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The Awakening of a Royal
Chapter One: The past and revelation

A slight drizzle enshrouded the whole of England that night, fifteen years ago.

In Hyde Park, London, a young woman staggered slowly across the dense greenery, clutching a big bundle in her hands. Tendrils of ebony black hair hung limply on her forehead, covering a sigil of an eight-pointed star that was imprinted between her brows. Ultramarine eyes glimmered with unshed tears as she continued on, escaping from an unknown evil…

Blood was seeping from five huge gashes at her back, but still, she cradled the bundled tightly, for fear that certain someones would take it away from her… Whispering softly to the bundle, she was worried that she could not get the bundle safely out of harm's way.

::Oh please, sweet Lord! Please don't let him get to her…:: The lady continued to pray, unshed tears threatening to fall as she tried, and failed, to summon her wings for flight.

After quite some time, she finally exhausted all of her strength, and miraculously, she collapsed into a pair of strong arms. Fear held her like a vice, until she heard a feminine voice somewhere above her.

"Are you alright?"

Strangely, the lady no longer felt any rain around her. Apparently, someone, or someones, had sheltered her with an umbrella. The lady was a little disorientated by the fall, and when she was able to focus, she saw a man kneeling down whilst holding her, and a brunette holding an umbrella above her. Both wore jeans and sweatshirts, and both wore worried expressions.

::Muggles!:: The lady realised with relief, and knew that she was safe for now. She was about to utter something, but was cut off by the man, who said urgently, "Rachel, she's bleeding like hell!" he supported her gently, wanting to examine the wounds, but the lady stopped him, mumbling feebly, "please, kind lady, look after her." Pushing the bundle into Rachel's hands, she pleaded, "look after my 'Mione." She closed her eyes, tears finally falling, before she uttered, "I'm so sorry, child…"

With that, she took her last breath, and laid motionless.

What happened next was beyond the comprehension of the couple. The lady was suddenly surrounded by a pale blue sheen. It was translucent, and it glowed for quite a long while before bursting into a bright light, showering the couple with silvery-blue sparkles. The lady's body was no longer there, and what remained were a locket and a platinum ring with an emerald embedded in the center. The couple went dumbfounded. Yet, they had no time to think for a wail raised from the bundle, attracting their attention.

"Oh my! Benedict, it's a child!" Rachel gasped as she saw an infant girl within the blankets and papers. Benedict tried to stop the child from crying and surprisingly, the child stopped when her little fingers gripped Benedict's index finger. The infant's innocent smile brought soft smiles to the couple's face whilst Benedict started fishing out the papers that were a little crinkled.

            "Hermione XXX, mother: Athena Kadamon, father: Unknown. Born in St. Primalania Hospital, 19th September 1985…" A frown marred his handsome face for a while, before he asked his wife, " Ray, do you wish to keep her?"

            "Can I?" Rachel's brown eyes filled with a hopeful light. This amused Benedict, but he said, " You can. However, it is a very heavy responsibility. You must understand it Rachel." She nodded solemnly, and gave her promise to be a good mother. Hermione's eyes twinkled merrily, making the couple forget about the lady – Athena's – death. There were already tufts of black hair on her small head and there was an eight-pointed star sigil on her forehead. It was fading slowly, but it still flared with an inner light.

            ::Odd…:: Benedict thought as her eyes flared from black… to sapphire blue… and then to a chocolate brown…


Fifteen years later…

            By the long coast of the Mediterranean Sea, a huge castle dominated the seaside. It was much larger that Buckingham Palace, or any other chateaus… Er, maybe except for one or two other castles not known to both muggles and wizards. Surrounding the castle were dense forests that looked part evil, part peaceful… a paradox by itself, actually.

            Inside the castle, in one of the rooms, three professors and a student in navy blue robes lined with silver trimmings were looking at a girl lying on the bed. She had a head of long silver hair, framing a pale, heart-shaped face, and a symbol of a cross with an 'x' in its center was flaring on her forehead. The student was by her side, cupping her left hand with both of his, the sign of omega flaring on his head as he prayed fervently to the gods above that the girl would wake up soon.

            "Salazar… What exactly happened?" The head of the Gahedriel house asked his fellow professor and younger brother. Salazar frowned as he tucked a stray strand of black hair to his ear, trying to remember the incident, "I don't know, Sedaris. In transfiguration class, we were supposed to revise animagi transformations, but she suddenly reverted into her silver-haired form, scaring the hell out of my Hazurians. Her eyes went deep violet, and her sigil flared. Then she said something that I didn't understand… I could only make out these words, 'Voldemorte's back. Death-eaters, Dementors' defiance… Uncle Severus… Athena's daughter… Hermione Granger…' After that, she fainted, and," he motioned to the student by the bedside, "Mr Kadamon here came barging in and apparated her here."

