"Phineas and Ferb Get a Clue"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney. The game 'Clue' belongs to Hasbro, who does not officially support this fanfic, nor are they paying me to write it.

Part Three of Three (04.11.11)

Candace landed on the bed in the Bedroom, where she sat up to see Isabella there, with a two-by-four plank, which she placed next to Candace.

"I, Miss Isabella, suggest that the attack was committed by Miss Candace, in the Bedroom, with the Two-by-Four!"

"Et tu, Isabella?" Candace glared at her.

Isabella shrugged. "Sorry, Candace. Just playin' to win."

"Any evidence disproving Isabella?" Phineas asked over the PA again.

"Ha!" Candace laughed, showing her Bedroom card to Isabella. "I've got the Bedroom card!"

Isabella pulled out a notepad and made a note of Candace's card.

"Well, play on!" Phineas exclaimed.

"Wait!" Candace waved her arms in the air furiously. "Can't I make a suggestion?"

"Go ahead."

Candace got off of the bed and handed the plank to Isabella.

"I, Candace..."

"A buh buh... I, 'Miss' Candace.'"

"Fine. I, Miss Candace, suggest that the attack was committed by Miss Isabella, in the Bedroom, with the Two-by-Four!"

"That's preposterous!" Isabella argued.

"Disbelievers?" asked Phineas.

"Ooh, ooh!" Buford yelled. "I've got the card with Isabella on it! She's not it! Although she probably should be. You can't trust the cute ones!"


"Wait... is my mic still on? Crud!"

"If there are no more suggestions," Phineas cut in. "Game back on!"

Both girls ran out of the room, Isabella breaking left and Candace right. A few steps out, Candace ran by Baljeet, who went into the Bedroom.

"I would like to make a suggestion, Phineas!" Baljeet called out.

He went to a panel on the wall and pressed a few buttons. A few seconds later, Candace could be heard screaming in the hallway...

...and again as she landed on the bed, to Baljeet's delight. Candace, though, was not happy.

"Oh, COME ON!"

"The cannon is loaded," Doofenshmirtz stated aloud, "and in less than sixty seconds, Hasbro will be no more! And there's nothing you can do to..."

He looked over to where he had left Perry, but all that was there was the dismantled Ouija board.

"...stop... me. Hmmm... Perry the Platypus, where are you? Do you really think you can defeat me?"

Perry leaped in out of nowhere with a flying kick to the back of Doofenshmirtz's head, which knocked him to the floor. Perry landed on his nemesis' head, bouncing off of it and then hitting the ground in front of him. Doofenshmirtz then saw that Perry was holding the planchette in his left hand and the part of the Ouija board that had the word 'Yes' on it. Perry then brought the two together, to his amusement.

"Cute. Very cute, Perry."

Perry dropped the two pieces and ran over to Doofenshmirtz's contraption. He furiously tapped away at the keys as the countdown was down to ten and counting, while Doofenshmirtz himself laughed maniacally as he got to his feet.

"It's too late! You'll never figure out the complex key sequence!"

"Aha!" Candace exclaimed as she reached the balcony. "I've got it this time!"

She walked over to the panel on the wall and used it to contact her young brother.

"Phineas, as much as it pains me to admit it... bring me Jeremy and the lance!"

The head of the gargoyle popped open, and Jeremy climbed out of it.

"Jeremy! How did you..."

Jeremy shrugged. "I have no idea..."

The lance was then dropped from above, onto the balcony, landing with the pointy end sticking into the ground. But this was no ordinary lance.

"Phineas," Candace observed, "this lance is made out of toothpicks."

"Silly Candace! You can poke your eye out with a real one!"

"As well as a few other things," she mumbled under her breath.

"Wait a minute," Jeremy looked at his girlfriend in shock. "Does that mean... Candace, you don't think?"

"I'm sorry," Candace began to apologize, about ready to break out in tears, "but sometimes we've got to do what we've got to do. That's why I, Miss Candace, suggest that the attack was committed by Mister Jeremy, on the Balcony, with the Lance!"

Candace was about to bury her face into her boyfriend's shirt when he stopped her... by holding up the card with him on it in her face. Seeing this, she quickly regained her composure and tried to blow off the incident as part of her strategy.

"Of course I suspected you when I know you didn't do it because everyone else was suspecting you. I did it for you, Jeremy, so they'd all get off your back!"

"Uh..." Jeremy accepted the explanation hesitantly, "thanks?"

Candace then headed back in, leaving Jeremy on the balcony.

Perry kept pounding away at the keyboard, and just an instant before Hasbro-Goes-Boom-Cannon-Inator had locked on to its target, he managed to get it to set its sights on the right destination.

"New target acquired!"

Perry then turned to his nemesis, saluted him, then ran to the edge of the balcony, pulling out a small, already-assembled hand glider and using it to fly away from the building.

"He did it!" Doofenshmirtz raised his arms in celebration.

But his joy was short-lived, as he saw all of his helper rabbits running out, their need to survive apparently overriding the power of the mind-control helmets.

"Wait, where are you going? I didn't tell you to leave!"

"Delaying countdown temporarily to change trajectory to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, Danville. Repositioning complete, resuming countdown."

