Ok guys this is my first story ever. So I decided to do somthing kinda simple and this movie is one of my favorits. I like the character Cole so im doing a Cole/OC. Now i don't execpt flames. At all! there just no point if you don't like the story don't read. I do LOVE constructive criticism because as I said I am a beginner.

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Make a wish

Now where do I begin. I get really confused telling this story. I'm Belinda Thompson. I have a twin brother (Toby). A mom and a dad. Of corse. And an older sister.

Now back to the story. There was a wishing rock and that said wishing rock made every thing confusing
And I can barley remember the order of events. So I'm just gonna tell you everything in a series of shorts.

Let me introduce you to everyone first

My friend Laser invited me over to his house.

Me, Him, His brothers Loogi, and Lug were out looking for treasure. Don't ask why we thought there would be buried treasure in black falls.

We have been out here for like 3 hours my hands are sore.

"go ten paces west" Loogi said. He starts walking east

"That's East you monk head" states Lug ever so nicely

"o ok" Loogi turns around and start walking towards Me and Laser which is south

Laser and I look at each other and say "south"

Just then their mom yells for them to watch the baby

"bye guys I'll see you at school tomorrow" I say

"Bye Lindy" say the boys

I start walking home. I walk past Nose and Mr. Noseworthy's house which is covered in plastic. But you'll learn about them later.

Then I walk past the black house. Which honestly scares me. Mr. Black is the inventor of the black box. You should know what it is. It's sweeping the nation. Next there is helvetica black. She is evil! I think she likes my brother

Then there Cole. Sigh. Cole black. He goes to my school. Same grade. He likes me. I like him but i deny liking him. Oh and he bully's my brother. Isn't he a catch! That was sarcasm. You'll learn more about them later too.

Finally Home sweet home

I walk up the driveway just as my older sister Stacey pulls in.

Toby is playing cards by himself. Wait by himself? Wow

Stacey walks up to him and says " still playing with your imaginary friends?"

"No" Toe stated

She walks by him and whispers "freak"

"I don't think I'm a freak. Do you think I'm a freak?" Toe says to his imaginary friend

After a minuet of silence Toe says "Shut up who asked you" like someone actually answered him

"Maybe if you didn't talk to yourself she wouldn't call you that" I said trying to be helpful

" Did you have a good time with your friends?" Toe says coldly

He doesn't have friends (except for me). I do.

"Hey how bout you teach me how to play that game" I said

"ok! " he says happily. And all is forgotten

Now that you have met everyone (mostly). I'll start telling you the story in shorts. Where should I start? I got it! I'll start when ever Toe got the rock


Just another morning. I have to wake up super early because Toe has braces and he takes forever in the bathroom. You think I would have to have another sister for that. I doesn't just take thirty minuets to look this good.

Breakfast time! Nice warm pancakes. Ha ha just kidding. It's just cereal.

Stace (Stacey) walks in. Turns to mom and dad and says " guess what Toby's playing with his imaginary friends agian"

"Am not!" Toe says in his defense

"Shouldnt you already moved out by now? You are like 19 or 20" I say

Stace is making hand jesters for me to stop

" Keep it quiet I can't hear my self type" says my ever so caring daddy

Then my mother trying to act caring says " what about your friend nose? Don't you play with him anymore?"

Toe shakes his head no. So she continues

"Toby you need friends they'er very important. Look at your dad and I we're the best of friends"

My dad makes a kissy face to my mom. I have normal parents don't I? Yeah I wish!

Then Stace just had to say " oh he has plenty of friends mom. In fact they can't wait to see them I hear he has his own welcoming commity"

~~~~~Fast Foward~~~~~

Black Falls school. Me and Toe got off the bus.

Now you remember Helvetica and Cole Black right? Good. Those are his bully's. See I know it's wrong to like a guy who picks on my brother but I can't help it I just do.

" Hey metal moth got another date with the trash can"

I soon as I hear that voice I cross my arms and try to not look like I'm fazed with him being here because its non other then Cole black.

Helvetica black pops out of no where. Surprisingly she's the leader of the pack.

"hey Toe in gonna go find Laser, Ally, Josh, and Sandy" I say to Toe

" You don't wanna stay Lindy? " asks Cole

I turn around and put my hands on my hips and say " It's Belinda to you. And no I don't want to stay and watch my brother get bullied by a bunch of meatheads!"

I storm off to find Laser,Ally, Josh, And Sandy

Coles POV

I watch lindy. Sorry Belinda walk away. She sure does live up to her name. Belinda means very beautiful.

Hey! Don't look at me like that I googled it on my black box.

I sigh. Which earns me a glare from my sister.

I quickly put on my mean face on trying to seem like the girl of my dreams didn't just walked away and get ready put Toby Thompson into a trash can.

