"Phineas and Ferb Get a Clue"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

And you thought "I'm Your Next Class President!" was the only new "Phineas and Ferb" story I was starting today. Well... surprise!

Plot is self-explanatory and for fun. The boys see a live-action version of the game "Clue" on TV and decide to reproduce it in their backyard... with a few friendly updates. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz is trying to get back at Hasbro for creating "Clue" because he's never won at it.

This will be the first P&F fanfic I've written that's done completely in the style of the show. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney. The game 'Clue' belongs to Hasbro, who does not officially support this fanfic, nor are they paying me to write it.

Part One of Three (03.28.11)

It was a typical summer day in the suburbs of Danville. But for some odd reason, Phineas and Ferb were spending it indoors, watching TV. But how long would that last?

"Welcome back to 'Clue Did It?'" the host said. "Before the break, Mustard had made an accusation!"

The camera panned over to six teenagers, half of the male and the other half female, each dressed in a different colored T-shirt to represent the character they were portraying.

"You had made the accusation that it was Peacock who committed the attack in the Dining Room with the Candlestick!"

The girl who was playing Peacock looked over at the boy who was Mustard and scoffed angrily at him.

"Remember," the host told Mustard, "all accusations are all-or-nothing! If you're correct, you win the game and the grand prize! But if you're wrong, you're immediately eliminated and go home with nothing but the clothes on your back!"

Mustard waited nervously as the host slowly pulled out three cards from an envelope: one that revealed the attacker's identity, one that identified the weapon used, and the last detailing where the attack took place. The host took a deep breath and said...

"You're so wrong, it's not even funny! But, thanks for playing!"

With that, the spotlight above Mustard's platform went out, and the contestant was hastily escorted off stage.

"Clearly," Phineas observed from his perch on the couch, "it was Green who did it in the Study with the Rope! Too easy!"

Suddenly, he was interrupted by the TV announcer.

"Kids and teens, do you want to try out for 'Clue Did It?' Open tryouts will be held at the Googolplex Mall later this month!"

"Talk about coincidence! I should tryout! I would do great!"

Phineas was boasting surely, but only because he was confident. And yet, something was still bugging him.

"But I dunno if I want to wait three weeks!"

Then, out of the blue, Ferb pulled out a monocle and a fake gray mustache and put them both on his face. Upon seeing that, Phineas brightened up.

"THAT'S IT! Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"

A mere twenty minutes later, the boys were more than halfway done constructing a replica of the Tudor Mansion, though they had slightly modernized it and had added a few of their own twists.

But their work came to an immediate halt when the duo saw Isabella and the Fireside Girls walk into the backyard, all dressed in uniform.

"Hey, Phineas!" greeted Isabella, as always. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Building a life-size version of a board game!" replied Phineas.

"Ooh, sounds exciting! Can we help?"

"Sure! We need a few hands for interior decorating, and the rest can make costumes and props!"

"You heard him, girls! Let's get to work!"

With that, the troop split up into two groups. As the girls who headed inside to the first floor, Phineas and Ferb were putting the finishing touches on installing the frame for the second floor. That included adding a rectangular stone balcony that was facing the house.

"Say," Phineas thought out loud, "I think that balcony can be spruced up with some gargoyles! And one of them definitely should look like..."

He looked down to the ground and glanced around the yard.

"Hey! Where's Perry?"

Ferb joined his stepbrother in scanning the area, before pointing at a nearby windowsill, where Perry happened to be perched on.

"Oh, there you are, Perry!"

Perry chirped in response.

"That's odd," Phineas observed. "Usually he's already disappeared by this time of day. I wonder what's up."

Meanwhile, inside the house, Candace was busy folding socks in the living room as she sat on the couch.

"There we are," she said happily as she placed the last pair in the laundry basket sitting on the floor next to her. "Now everything's all clean and set for Jeremy and Stacy to come over for 'Best Boyfriend, Best Girlfriend Day!'"

Candace then began to hear the sound of hammering coming from the backyard. She grew miffed, finally realizing the one thing she forgot to take care of.

"Phineas and Ferb! Ugh! Why must they make my life so miserable?"

She marched out of the living room...

...and headed out to the backyard, just as the boys were putting the finishing touches on the two-story modified mansion, which included an open-faced side to it - the one facing the Flynn-Fletcher house, of course.

"What are you guys up to this time?" asked Candace angrily.

"We're recreating a mystery-style board game," Phineas replied, "only with a few added twists and design changes. Y'know, to avoid copyright and such."