Doofenshmirtz groaned in disgust.

"He did it alright. CURSE YOU, PERRY THE..."

The cannon fired, and Doofenshmirtz's lab was destroyed instantaneously, as debris consisting of fragmented wall pieces and mangled game board were sent flying everywhere.

Perry glided all the way back home, and tried to get into the house using the chimney. But he misjudged his timing, and he instead landed in the chimney of the boys' makeshift mansion. Perry tumbled all the way down to the basement, which actually resembled an old-fashioned torture chamber.

Perry landed safely on his feet on the ground, minus his fedora, but plus a maid's outfit.

"There he is!"

Candace walked over and picked Perry up from the ground. She then trotted back to the wall, where Phineas' face was on the video screen panel.

"Oh, there you are, Perry!" exclaimed Phineas.

"Phineas, why's Perry dressed like a maid?" Candace asked.

"The players are gender-balanced. Someone had to be the third girl."

"No matter! I'm so confident this time that I'm NOT gonna make a suggestion! I'm making an accusation!"

Phineas gasped. "Pretty bold there, sis. But... okay!"

"Very well then!"

Candace put Perry back on the ground, and then placed a large water gun, one that was longer than the platypus' own body, next to him.

"I, Miss Candace, accuse MISS Perry of attacking Stacy in the Dungeon with the Water Gun!"

"Uh huh..."

"So, Phineas? Am I right? Did I win?"

"Why don't you find out yourself?"

Phineas pointed downwards, to a slot in which a small, manila envelope appeared. Candace grabbed it and lifted the flap. Inside she found three cards.

"The Dungeon, the Water Gun, and... Perry?" she said aloud as she saw what was on them. "That means..."

"You won, Candace! Nice sleuthing!"

"I won? I WON!"

Candace cheered in celebration, picking up the Water Gun off of the ground as a secret staircase located behind a hidden sliding door opened up, giving her an easy route up to the surface. She took it...

...and found everyone, except for Stacy and Perry, waiting for her.

"Great job!" congratulated Isabella.

"Outstanding!" added Baljeet.

"I was gypped!" Buford grumbled.

"I can't believe it!" exclaimed Candace. "I won! And... and yet everything's still here! The only thing that could make this even better is..."

Cue station wagon horn from the driveway.

"Mom, Mom, Mom!"

Candace slipped out of her heels as she ran to greet her mother. The teen got to the car just as Linda came out of it.

"Mom, MOM!"

"Well, look at you!" Linda admired the dress her daughter was wearing. "Oh, right, the mystery game! How did it go?"

"C'mon, see for yourself!"

Candace dragged her mom to the backyard.

"Wow!" Linda gasped upon seeing it.

"You mean you actually see..." Candace began, before noticing that the mansion was gone, "and it's gone. Shocker."

"This must've been some game! And you all look adorable!"

"Thanks!" the group said in response.

"Ugh. I do believe the one mystery I'll never solve is figuring out where all these things disappear to."

"You say something, Candace?"

Candace sighed in defeat. "Nothing."

"Okay, then! You guys get changed up for lunch! I'm gonna head in and start cookin'!"

Once their mom was inside, Phineas turned to his stepbrother.

"Hey, Ferb... do you know what happened to the mansion?"

Ferb responded.

"I suppose it went away, like it always does."

Off to the side and out of view, Perry was seen pushing a shrinking ray gun behind a nearby bush. Meanwhile, Jeremy went over to Candace to congratulate her.

"Nice going, Candace! Nice sleuthing!"

"Well," Candace giggled, "that's what I do! Sleuthing... and busting... sometimes together..."

"I'm just glad we could spend 'Best Boyfriend, Best Girlfriend Day' together! See you tomorrow?"

"Yep. I'll be here, just like I am every day!"

Jeremy left, and Candace felt herself melt into a relaxed state.

"I guess I'll go easy on the boys this time. But still, I have this odd feeling there's something I can use to bust them that I'm forgetting..."



In fright, Candace pulled the trigger on the Water Gun. She did not let go until all of the water inside had been expelled. And the recipient of all of that liquid was not pleased. It was Stacy, and not only was she now completely drenched, but all of the face paint she had on had been washed off.

Candace saw the glare coming from her best friend, and sighed as she realized what she would have to do to make it up to her.

"So I know someone who could use a spa day on me... ha ha... ha... I'll go get my wallet."

The End

Author's Notes:
Originally, I was going to have Candace end up as the perpetrator, but I figured, with everyone suspecting her at first, that would be way too obvious. So she ended up being the one solving the case and winning the game. I will admit to doing a bit of a cop out, as I kinda couldn't think of an imaginative way for the mansion to disappear, thus getting the boys of out trouble.

The last part with Candace and Stacy also changed because Candace won. I still wanted to have it end with Stacy being miffed at her friend. In the original, she ends up too much in the game and seriously believes Candace 'took her out.' But in the end, it's still the same result... Candace fixes things by offering to pay for a spa day. And all is forgiven.

Hope you enjoyed my first show-formula Phineas and Ferb fic. For something a bit more off the cuff, don't forget to check out "I'm Your Next Class President!," currently on its third chapter. See you next time, folks!