            "I apologise for my misbehaviour Professor Snape, but Silverdawn's condition isn't exactly stable. I felt her pain and I know I MUST help her. Gods above, her heart can't take the pressure!" The student, Azrael Kadamon, said tiredly. Worry was evident in his sapphire blue eyes and his lank figure was tensed whilst transferring energy to the girl. His silver hair swayed against an unknown wind that had permeated in the entire room, and his refined features showed signs of lack of sleep.

            The last professor, who had been silent throughout the entire discussion, finally spoke up, "Voldemort has been a threat to the entire European Wizarding World for too long a time. The royal family has been too lenient in handling his matter. I'll talk to father and Mikael soon about this…" He trailed off, light purple eyes staring at the girl – Silverdawn – before saying, "I swear, should he or any of his faithful followers enter hell, I'll make them understand what is the meaning of pain and agony." His eyes glinted with unconcealed rage as a sigil of a warped shape cross materialized on his forehead.

            The other two professors shuddered, knowing how ruthless he could get when he was infuriated. Although the Snapes were much older than him, they did not possess even half of his power. The aura of power and authority emanated from him like a cloak, and whilst livid with anger, he still looked darkly attractive with his long hair tied at the nape of his neck, sharp features and cool demeanour. For under those handsome features and the usual heaven-may-care-but-I-don't attitude, he could be ten times more dangerous than Voldemort if he chose to. After all, he IS the heir to the throne of hell…

            "Calm down Lucifer. I am trying to do something about it too. Moreover, the foreign exchange student programme is about to commence next season. We can use it as a device to understand what exactly is going on, before sending a formal proposal to the International Confederation." An elderly man entered the infirmary, addressing to the young but VERY competent professor, Lucifer Kadamon, before asking Azrael, "How is her condition?"

            Azrael looked up to see compassionate quicksilver grey eyes looking at Silverdawn. "Professor Haldorne, it seems as if her spirit is still resting in Atzulith, healing, but I'm not sure how long she'll take to come back. It might take a few minutes, or it might take a few months… it depends on herself actually." Azrael replied, as he yelled at the top of his voice (in his mind) for his twin to come around.

            "Oh dear, I needed to talk to the both of you about the exchange programme… Albus has given his approval and we're letting forty students and two professors go. You will be student liaison for the programme." The Headmaster said, raking a hand over his long, white hair. He took a look at Azrael, and added, "Child, have some rest. You look awful." The latter smiled, but shook his head, saying, "Nah, I'll wait until she's awake… And after that, I have a meeting with the prefects of all the four houses for the briefing of the upcoming Yule Ball…"

            Lucifer looked at his youngest brother, his anger temporarily forgotten, and he laid his hand on Azrael's forehead, asking, "How long have you last slept?" His question was like a command that Azrael must comply, and he said, "Erm, about a week ago… give or take a few days."

            All four professors looked shocked and everyone was about to order him to sleep when the Headmaster cut them off in a tone that brooked no objections, "Mr Kadamon, after Ms Kadamon is awake, you'll take a day off from school and do nothing but sleep. Is that understood?" Azrael nodded, knowing an order when he heard one. Meekly, he replied, "Yes, Headmaster."

            "Good, then I'll give you all the notes you'd require for exchange, and you'll look through…"

            The Headmaster trailed off when he heard a soft, serene voice which spoke in a very odd language, "Kiretusa Hermione, gumetisou rimyqueste non Hogwarts… Athena wo metiqosterque cerishumean…" It was by Silverdawn, and after finishing it, a bright light enshrouded her, and after that, she was back to her usual form. Replacing her silver hair was long raven-black tresses that were slight curled at the ends, and her violet eyes were now bright silver.

Professor Kadamon and Azrael were shocked by her revelation, whilst the other three professors were puzzled. The Headmaster was the first one to recover and he muttered to himself, "Now this is a language that I have never head before…"

Professor Kadamon got over his shock too, and replied in a mild tone, "Indeed. After all, it is the language of the angels, the native tongue of my mother." Salazar's ears perked at this, and asked, "What did she mean?" Sedaris pondered at the names… whilst Azrael replied, "Another prophetic dream. 'The only child of Athena is awakening at Hogwarts…' "

            "Athena's child!?!" Sedaris asked, his mind drifting back to the beautiful lady who had captured the heart of his brother, but had ruthlessly broken it into pieces by running away.

            "Yes," a weak voice sounded from the bed, and as Azrael finally breathed a sign of relief, Silverdawn continued, "it's her sixteenth birthday this year…"

            Realisation dawned into the two Kadamon brothers, as they both thought of the transformations each of them underwent during their sixteenth birthday.

::If that child is a girl, and is the daughter of Athena,:: The brothers looked at Silverdawn, remembering that the change that occurred to her was the worst amongst all of the Kadamon children.

::then the change would be darn drastic…:: Both of them groaned, and whispered in unison,

"Holy heavens."

"Holy hell."

These words left the three professors dumbfounded, and Silverdawn just sighed, looking out of the window into the deep blue sky…