~~~Fast Forward~~~~~~

Lindy's POV

Toe and I were walking home I was trying to figure out my feelings for Cole in my head.

When Toe said out of the blue " What's wrong with me lindy?"

I was about to say something

"What's wrong with you? Oh buddy were do I began"

I know that voice anywhere. No it's not Jacob Black. But your close! Ha not really.

Anywho. I look at Cole then at Toe. Toby grabs my hand and we sprint

We run into like a construction type thing. And hid behind a big block. And then I think

" wait why am I hiding? Cole's like on love with me?"

"I know" toe says like it's a disgusting thing to say

I hit him. It's not disgusting that he likes me! How rude!

I walk from behind the block. Toe runs behind a big dirt hill. I'm just standing there waiting for him to stop playing spy.

He finally walks next to me. When Cole and his gang of meatheads pop out from a rock

" HOLY COW!" I screamed. I think I just had a heart attack.

Cole yells at one of his meathead " Get Lindy out of the way"

Mr. Meat as I decided to name him come up and grabs me from behind like a piece of meat.

"Toby Run!" I yell

Now I'm stuck doing nothing just watching my brother get thrown at with rocks. You know I should be thankful that he got me got of the way. I would be if he wasn't practically killing my brother with rocks!

Ok the rest is non important

Lets fast forward ok now Mr. Meat had carry me to the tree they had cornered my brother in.

They ran out of rocks. Yes!

"give me a rock! Give me a rock" says Jacob black. Ha ha just kidding that was Cole black

One of his goons gives him a rainbow colored. Cole hits Toe straight in the head.

That's it! I need Mr. Meat were the sun don't shine and got out of his grip.

"Run" says another one of goons

I don't know if they'er running away because of me or because they nocked Toby unconscious.

"Bye Belinda. It's gonna be worse for you tomorrow freak!" says Cole. The last part directed to Toe

The nerve of him! First he's mean to Toe! Then he... Wait did he call me Belinda? Aww he listened to me how sweet is that.

Toby falling out of the tree brought me back to the real world.

That's when Toe found the rainbow colored rock.

You know what he did! He wished for friends! And they turned out to be aliens!

"umm toe I'm gonna go bye" I say quickly

Then I run the rest of the way home.


When Toe finally gets home.

Me, mom and dad are eating pasta

I look at him silently ask were his "friends" are. He nods to the kitchen

I blocked out their conversation. Until Stace came in mad.

"problems with your black box too?" I question

Stace throws her black box on the ground "yeah!" and second later she goes " no" and picks it up of the ground

" I just broke up with my boyfriend! He thinks he's so mature. He's not! He's a child"

She points to me and Toe when she says child.

" Stace he's like 23 and he lives with his parents!" I state

"No he dosent!" she snapped

She's a terrible liar.

It's all quiet and then we all hear glass clanking in the kitchen

Toes friends.

"What was that?" asked mom

"ummm" toe stutters

" it was probably the ice maker" I said saving his butt

"making ice? Me and Lin will go check" adds Toe

We walk into the kitchen

" It's beautiful" I say overly dramatic

Toes friends had made us a fancy dinner.

~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~

I was sitting in social studies

I could feel Cole staring at me. He's probably gonna ask if I'm gonna go to that costume ball thing.

Mom and dad are gonna drag me down there anyway.

"Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Black you two are needed in the front office"

I walk down to the office only to hear that our siblings are in the hospital with two broken arms.

Cole and I had just walked out of the office when Cole said

" are you gonna visit your brother?"

I look at him like he's crazy " yes because unlike you I care about him!"

"look I don't like bullying him" which was said by Cole

"then why do you do it?" I questioned

" Cause my sister wants me too and he has something that I like"

" oh what's that?"

"you" he whispered

I stood there shocked I didn't know he liked me that much

" I don't like the way you treat people. I know your nicer then you let people know" I said

" let me prove it you! Just give me a chance"

"if you can prove to me that you can be nice then I'll go out with you"

" really?" he asked hopefully

" yes" I said

Now enough about me and my love life and brother. I want you to meet my best friend Laser...

Next short: Loogie, Lug, and Lasers find the wishing rock

Thank you for taking you time to read it. I don't know about you but i'm proud of myself. For me being 13 I think I did well. Don't forget to review please. I might even just do this for fun even if no one reviews. umm maybe not.