"And what about HER?"

Candace was pointing at an unpainted coffin-shaped rectangular box lying on the grass. Or rather, the person who was sitting in it, which was Adyson, who is in the midst of getting her face painted a pale, ghostly white by Gretchen and Ginger.

"Oh," Phineas began to explain, "Adyson volunteered to play the victim. Her VA was unavailable, off recording something involving 'Pirates.' Or she has laryngitis. I can't remember which."

"That tears it!" Candace screamed, stomping her foot. "I'm calling Mom!"

She whipped out her cell phone and dialed Mom's number.

"Hello?" Linda Flynn-Fletcher answered, after only one ring.

"Mom, Mom!" shouted Candace. "You won't believe what the boys are up to this time!"

Linda was holding her phone up to her ear with one hand while she pushed a half-filled shopping cart with the other, as she was currently at the grocery store.

"I'm almost afraid to ask..." she hesitated, "but what are they up to? And please tell me it's not a rollercoaster. You've already used that excuse twice."

"NO! They built this HUGE mansion to put on their own mystery game, with props and costumes and one of the Fireside Girls playing the victim..."

"That actually sounds... pretty fun!"

"WHAT? But, but-but-but..."

"Just make sure they clean up when they're done! I'll be home in about an hour, okay?"

With that, Linda hung up.

Candace growled as she pocketed her cell and turned back to face her brothers.

"There's no way you two are getting away with it this time! In fact, to make SURE of it... I want in on this game!"

"That's great, Candace!" proclaimed Phineas. "Just head over to props and make-up, and we'll pick you out a character!"

He pointed to the 'dressing room' area, where Holly was fitting Baljeet with a pair of glasses, Milly was attaching a long, white mustache onto Buford's face, and Katie handed Isabella a blue hat with a peacock feather sticking out of the side of it for her to try on.

"And one more thing!" interjected Candace. "If I'm going to be playing your little mystery game, we should AT LEAST make the victim someone I care about!"

"Alright," Phineas agreed. "Who do you have in mind?"

"Well... it should be the next person who walks through that gate!"

Candace pointed at the gate at the driveway entrance to the backyard, just as Jeremy just so happened to be walking in.

"Hey Candace!" he greeted his girlfriend, waving at her.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Candace screamed.

"Wow," gasped Jeremy as he took sight of the set-up before turning to Phineas and Ferb. "What is all this?"

"We're playing a real-life mystery game!" Phineas told him. "And guess what? You're the vic-"

"Player!" Candace suddenly jumped in, covering her younger brother's mouth before he could finish. "The next player in our game!"

"Cool!" Jeremy said with a smile.

Candace moved her hand away from Phineas' mouth.

"But Candace! You said that the next person who walks through the gate..."

"I know what I said!" Candace glared. "But there's NO way it's going to be Jeremy! I couldn't live with myself if that were to happen, plus I like him more unstiff! What I MEANT to say is that the next person AFTER Jeremy is it!"

And the next person so happened to be...

"Tell me again WHY I'm doing this?"

Stacy had replaced Adyson in the coffin, and Gretchen and Ginger were now putting the pale, ghastly white paint all over her face. And she was not the least bit pleased as she sat there with her arms crossed, staring at Candace, who was trying to get her to agree to go with it.

"Because you're my friend!" explained Candace, trying to make 'playing the stiff' sound like a good thing. "Don't you want the satisfaction of knowing that if anyone bopped you, I'd be there to figure out whodunnit?"

"I suppose," Stacy said, easing her stare slightly.

"Besides, if we play this game long enough, Mom will come home, and she'll see what the boys are up to at long last! She'll have no choice BUT to bust them!"

"That," smirked Stacy, "and you want to spend some alone time with Jeremy!"

They glanced over at Jeremy, who was now wearing a green business suit, complete with tie and dress shoes, which were currently being spit-shined by Holly.

"Okay... that too."

"Fine," Stacy agreed. "But this is still 'Best Boyfriend, Best Girlfriend Day!' We still have to do something together today after all this is over!"

"How's mani-pedi and a perm sound, all on me?"

That was the clincher, as Stacy's frown finally flipped upside down into a smile.

"That a girl!" Candace exclaimed, giving Stacy a thumbs up.

Meanwhile, about 30 feet away...

"We're almost set," Phineas told Ferb. "Just have to wait for a couple more to get into costume. Candace and..."

Phineas once more scanned the yard for a certain aquatic mammal...

"Okay, NOW where's Perry?"

To be continued...