge victorious. Nor had she prepared a victory speech. Luckily, a good friend of hers had her back.

"Here you go, Addy!"

Adyson was expecting to see Phineas behind her. But instead it was the last person she could have predicted... Isabella. And she had a few note cards in hand, which she was offering to Adyson.

"Izzy? But... but... how could you have predicted that I'd win?"

"Well, it helps that I strive to be gracious, even in defeat. And that the best person for the job comes out victorious helps. Even if she needs a little help."

"What are you..."

Isabella winked at Adyson, and instantly she knew what that last sentence meant.

"You mean..."

"I support you all the way, president-elect!"

Adyson showed her appreciation of the gesture by wrapping her arms around Isabella in an affectionate hug.


"You'd better get up there," Isabella said as she pulled away from Adyson. "Your constituents await!"

"I don't know what that word means," chuckled Adyson, "but I don't care! I'm class president!"

She ran up stage and shouted to the crowd...


The End


Adyson Sweetwater won the presidential race by just one single vote. A record ninety-five percent of eligible voters who were present at school on election day voted.

Isabella offered her services as a presidential adviser to Adyson. She accepted the offer, and that turned out to be a blessing, as Isabella helped her make quick in-roads to accomplishing her two primary goals: the abolishment of Friday homework and the extension of recess from fifteen to thirty minutes.

Despite Ginger's valiant efforts, Baljeet's bid came up just short. Regardless, after the election, he continued to push for equality, starting with mending the rift between nerds and bullies.

Baljeet and ten other geeks spent each day of the next week making regular trips to the nurse's office because of extreme wedgie burns.

Because of the close results, Ginger requested a recount, without Baljeet's knowledge. Her request was withdrawn when she realized she had absently-minded put her name down on the ballot as a write-in candidate and voted for herself instead of Baljeet.

As for president-elect Adyson... she had to serve a week's detention because the entire fifth grade walked out of class before the end of school to celebrate her victory. She took it in stride.

And then failed to show up after the first day.

The principal let her get away with it this time.

Because she's class president.

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